Thursday, November 04, 2010

Split Personalities...

I have food allergies. Awkwardly, my two older brothers aren't convinced that the pain that I suffer from eating gluten products is caused by the gluten products and so they are often teasing me about the allergy and not very supportive of the cause. I don't know why this is. However, they did have one helpful suggestion, they saw a documentary once with split personalities. Apparently sometimes one personality can be allergic to stuff and the other personality won't be. Logically, they suggested that I should just develop another personality.

Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is because a new person moved into the apartment below Inspector Climate. Up until last week, this is what I knew about this new person. She had kick ass taste in music. She grooves constantly to Motown, the Stones, and the Beatles. I know this because she listens to her music at outrageously high levels. And normally this would annoy me, but because the tunes are so rockin' and she doesn't do it late at night it doesn't grate on me.

The best part is that she sings along LOUDLY to the music. So loudly, that I can hear her crystal clearly at any part of the apartment. and I love it. I love that she is feeling it. It makes me laugh and clap my hands with glee. And I don't mean this in "she should be embarrassed" kind of way, I love that she is so confident and I think more people should dance and sing in public settings. Get down with your bad self, people.

However, over the weekend I met her for the first time as we were both entering the apartment complex. She is a quiet and shy person from possibly eastern Europe (to be fair, this last characteristic has nothing to do with any stereotypes about people from Eastern Europe - I mean unless you know of any that means that they sing more that people from the rest of the world). I just find it so hard to believe that this girl with a kickass taste in music who belts out the lyrics (and I imagine dances in her underwear, but maybe that's just because it's what I would do!) is the same quiet soft spoken girl I met at the door of her apartment. And thus, even though the evidence points strongly to this girl in this apartment being this apartment singer, I don't believe it. And I am looking for more evidence...

So rock on car singers, apartment singers, and walking down the street singers...rock on.

What do you sing in the car?

I am partial to Motown.


  1. I love the idea of the shy woman singing. I like that you listen to her, and enjoy her singing.

    Sorry about your brothers not taking your allergies seriously. I can relate to that type of disbelief, and it's not fun. I know.

  2. She sounds awesome! And so do you for dancing in your underwear! ;)

    I have serious food allergies too =(

  3. Ha-ha awesome! I love singing in my car, but I always check my cell phone first just to make sure it didn't accidentally phone someone.