Monday, January 17, 2011

I want you to meet someone...

One of the major perks of being unemployed is I have a lot of time to blog. Not only do I get to go around and find new blogs that I absolutely fall in love with (post coming on that soon - maybe, if I don't forget) but I get live life and have stuff to blog about as well (You know stuff that isn't The Job and thus off limits).

It also leaves time to find great bloggy things to participate in...For example, when you were in college did your sorority, dorm, whole school (in my case) have a big sister/little sister program? A program where the upperclasswomen mentor the first years?

Well, at my All Women's Institution we did. My big sister was a total dud, I am not sure I ever met her for real at all. And when it was my turn, well, I think I was studying abroad and thus missed my opportunity. Krysten at After 'I do' asked her readers to participate in a blog version of this type of mentorship. I was really excited to sign up, but I had no idea whether I should be a big sister or a little sister. I have so much to learn when it comes to using my blog to get sponsorships, do giveaways, or even to make more than the cost of my domain name per year. So when Krysten suggested that I should be a big sister, I was humbled, nervous and excited. Mostly excited.

So, I'd like you to meet my little sister, Lily who blogs over at Lily's Journey. Please go over and say hello to her, notice how adorable she is, and welcome her to the world of blogging.

Now, as of a few moments ago, Lily had no idea who her big sister is...And frankly, Lily, I am just figuring it out myself. But first things first, on the interwebs I am known (to tens of people) as Deidre - however, that is not my real name. I'm an expat leaving in Australia. I want nothing more in the world than to be a SAHB (Stay at Home Bitch - aka stay at home puppy momma). I am much in the same place you are, Lily, I graduated from my Masters course last year, and I am struggling to find my place in the work force.

You can expect snail mail letters, Australian care packages, and quick email replies about anything that you want to ask or talk about whether it involves your blog, life, or that cute boy (and there is always a cute boy, am I right, ladies?). I am so looking forward to exploring the world of blogging with you!


  1. Your little sister has a BIG rack.

  2. From one unemployed *sort-of* expat to another. I have a lot of time to blog, too. I just don't think anything really interesting is happening to me now. So, I blog less. Does that make sense?

  3. Hey! Thank you so much for becoming my big sister and featuring me on your blog. Look forward to speak with you soon!

  4. Aw! This sounds fun and adorable and awesome. Hello Lily!

  5. This is an awesome idea for the blogging world! It never hurts to find another way to interact with others, which is what the blogging community is all about, after all.

  6. Ah now that's a nice thing to do. I'm going to head over there now ....

  7. Twisted Susan - Hey now, that's my little sister you're talking about.

    Sara - Hm...There is a lot of sitting around and you know applying to jobs that is happening...sometimes.

    Lily - Yay! Hi!

    Teacher Girl - I know, thanks to Krysten for starting this up!

    Eric - Exactly. It's just one more way to connect to people.

    Selina - Yay! :)

  8. That is just awesome!!! I just dropped in from SITS to say hello abd I am glad I did. I will run off to say hello to your little sister as well.

    I am sure you will be a good one!!

  9. You'll rock it honey child, I have faith in you :)
    Hang in there, being a SAHB leaves you the option of finding what you REALLY want to do in life ... and then it will change .. because we are women.
    We own that particular right.

  10. I thought it was a great iniative too but when I was signing up I didn't know if I qualified for a "Big Sister"--there's so much I don't know!

  11. le chef - Hah...yes well, I am sure it will change. I'm ok with that :)

    Connie - I kind of let Krysten pick for me. I figured if she thought I was Big Sister Material - than maybe I was?

  12. Awww yay! I just got a little sister too, and I'm looking forward to welcoming her into the blogosphere in the next little while :) Welcome Lily!

  13. That sounds so fun...and what a great idea:) Happy Tuesday,sweetie

  14. Emily Jane - Yay for Big Sisters :)

    Diana - Yes, I am really looking forward to it.