Friday, November 19, 2010

This is what FREEDOM looks like...

This is what I do when I walk down the street now. When you're free, you can't help but groove.


  1. Haha when I finished uni the other day my facebook status was simply FREEDOM in honour of you and your freedom post.

    It made me laugh because it was almost like you had tourrets, yelling FREEDOM all the time.

  2. Who knew freedom was so adorable? Congrats. :)

  3. MissLiv - FREEDOM. I can't help it. It tastes like pennies.

    Diary of Why - Thank you Rachel!

    Becky - Freedom is good. Real good.

    Tokebblogger - ha ha!

  4. Yeah, we would definitely be friends in real life.

  5. PARALLEL LIVES! You were not kidding.

    Happy for you darling!!! Best of luck in your next adventure.

    P.S. - Every time I see black ballet flats, I think of you.