Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking the vows of unemployment again.

This week I have been thrown into whiny unemployment mode which if you remember from last year is nothing new. There has been crying. There have been grouch-fests. There has been napping.

Don't get me wrong, I am still ever so thankful for the FREEDOM. I just wish that FREEDOM didn't come with the expiration date and the need to find a job. Because ya'll that is what gets me down.

I've been trying to do the right things. I've been volunteering at two different organisations so that I can build my networks and my skills base (and get out of the house). I've been searching job sites every few days and applying to new jobs. I've had interviews. I've had rejection letters. I've been going to yoga to keep my zen and I've been taking the time to get out there and not think about jobs when I can fit it in because sitting here all the time stewing in my incompetence isn't good for the ego.

But here I am in, in day 3 of feeling discouraged, frustrated, and frantically searching for a bit of self worth.

There is not a lot I can do about it. So, today I spent visualising in yoga what job I want. I came home and worked on a job application (and napped...) and I've spent a bit of time looking for new ones to apply to. I some how have to learn that these feelings of complete and utter failure are just part of the process - that I am doing the right things. That choosing unemployment was without a doubt the right choice and I'm going to find something that will satisfy me and my visa requirements.

And how are you?


  1. job searching can be very frustrating, especially as an ex-pat. Im curious...what kind of job are you looking for? If you need something quick for Visa requirements could you just take a job as a cashier or nanny or something and then look for a dream job after? I had the same problems in France...unfortunately the job I ended up taking to satisfy the Visa has stuck!

  2. I've found that none of the jobs I had in my 20s were satisfying - they just paid the bills (barely). I think it is supposed to be a time of exploring, thinking, and napping!

  3. Thank God I don't have a VISA to worry about, too!

  4. You are strong, smart, worthy, and the right job will find you... as you find it. Keep doing your yoga and visualization. I love that crap. Really, I do!

    I'm battling a cold, and my husband's out of town [naturally], but life is good in the land of the domestic. :)

  5. Ugh I HATE that feeling! I hope you find something soon!

  6. Don't get discouraged! It's been hard EVERYWHERE to find a job. Just keep trying and when you least expect it or when you least are stressing over it something will come along! It's good that you are keeping youself busy. I am pretty miserable at my job, but I know there's really not much out there so I have to deal with it. Good Luck!

  7. Crystal - that is part of the problem actually. I can't get ANY job, I have to get a job that specifically relates to my masters course that I did here in Australia so they have proof that I am a "skilled migrant."

    The Zadge - Eek, don't tell me that! I don't think I can bare another five years of unsatisfying jobs!

    Tokenblogger - I know, as if unemployment isn't hard enough.

    Cbris - Thank you Chris. I know right visualisation seems so silly - but it does make me feel better.

    Krysten - Thank you!

    Lily - you're being very practical about keeping your job! That's good.

  8. I think it's incredibly brave of you to make this step even though having to find a job sucks.
    Wish you all the best!

  9. I think that you are pretty awesome for wanting to find a job that satisfies you in more ways than one. You hang in there love!

  10. Aww! I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know it can be very frustrating. I was laid off in November...I was shocked, hurt, and completely discouraged. It took about a month for me to get my emotions under control...but once I did, I saw what I needed to do, what I should have done long before getting laid off...go back to school and finish getting my degree which that job kept me from doing for 3 years. I really hope (and I will be praying) that something comes along for you...that calls to you! <3

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way! I love new visitors!

  11. Cole - Thank you! It didn't feel very brave at the time!

    Teacher Girl - Aw, thank you my dear!

    Mrs. Montemeyer - Ugh, I am sorry that had to happen to you! but it's great that you were able to turn a yucky situation into a more positive one!

  12. Amen to all of those frustrations! I'm unemployed myself, and I've sent out tens of resumes to any job with openings (relevant to my field or not). When not applying, I've been in the habit of watching a lot of TV; good or bad, I'm not sure! Hang in there and find ways to keep yourself occupied (outside of napping)!

    By the way, there's just a little something waiting for you over on my blog. Before you get ahead of yourself, it's NOT a job. =P

  13. You have the right attitude, sista! Keep up the visualization, I see a fun job in your future. And limber body parts with all that yoga!

  14. It is OK to feel that way.

    It is normal to feel that way.

    And I totally agree with Chris.

  15. Job searching is difficult, I've been going through the same thing. last week I spent a whole day in bed because I was so sad that another place had rejected me. It's hard to take.

    But it's great that you've taken steps to get out of the house, I need to do that, my room is bringing me down. Maybe I'll start doing some yoga too =)

  16. Eric - Good luck with your job search too! It's a long tedious process. I am fairly certain bad tv is part of that. :)

    Meg - Thank you! I see one too. And it's public transportable distance...and it's awesome.

    Kelley - It is normal, you're so right! Thank you.

    Lenni - ugh, the rejections are hard aren't they! Chin up! Let us search together. unemployment warriors!