Thursday, December 09, 2010

Some additions to my life list.

I recently have scouring the internet looking for some new blogs to love. I came across Distractible Jane's 30 by 30 list. And have decided that I am going to steal some of her ideas. My life list is filled with big long term goals like visit all the continents and try 1000 cheeses. It's easy to kind of forget that it exists (besides that 1000 cheeses, because that one is yummy) because the goals are so big and far from what I am doing right now (sitting on my bed watching How I Met Your Mother Season 3). What I love about Distractible Jane's list is that it is for the year and thus the goals are, while still challenging, also slightly more relevant.

So here are some new additions to my list that will reflect that. Things that I have wanted to get done and accomplish but need a bit of push to get started.

1. A quarterly closet cull. I have a lot of clothes (that happens when you don't grow from when you're 10 to when your 25...le sigh). Some of it I hold on to for sentimental value and some of it I hold on to because I am not sure. It's time it goes.

2. Try 100 new recipes. I frequently get bored with what I cook and I am always on the lookout for new things to try. But I find that I end up cooking the same things anyway. What's up with that?

3. Knit myself fingerless gloves. I've been wanting to do this for about a of yet still fingerless gloveless. Eek.

4. I want to interact more with the blogging community. Whether that's doing more giveaways (or any!) or whatever.

5. Start sending postcards to my neicephews again. For the first couple of years that I lived in Australia I was really good about sending them notes and postcards and little gifts.

6. I want to start giving gifts that mean something. I preach sustainability and yet often times consumerism wins. I want gifts that are useable and useful. That are needed and wanted. I want gifts that are home made or from small business that are environmentally friendly or at least conscious.

7. On my life list, I have an item that states "read (or reread) all the classics" I told my mom about this one and she asked everyone in my family (and I come from a family of readers) to create a list of classics that are Must Reads. This item will not be amended to read that list.

What goals have you acheived lately? Me? Today I am going to stop reading a book that I hate. I've never done that before. Once I start reading, I finish the suckers. No matter how hard. But Ya'll this book is NOT doing it for me. So, so long Felix Holt: The Radical.


  1. I find making lists always ends up disappointing me. I have a life list, and I even posted it on my blog a while back, but I realized it prevents you from living in the present because you are always thinking about what you can and should in the future. And a lot of people (myself included) are good at writing down interesting, productive, inspiring ideas, then never getting around to doing any of it. No bullet lists? No expectations, no disappointment!

  2. I do like the idea of having lists of goals to work toward, but I try and keep mine on a smaller scale than 100 in 1001. I made a list of 25 for 25 this year, and I like the idea of 30 before 30 too - that's a much more manageable number, and when you have a timeline of a year, it's just about enough to always keep going...

  3. I knitted gloves once. It was cool. Then I accidently washed them. That was not so cool.

    Good luck with the 100 recipes. I don't know if I could do that! I mean, if I could be creative enough!

  4. I like making lists like these, even if you never accomplish all that is on them, it is still nice to keep what you want to accomplish if front of you. I want some of them fingerless gloves!

  5. Those are great goals. I'm really bad at giving up on a book I hate reading. I hated Jane Eyre, and also? Wuthering Heights - I know, I know, that's like literature blasphemy apparently, But I kept reading them.

    My goals are to improve myself, by challenging myself and learning. I want to learn lots!

    And learn a language, which is why I've enrolled in French classes.

  6. Crystal - I have a few reservations about the life list myself, but I like to remind myself of my big goals. Plus they help me when I am feeling blue.

    Emily Jane - I don't like having a time line on mine. It makes me antsy.

    Sarabeck - Aw! Sad about washing the gloves. You felted them! Maybe if they ones are fun to make I'll make another pair as a giveaway.

    Teacher Girl - Exactly!

    Miss Liv - I didn't like Jane Eyre either! But I am going to give it another try in a little bit. I am all for learning! Yay for french.

  7. I love making lists! It's great to look back over them and see what's changed -- what you still want to do, and what you can't believe you ever wanted to do.

    The thing about Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, is that people assume they're love stories. I happen to love, love, love these novels but they aren't love stories unless you consider that I love to hate the couples in both novels. Who knew that the Brontes could do domestic abuse so well? Okay, and now I'm done being servicy.

  8. Don't cull the closet. I wish I had all the clothes I wore in high school, I'd look like and old lady trying but they're all back in style.

  9. I'm like you re: finishing a book, even if I'm not feeling it. That's it: I'm going to return Eat, Pray and Love to its owner: I think it was seeing the movie first that spoiled it for me.

    This entry made me go and look over my 30 by 30 list and there are some things on there that I forgot to cross off, and many others that weren't accomplished by my 30th. Woe.

  10. I used to give books 100 pages before I'd abandon them. I've read 100 pages of so many unsatisfying books that I now give them 5 pages. If they haven't grabbed me in the first 5 pages they've blown their chance.

  11. I used to give books 100 pages but I've read 100 pages of so many unsatisfying books that I now give them 5. If they haven't grabbed me in the first 5 pages then they've blown their chance.