Saturday, November 27, 2010

When going to the baseball means not seeing any baseball.

Yesterday evening, Inspector Climate made the hour long trek from my apartment to The Show - the new baseball diamond for the Australian Baseball League's Melbourne Aces. I wanted to capture the excitement of us going to the baseball...

But Inspector Climate only allowed me to take one photo on the tram ride there because it made us look like tourists. HMPH.

While I couldn't help make the obvious comparisons between The Show and Fenway, what was strikingly similar was the number of Red Sox hats, jackets, and t-shirts. Ya'll the Red Sox Nation has gone MAJORLY international. And I loved it. It made me feel right at home. Although, no one else seemed to share in my utter glee of seeing other Red Sox paraphernalia. I'd smile at them like we were part of some secret club and they'd be all "some strange chick is smiling at me run away! run away!" Anyway, next time I feel homesick, I'm heading to The Show to catch up with my Red Sox buddies.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great...The game was supposed to start at 7. But they postponed it in hopes that the weather would clear up. It did not look promising. Hey look, we were sitting in the second row, at first base right next to the Canberra Cavalry's dug out. $10 a ticket - can you imagine THAT at Fenway?

Also something you don't see at most Red Sox games, the players playing catch with the ball boys. Seriously adorable. Inspector Climate may have been sitting next to me, but I was a little in love with the players who would play catch with a little kid.

Sadly, after waiting an hour and a half for the game to start in the rain. They cancelled the game. And that is how you go to a baseball game, and don't see any baseball!

Have you ever gone to something with the intent of watching something (doing something, having something) and not get it, but having nearly as much fun as if you had watched (done, had?)...


  1. So glad you wore your Red Sox hat. Makes me happy. :)

    Once I went to a Radiohead concert that got rained out. That was not fun, however. Took me years to get over. It was like they canceled Christmas. I finally did get to see them though, so all is well.

  2. Diary of Why - Of COURSE I wore my red sox hat.

  3. I didn't even know the HAD baseball in australia.

  4. Bridget - it's brand new. I guess they had a league like 10 years ago, but it failed. and now the the MLB is sponsoring it so they can send players to australia in the off season to stay in shape.