Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stuff Australians like...

So, a few weeks Kyle from wrote a post about what Chilean people like I thought the idea was brilliant and have been brainstorming my own ideas for what Australian people like. Which of course is a lot of things. Like vegemite. Honestly, what's up with that?

But no, the real thing Australians like is wearing the Australian flag. Australian flag bathing suit? Check. Australian flag flip flops? Check! Green and Gold Sombrero (ok, so not a flag but Australian colours)? Damn straight. Australian flag boxer shorts worn over pants? Done and Dusted. Australian flag beach towel... but of course!

But the number one thing they do with an Australian flag...wear it as a cape.

Now as Inspector Climate (who is reading over my shoulder as I type this) pointed out, that I shouldn't really be talking about Australians and their flag habits because he's been to America and there are American flags on, buildings, homes, t-shirts. And that's true, we do put the American flag on things. But we don't wear the ACTUAL FLAG.

Basically, this means that at any sporting event that might include an Australian: the cricket, Sam Stosur, soccer, or perhaps just the 26th of January there will be thousands of Australians wearing sombreros and capes and possibly Australian flag underpants outside of their pants like some strange Australian Flag super hero.

Rock on, Australians. Rock on.


  1. Americans like to wear flag stickers and decorations around holidays or national tragedies, but other than that I tend to think we're pretty flag free, no?

    Maybe Chileans don't wear the Chilean flag more often because they're embarrassed it looks like the Texas flag? That's one theory.

  2. I have to point out, that while you are completely are utterly right, I think the general people who wear the flag as such tend to err on the side of Australia's bogan population?

    (No offense intended to any flag wearers out there, I don't mean to paint you all with the same brush)

    But seriously, generally it's the drunk yobo's and their foul mouthed girlfriends who display it as such, well at least in Perth it is, anyway :-)

    Australian's also love the Southern Cross. I doubt you could line any 10 random people up and there not be at least one who's got it tattooed somewhere on their body.

  3. I agree with MissLiv - I think it's a certain subset of the Australian population that enjoys wearing the flag.

    Then there is the smaller subset who sneer at the flag wearers and their yobbo nationalism.

    And then there's the majority in between.