Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh Patricia...you saucy 57 year old, you.

Remember two weeks ago when I was all "It's going to get seriously Pat Benatar-esque up in here?" And then posted this about quitting my job and feeling free (FREEDOM).

Then remember when I posted this about 365 Days of Inspector Climate? Well, for our anniversary we had a very low key night of watching a movie and eating quiche. There were supposed to be no gifts because we had about a month before hand bought each other tickets to see Pat Benatar (and the Bangles!) in the flesh (ow Ow!). Of course Inspector Climate couldn't help himself and bought me something anyway, le sigh - he's a sweetheart that one.

Pat Benatar in the flesh y'all. She was amahzing. No seriously. Fantastic. The show started out with the Great T-Shirt Debacle of Twenty Ten (GTSDTT). So, the GTSDTT - it was tragic, but basically they didn't have my size. I know, I still haven't gotten over the loss myself.

So Pat travels with her husband of 31 years Neil Somebody. Now, Neil Somebody calls her Patricia and they are possibly the cutest thing since sliced bread. Patricia and Neil Somebody met when she was 26 and they moved to LA from New York together and 28 days later they recorded The Heat of the Night and were wildly successful. And hearing Patricia sing, I know why that girl has pipes!

And so, that is how Inspector Climate celebrated our first anniversary (and his first concert ever), by rocking our socks off to Patricia. '

Happy One Anniversary. I love you Patricia Inspector Climate.

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