Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Decoybetty and Inspector Climate Christmas Tradition.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that Inspector Climate and I have started our own Christmas Tradition. Like all good traditions, it kind of happened accidentally. See, last year. We made a ginger bread house because after one yoga class Inspector Climate and I walked by a bakery that had amazing gingerbread houses in their shop window and Inspector Climate was like "I want one of those!" and I suggested making one. And that's how we got to here. After we made the house, Inspector Climate realised that there was WAY too much for him to possibly eat and so he brought it to work with him to share with his co-workers. Then at his Christmas party we won an award for making the best gingerbread house EVER. Or something. I can't remember. It's not important.

So, that brings us to this year. Inspector Climate's work was having a Christmas Morning Tea event yesterday where everyone was going to bring an item of food. I suggested a gingerbread house - because the last one was such a success!

This time we used a recipe posted by Girl's Gone Child which looked like it was going to be much more delicious than normal gingerbread (and counts as recipe 2 for my life list!). I was going to go through a step by step instruction, but we totally screwed up the recipe. I'm not sure what happened, it ended up being delicious (so Inspector Climate tells me - it is glutenous so I couldn't eat it. boo!) though. But we ended up with like 5 cups too much flour or something. Things were looking pretty dire for a bit, but somehow we managed to make it magically work. And thus, we got this:
What I loved about the Girl's Gone Child houses were their fanciful fairy tale candy application. Inspector Climate wanted none of that, he wanted ours to look realistic (which is why we have a green lawn and brown patio - 'Christmas'? Please. It SNOWS on Christmas. It's exhausting explaining this again and again to these Australians).
Part of the tradition is to take a photo of us in front of our masterpiece where I looked less than thrilled, slightly bored, and a little uncomfortable. Check!
Happy Holidays my bloggy friends. Until we meet again in 2011!


  1. I love this! Your gingerbread house looks amazing and that photo is too cute. Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. Your gingerbread house turned out awesome!

  3. That gingerbread house is incredible! I've actually never made one!

    Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. Teacher Girl - Thank you. It's really quite fun.

    Jill - Thanks! I like it.

    Emily - You should try it. It's super fun. You could make a gingerbread summer cottage - I think it's silly to only make gingerbread around christmas. It's delicious.

  5. You two are gingerbread house full on professional contractors.

  6. Well, it doesn't rain in Orange County at Christmas! : )
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I love your new tradition.

  7. Okay, so if I hadn't seen the two of you in that photo I might not have believed that you did it. Wow! I am so jealous of your gingerbread working skills. I tried to make a gingerbread village with a friend and it was a disaster. Like a frosting everywhere and never the right places kind of disaster.

  8. Lovely photo, great tradition, FANTASTIC house!
    Happy New Year to you

  9. Some how last year's just seemed more joyful!

  10. linlah - Hah! We try. I have say Inspector Climate was fully in charge of the construction.

    Twenty Four - Seriously, the weather has been doing strange things this year, eh?

    Sara - Aw, thank you! It was so much. We just used the Royal frosting and piped it from a bag to minimise frosting mishaps.

    Selina - Happy New Year to you too!

    Token Blogger - really? Well, I did have more say in the design last year :)

    Andi - I couldn't eat it because we made it with Glutenous flour, but I've heard that it was quite amazing and tasty.