Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Camping Negligee Part 2

Hello bitches, I am back! I came home on Sunday after 6 days of camping in the Alpine National Park in North Eastern Victoria. I saw 3 kangaroos! I had an absolutely lovely Christmas with The Climates who spoiled me absolutely rotten. I had heaps of presents and felt much more apart of the family this year.

Now, I am procrastinating on putting away said gifts, and washing the pile of smoke-y clothes I wore during our camping adventure. Speaking of...

In April, I went camping with the Climates as well and I posted about it here. Well, because this was a summer camping trip, the fashion, was of course, different. Kind of. Every day but one I wore one of my college t-shirts that says "i am the source of error" and brown cords that I roll up so that they don't get wet in the morning and evening dew. Also please note the rather large bug bite on my arm...I don't know what that's from - except that I didn't get it camping. Unless you call Inspector Climate's inner city apartment "camping."

At night I wore a polypro shirt and hand made tie dyed short shorts. I know what you're thinking, and no...the sexiness never ends in my nightwear.

I know - I am one foxy lady. Anyway, moving on! We cooked here:

And slept in this tent...with our friend Frankie the lizard who, thankfully, spent his time chilling on the outside of our window and in our "veranda."

We were going to be gone for six days and nights. I didn't want to get dreads, so my sister in law straightened my hair before we left for camping. On our last full day there. I showered in Mrs. Climates camping shower. But look at my straight hair...pretty...(also new shirt! same pants! I am that gross...yes. Yes, I am).

Inspector climate wanted to have before and after shots, so this is my hair back to its curly glory after the shower.
Also, that is me tan. Don't judge.

I've missed you, how are you?


  1. Camping in the Australian outback sounds awesome! I would LOVE to do that one day. I'm glad you had a nice holiday with the bf and his family...I could use some of that sun right now!

    P.S. Your hair looks great in that last pic...as a life-long member of the stick straight hair club, I am secretly envious of people with tight bouncy curls ;)

  2. I must have those shorts. They just scream "I'm full of fun"!

  3. I think you look adorable and it seems like you had a great time. Happy belated New Year!

  4. Crystal - Aw thank you! The sun was absolutely lovely, but I would have done anything for some snow.

    Chicken - Hah - yes, sadly those shorts don't get nearly as much action as they'd like.

    Teacher Girl - Thanks! Yes, we had a great time! Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Happy New Year! Do you think your male readers like being called bitches? ;)

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun. I really like your hair both curly and straight.

  7. My nightwear migrates from flannel to t-shirts and shorts all in one night. It's not pretty.

    LOVE your curly locks in the last photo!

  8. Hi there!! Visiting from SITS... and Eastern Canada where we can't camp in January unless we were into camping in an igloo! I am a little jealous cause I love to camp.

    Great blog....

    Make it a great day!

  9. The Zadge - Hah, I am not sure I have any male readers :)

    Michelle - Aw, thank you!

    Meg - I don't know, i think flannel is always pretty. and soft. Actually, mostly just soft.

    Gaspegirl - Thanks for stopping by! There are SOME benefits to a non-white christmas. But only a couple.

  10. I'm not a fan of camping here in Canada but honestly, it sounds amazing over there - I'd definitely welcome any reason to be in the sun right now!!

    Happy new year! :)

  11. Those shorts are so cool:) I love camping and I cant wait for summer:) Hugs and kisses