Monday, November 15, 2010

I've had an inkling that How I Met Your Mother spoke the truth...this weekend, I got proof!

I went to country Victoria over the weekend to attend Inspector Climate's best friend's wedding. Inspector Climate was a groomsmen. I spent Friday night in a three bedroom cabin with the Groom, Best Man, Groom's Brother, and Inspector Climate. I'm never too fussed when I am the only girl...however, what did strike me as kind of strange is that the night pretty much replicated that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall has his bachelor party, well except there were no strippers - and we didn't burn down our hotel room. And we didn't watch any porn - so, wasn't JUST like Marshall's party.

But there was the guy who disappeared for part of the morning/night and showed up without a shirt on a few hours later (this was not Inspector Climate). There was the guy who kept saying strange "marriage is like a tie - it'll choke you to death" cliches (Also, not Inspector Climate). And the guy who kept doing things to help the groom out when things were spiralling down (that was Inspector Climate). So, ladies, the rumours are true...bachelor parties are just like they are on TV except without strippers.

The Best Man was also the most Australian person I've ever met. He even said stuff like "there was a group of sheilas." No, I am serious. I thought that was just a myth that Australian's said stuff like that, but no it's true!

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