Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Someone else's orgasm is keeping me up at night.

It's 2 am. I am going to apologise right now if things are spelled funny, there are crazy typos, and words are missing or mixed up. Which I suppose won't be much different than any other post I write. So, carry on.

About 40 minutes ago, I was awoken by some very loud female "oooooooooohing"...

Of course it's now 8 am, and I did in fact eventually get back to sleep (2 and half hours later...). My apartment complex is filled with strange neighbours who seem to be always loud. Just loud. The people next door, a single mom and a 7 year old girl, fight constantly. Big loud screaming matches where occasionally I wonder if I should be calling the police.

The couple below us (the let's-have-screaming-orgasms-in-the-middle-of-the-night couple) have a small child who they like to give baths to at 9:30 pm. Now, I of course, don't have kids. And probably shouldn't judge their choices. But I feel like it's safe to say this child doesn't particularly enjoy bath time because he'd prefer it to be sleep time. I may be wrong.

There are some girls who arrive home at 3 in the morning smoke a cigarette outside, have a little pajama party filled with giggles and squealing and go to bed at about quarter to 4.

Then there is my housemate and me. We watch tv quietly while we make dinner. And go to bed at 9:30. Methinks we don't fit in here.


  1. Oh wow. I think a move might be in order. When is your lease up?

  2. I would be both amazed by and annoyed with the toddler/orgasm couple. Who can be that frisky with that little sleep? Who risks waking up a sleeping toddler to have loud orgasms?


  3. Oh gosh, I had an apartment block like that a few years ago and there came a point when enough was enough, I had it out with the lady upstairs who let her toddler stomp back and forth across the hardwoods MORNING TO NIGHT, 'til maybe 11:30 PM? Starting at 6 on a Sunday morning? "What do you want me to do, tie him to a chair?" NO, put him to BED at a normal hour so the rest of the world doesn't have to deal with the incessant THUDDING!! Ugh... I moved out after that!

  4. Teacher Girl - I don't have a lease. And I actually quite adore my housemate and the apartment is adorable.

    jane - THIS IS ALL I AM SAYING. Never wake a child, I thought that was common sense.

    Emily Jane - I sometimes want to go to the single mom and little girl next door and offer them some counciling or something.