Thursday, January 06, 2011

This is what I like to call excited drunkface. Drunk on ice cream that is.

If you remember, as Christmas approached I suffered from some homesickness issues. I've found that one of the sure fire ways for me to acknowledge the homesickness as well as squelch it is food. About six months ago, Ben and Jerry's ice cream made its first appearance in Australia. There was one scoop shop in Sydney, and several little stores started selling pints of the creamy goodness (at $13 a bargain - but as therapy goes it's CHEAP) in like seven flavours. Unfortunately, only about 2 of the flavours were gluten free (due to Ben and Jerry's love of all things cookie dough and brownie).

The week before Christmas, Melbourne's own scoop shop opened in the Fashion Capital (Chadstone shopping centre) with free ice cream all for one evening only. Although Chadstone is an absolute pain to get to by public transport. Inspector Climate and I made the trek because if there are two things I like it's Free things and Ice cream things. Nom nom nom.

I was expecting long lines and puny scoops of ice cream. But we made it through the line in about 15 minutes and came out the other side with an average size scoop of ICE CREAM:

I didn't get two servings by the way, one of those is Inspector Climate's.

They handed out cards with all the flavours available in Australia (sadly my favourite wass not on there...I love you Coffee Heathbar Crunch), 17 flavours to be exact. As I clapped my hands in glee that I'd be able to get my hands on some Cherry Garcia, I approached the ice cream scooper, a 17 year old boy.

"I'll have Cherry Garcia please"

"We don't have Cherry Garcia"

"But it says so on the card? I, um, I'm uh. heartbroken" My face fell and tears may have come to my eyes as I said, "I guess I'll have coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz."

"Wow, so you've had Ben and Jerry's before?"

"Um, yeah, I grew up near the Factory in Vermont" What I meant to say was "I've been eating Ben and Jerry's since before you were born pipsqueak"

So now when I ever I crave a scoop or two of Ben and Jerry's Icecream in one of 17 flavours, all I need to do is take two trains and a bus. Or walk down my street and choose one of the two I can eat in pint form and call it day.

What's your favourite flavour?


  1. I like Cherry Garcia too! Phish Food is also good. As is anything with chocolate and crunchy stuff. I hope they start carrying Cherry Garcia! Hooray for cheap(ish) therapy!

  2. Yay for free icecream!

    You may or may not be interested to learn that there's a newish lolly shop in the Target Arcade in the city that sells cans of American soft drinks (I probably should say soda), as well as American lollies. I mean, candy.

  3. Well, I have no faves because I really don't eat the stuff... I have a weight issue :P Kinda like an alcoholic, I just avoid the stuff that I can't control myself around.

    But I may have been tempted by FREE icecream... good for you!

    Make it a great day!

  4. Mmm Ben and Jerry's. Cherry Garcia was my therapy in college. Now I love Half Baked.

  5. I'd like to think Ben and Jerry's followed you to Australia! They knew you'd need them :)

    I haven't eaten enough Ben and Jerry's to have a favourite flavour and I think that's a travesty.

    I guess getting it from a scoop shop (love that!) is much better than getting it from a grocery store eh?

  6. Yummy, I love Phish Food.

    Stopping by from sits.

  7. I like plain chocolate or cookie dough (but then I mostly just pick out the hunks of cookie dough).

  8. Hands down, Chunky Monkey! Excellent way to start a new year :)

  9. You're a lucky girl, I can't eat ice cream and envy your lactose tolerence, in any flavor.

  10. YUM!! I love the cookie dough and also the choc brownie one... I'm only a new convert to Ben and Jerrys because it was too expensive for me to buy. But when it's on special in the supermarket I get some, yum!!

  11. OMG I love cookie dough so much:) Wish you a great weekend, my dear

  12. You can eat in pint form if you share with IC.

  13. I know this is crazy, but I don't think I have ever had Ben and Jerry's. =( I don't think there are any shops near me and I have never bothered to buy it at the grocery store because I love Hagen Daas.

  14. Jane - Well, it's delicious! I hope they start carrying it too. particularly in pints!

    Frisky Librarian - Really? I hadn't heard about that one. There are some other places around the city that sell that american lollies though. whoops, I mean candy.

    Gaspegirl - Well, I admire your dedication to staying from it. avoiding whole food groups is hard.

    Krysten - I haven't had Half Baked but I've heard from others that it is delicious.

    Jummy - Definitely a travesty, please remedy immediately.

    Actuary Mom - a popular favourite it seems.

    Connie - Reallly? I've never been a huge chocolate ice cream fan!

    Erin - Chunky really is one of the best names isn't it?

    linlah - AW! I am sorry...I have to say, that I think i'd choose a gluten allergy over a lactose allergy!

    Diana - cookie dough, huh? Well, it is tasty!

    Token - So true. we do get pints and share them. But they are really expensive. And there is a severe lack of flavours.

    Teacher Girl - Hagen Daaz is yummy. But you should definitely make an effort to try some Ben and Jerry's. It's delicious and they have way better ethics than most companies.

  15. Yummmm! I love Ben and Jerry's. I'm lucky that Chile has pretty delicious ice-cream because that's totally a deal-breaker otherwise.

  16. I have always said Ben and Jerry were my best friends. I love love love Chunky Monkey.
    Found you on SITS and am now following.

  17. Sara - Australia has fairly yummy ice cream too (although there is alot of ice cream I can't eat with my gluten allergy here). But Ben and Jerry's is just yummy.

    Day 2 Day living - thanks for following. I Know. Ben and Jerry are great guys, aren't they?

  18. I seriously love that you call them SCOOP SHOPS.

    That is adorable.

  19. I ate so much Ben & Jerry's while in the UK. Unfotunately we dont get B&J in South Africa. Sigh, I would kill for a scoop...

  20. MissLiv - to be fair, that is what they call themselves, I'd just call them Ice Cream shops probably.

    Love and Stuff - I know, Ben and Jerry's is delicious it can cause even the most sane person to veer towards violence. Violent indulgence.