Thursday, January 27, 2011

This post has it all...Baseball, giant pencils, and ridiculously cute shoes. Yup, the trifecta of awesome!

Ok, so I thought I'd play some catch up on all things that I've been meeting to post for about oh, 3 weeks, and haven't gotten around to it yet. Ha! Sorry.

First off...Remember in November when Inspector Climate and I went to the baseball (saying "the baseball" is one of those weird things that I've picked up from living in Australia without even noticing it...I know that's not what I'd say if I went to the baseball in the US but now I am not sure what I would say...) and didn't see any baseball? Yeah, well we decided that had to be rectified. So we went and saw the Melbourne Aces take on the Perth Heat...and lose. By a lot. The pitching was little league style. The score 15 to 6. Yeah. Anyway, so here is our view from our third row seats on the first base line.

I mentioned in my last post that I think giant pencils are hilarious... Well, that's because they are. On Christmas Eve in the small sleepy town that Inspector Climate grew up in the whole community goes to the park to eat fish and chips and watch Santa drive up in a fire truck. Santa then gives presents to children. This year in the bag of gifts were giant pencils and I could NOT have been more excited.

To wit, here is me just taking a break from writing some job applications:

And then in this post, I mentioned that we were all dressed up to go to a wedding. The wedding was a themed wedding and the them was the 1920s. Which is why Inspector Climate is wearing a debonair jaunty cap with his suit in our vlog. But it was also a great excuse for me to wear these heels:

Cute little pumps with birds and suns on them. Yes, please. Please also note my sandal tan lines. I like to joke that Zorro has been in the area. The wedding was really fun. The church happened to be really near my apartment which was very convenient. The Catholic priest was over 30 minutes late and ignored the program put together by the bride and groom and went on his own tangents. Such as how horrible and sinful gay marriage is and how the couple should have God's children, and that divorce is not condoned by the church...You know, topics that should NOT be brought up at a wedding. And the reception was at a gorgeous hotel on the water in Brighton. Nearly everyone was totally dressed up in 1920s costumes there were flapper dresses everywhere, and it was AWESOME.

What's your trifecta of awesome?


  1. That picture of you with the pencil in your hair could quite possibly be the best picture EVER! And I love those shoes! :)

  2. Erm, the priestly was highly inappropriate!! Not the time nor place... LOL and late, too? Was he drunk?

    And, yes, your shoes are FANTASTIC! And I'm jealous that it's hot enough in Australia for you to get tan lines. I'm cold in Hong Kong.

  3. I love your shoes (and tan lines!) I haven't bought any new shoes for a while so every time I see a cute pair I start craving for some new ones!

  4. sigh...I haven't had tan lines since 1997.

  5. OK, those shoes are AWESOME!! I need some IMMEDIATELY!! My trifecta of awesome would have to be football, nachos, and dozens of colorful birds at my feeder! How's that?!

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it! I'm your newest follower...cheers!!

  6. Isn't it awesome when Santa gives awesomely hilarious gifts like giant pencils. Oh and that hairstyle is the most awesome.

  7. Teacher Girl - Giant pencils make any picture hilarious. :)

    Oneika - I know right? It was so odd that the priest just kept going on these TANGENTS.

    Cole - These aren't new I got them back in 2004. But still adorable.

    Crystal - I only get tan lines on my feet! I burn everywhere else.

    Anything fits a naked man - nachos are delicious. Very delicious in fact....

    Melissa - Santa is full of magical gifts...

  8. You look sort of like I do when I look for jobs:p

    I was just talking to someone today about the way that Spanish has changed my speech in English. Your comment on "the baseball" made me giggle.

  9. wow, that post really did have it all! :) it makes me sad when the officiant of weddings uses it as an excuse for a sermon. can we please just focus on the reason we're all at the wedding - like the bride & groom's love? sheesh! the 20's theme sounds fantastic though.

  10. Trifecta:

    Movie theatre popcorn, litres of fountain soda, and nutty coconut ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

    Man, I love food.

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

    Also? Lame church guy and adorable shoes!

  11. hahaha! that picture of you and the giant pencil is awesome!

    and now i'm really curious as to what you would say instead of going to the baseball... really, how else do you say it?

    hmm my trifecta of awesome?

    right now it has to be:
    flowing, nearly see-through summer dresses (on account of how ridiculously hot it is)
    Calippos (as above)

    I don't have a third one. I guess if Mister were here, then he'd be third but he's not, so i just have 2. what's the 2 equivalent of the word trifecta? i'm having a dumb day.

  12. I can't get over how cute your feet are, tan lines and all. They're so tiny! Did your parents bind them when you were little? xo

  13. The tan lines on your feet cracked me up!

  14. Sara - It's funny isn't it? language is fascinating.

    Kimbirdy - exactly! and it was particularly odd because it wasn't what the bride and groom wished at all.

    Stephanie - I do love me some popcorn. I like mine best with lots of butter and brewer's yeast.

    Lenni - Um, I guess I'd say "I am going to a Redsox Game or a Baseball Game" but I wouldn't be as specific to say The Baseball.

    Chris - hah, I don't know why I have such tiny feet. It's a mystery. My mom bought me size 7 shoes because she was CERTAIN I was going to grow into my shoes...I never did.

    Krysten - They are very cute aren't they?

    Grace - Hah - they're pretty silly.

  15. My trifecta;
    1. being able to wear any of the millions of shoes I buy at random, that will NEVER be appropriate, nor match anything that would look decent.
    2. Making cheese while "looking" for jobs online and filling in christmas tree designs when asked if I "Agree, Definitely Agree, Disagree, or Definitely Disagree" to the 400+ pages of dither the online application process requires.
    3. Going to Yoga with paint brushes in my hair because I'm borderline homeless, thus I can get away with "eclectic".

    Keep Rockin' the free world.

  16. That huge pencil is so cool and the photo is truly the sweetest!! BTw: the shoes are really pretty. Wish you a great Sunday, darling

  17. Adoring those shoes. You are beyond cute.

    Also, saw the anonymous post up top and for a minute thought you were revealing your real name. Seriously. Blew. My. Mind.

  18. le chef - God, I wish yoga around here was that eccentric friendly. Everyone at my studio is made up and wearing lululemon. I'm all - I've had these pants since for 10 years. and I haven't showered in 3 days (I fit in great).

    Diana - Aw, thanks!

    Kyle - I am sorry about that! Hah. I usually try to be SLIGHTLY more subtle than that. :)

  19. Zorro is sexy - if he was paying enough attention to leave his mark on your feet then *drool*

    And the pencil is awesome!

    I have yet to see "the baseball". Maybe soon. They don't do that here because people have this notion that it's shit.