Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The story of past regrets.

When I quit my job, I suddenly got worried (whose surprised?) that I'd regret it sometime in the future.

I am fairly calculated and when I am not, I make decisions with my gut. My gut is very chatty and loud and terribly hard to ignore. And this got me thinking about what things I actually regret. Here you'll see that I wrote about regret last year (about this time actually, how fitting - and not at all intentional).

After a bit more reflection, I've come to realise that I regret two things.

The first year of high school I went to two proms. One was my own prom that I attended with my best friend Mike. The second one was a week later, and I went on a blind date to prom with Dusty. Mike and I had gone to elementary school together and I had no idea an inkling for how he felt about me. Dusty and I had spent weeks talking on the phone and getting to know each other. Two days after my prom with Mike, Mike called and asked me out. And I said yes. No one had ever asked me go out with them. I immediately called Dusty and explained the situation and told him I was sorry, that I'd still come to prom with him if he wanted. So, I went to his prom and he never talked to me again.

This was a mistake people. I should never have said yes to Mike BEFORE Dusty's prom. Who does that? I regret that I didn't give Dusty the chance because in hindsight, I have a feeling while Mike understood who I was Right. Then. Dusty was going to get who I was going to be.

The second...After my first month at my job, I got an interview with a GREAT organisation for a GREAT job. And I didn't take it. Why didn't I take it? Because I felt bad for the organisation that was employing me. And that my friends was stupid. Very stupid. I should've taken the interview.

Both of these regretful things are examples of when I've ignored my gut. Lesson learned, when the gut speaks loudly heed its call! And thus, quitting my job I don't think I can ever regret it.

What's new on the regret front for ya'll?


  1. I hate regret. I think it's a stupid emotion that I try never to feel. If I start to feel it, I try to look back and see what I learned from the situation, what I could do differently next time, and then I push the regret away. Sorry, I don't even want to try to conjure up a regret in order to answer your question!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. Unfortunately, screwing up is the best teacher in the world. Oh and listen to your gut!

  3. Kyle - I generally agree! I hardly ever regret anything because I don't really see the point, learn from things gone wrong and move on.

    Cammy - So true Cammy.

  4. No regrets --- but some do overs would be sweet.