Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello Homesickness, I knew you'd arrive eventually.

Remember like weeks ago when I got a job interview? Well, I didn't get the job. And when I found out I was so relieved. I mean so so relieved. I had another job interview yesterday (at least I am getting short listed), I am not sure if I'll get the job but it is certainly one I am more interested in. Of course it comes with it's own "WHAT IFs." Luckily I don't have very much time to contemplate them right now because I've got a busy week of volunteering and packing to go away for a week to do.

Camping? At Christmas? This is my third Christmas in Australia and I'm not sure that Christmas in the Southern hemisphere will ever make sense to me. Do you know HOW long the days are right now? LONG.

I used to write a lot about whether moving to Australia was the right decision every time I felt a little homesick, I'd wonder. I don't wonder any more. This is where I should be which is lucky because it's where I am. And while knowing that provides me with some comfort, it doesn't help when I begin missing my own family's holiday traditions. The Climate's are very welcoming when it comes to accepting new traditions to make me feel at home. For example, we will probably still make latkes on Christmas Eve. But instead of sitting around a small round table in a kitchen nook with puppies at our feet and snow on the ground, we will be sitting on a picnic table watching Santa Clause drive up in a fire truck. Which trust me has its own charms.

But it still feels like I am crashing someone else's holidays. Even though Inspector Climate and I have begun our own traditions (more on that later) - and trust me I love that - I miss snow. and Real Christmas Trees, and sledding, and watching While You Were Sleeping with my mom. And so I compartmentalise, It's summer and thus, obviously, not Christmas. On Saturday, I'll witness a strange Aussie tradition of sitting around a fake tree and opening presents, I'll eat Gluten Free Christmas Cakes and try to wrap my head around what "Christmas Pudding" is. They throw around this word "Christmas" a lot - I may recognise the similarities but they really bare no resemblance. I mean, ya'll, Inspector Climate and I are planning on playing tennis. Outside. On "Christmas" Day. To me, it's just some day during the summer that Australians, per usual, act silly.

And ya'll I still want a decaf iced caramel latte from Dunkin Donuts. They hit the spot.


  1. Being away from home during the holidays is difficult no matter how much you love where you are or how happy you are starting new traditions...I'm finding this to be true in Paris where at least the weather resembles Christmas at home-snowy, snowy, snowy! It's funny how we become so accustomed to things that represent a day like Christmas. I hope you still enjoy the holidays and can embrace being in Australia even if there are poisonous snakes! I would love some Christmasy sunshine right now!

  2. hey! It's great you are creating your own holiday traditions with your boyfriend, but no matter how old you are, or where you are, nothing can ever really replace family traditions. I've never spent Christmas in a really warm climate or a tropical place, so I can only imagine how strange it would be to go camping on Christmas or sit around in a tank top and shorts. But I think as long as you are surrounded by love, it will all be ok. After all, that's what the holiday season is all about :)

  3. Well, here in South Florida, Christmas is much like it is in Australia. Probably not AS hot, but it was 76 degrees today! I know what you mean about missing the "real Christmas" since I am from NY originally. I get longings for cold weather on Christmas every year. At least you and IC have your own traditions and his family is nice!

  4. *hugs!!* What a great thing to feel like you are where you should be - but yeah - it doesn't make up for not being with family at the holidays. Hope you have a great xmas anyway. xoxo

  5. I will send you lots of snow if you'd like! I think it's great that you're creating your own traditions.

  6. I live in Florida, so I'm used to some of that. HA! It's tough to be away from your fam during the holidays!

  7. Linds - It's so true. I find myself reverting to my childhood self around the holidays. I want everything to be Just Like It Was.

    Crystal - Very true...It's mostly just the lead up to Christmas, once the actual holiday arrives I am usually pretty excited.

    Teacher Girl - But at least the days are short. We just had the longest day of the year!

    Daisy - Thank you! I hope you do too!

    Krysten - I'd love lots of snow!

    Kristin - Crazy Florida.

  8. I know how you feel. I get homesick a lot! It doesn't help when I Skype with my sister the entire family is at her house.

  9. That would be so weird to call what you describe about December in Australia Christmas, so I know exactly what you mean. I can't wait to celebrate a Christmas in Nigeria one day, and I suspect I'll feel exactly as you feel about this.

    When we have the occasional green Christmas here in the frozen tundra of Canada, it always feels weird!