Friday, February 18, 2011

I must confess...I still believe (still believe)

Two blogs I've read this week (Kyla Roma and After 'I do') have participated in the Six Confessions meme going around and I am a joiner. So let us begin.

6. I love red shoes. I can't help myself. Ever since I was a wee person I've just adored red foot wear. In fact there is an elderly woman who used to work at the general store in my town and she called me Red Shoes and would ask me every time she saw me if I was wearing red shoes. I now make it a point to wear red shoes if I know I am going to see her. And yesterday, after over six months of looking, I found a new pair of red mary janes. Hello, my lovelies.

Apologies for the poor photograph.

5. I don't want kids. That's not my confession though - that's more of a well known fact. But I get absolutely thrilled when a child sits on my lap and snuggles into my chest or when child holds my hand when we cross the street together.

4. In yoga there are seven un-suppressible urges some of which are sneezing, sighing, coughing, burping and farting...which leads me to my confession. So, that person that farted loudly in the 9:30 am class on Friday...that was me. Also did you know that 'pop off' in Australian is slang for fart? Me neither until camping over Christmas when Inspector Climate's young cousins gave me a little bit of an education.

3. Whenever I get remotely stressed out I rip off my toe nails. I know gross right? I can't stop myself mostly because I don't even know it's happening until...I am sans toe nail. So basically, I am disgusting.

2. I am distrustful of Western medicine. This can probably be linked back to my distaste for taking yucky medicine as a kid because I basically was on antibiotics 3 or 4 times a year until I was 5 - which first of all are gross and secondly why wasn't anyone asking WHY I kept getting ear infections? Also, I was on really horrendous drugs for a LONG time to try and sort out a series of rashes I had growing up when the cause was that I was eating gluten and allergic to it!

1. Up until this week, I have maintained a strict No TV during the day policy during my unemployment...but this week, I couldn't help it and I started watching Ellen. Seriously that woman is funny.

Anything you'd like to confess. I promise I won't tell anyone.


  1. Hurray for red shoes and Ellen!

  2. I love Ellen!!!!!! My sister is also a fiend for the old red shoes. She seriously froths over them.

    I think she's cute. Now I think you're cute too.

  3. Well other than the fact I'm going to have that "believe" song in my head all day I am so glad got to read that fun post! Thinking about going out to get some red shoes now...

  4. Ellen is TOTALLY a good reason to break your no TV rule. I love her!

  5. Red shoes make everything cheerier I would say, even to the onlookers!

  6. I know! What is it about red shoes, anyway? The most seductive things in the world as far as my feet are concerned too.

  7. I love red shoes too. Unfortunately I don't think I own any at the moment, must correct that...

  8. Hmmm.... I don't think we have enough room here for my confessions. Loving your shoes though !

  9. Adorable shoes! I never knew that you don't want to have kids. Any particular reason? Not judging, just curious. =)

  10. I also love watching Ellen:) She is so funny! Happy Sunday, darling

  11. I record Ellen every day. She's great.

  12. Very cool confessions. Love your red mary janes!

  13. Ladyfi - Love red shoes.

    Miss Liv - Aw, Thanks Liv. How funny is Ellen?

    Ohio Girl - Definitely go get some red shoes, they brighten each and every day.

    Krysten - I know right!!! she's soo funny. le sigh

    Jummy - Aw, I hope onlookers enjoy them as much as I do!

    tattytiara - ahhahaha, this comment totally made me laugh. yes, red shoes ARE seductive.

    Cole - DEFINITELY get on that immediately.

    Selina - Aw, well, at least one?!

    Teacher Girl - I've just never felt like it was a good idea for me...first of all, I am allergic to everything why would I want to pass those genes on?

    Diana - I love when she makes herself laugh.

    Hotpants - jealous!

    Jean has been shopping - thank you!

  14. 4. Hahah, I admire your honesty! P.S. Saying "pop off" makes it sound like something the cool kids are doing.

  15. Popped in from SITS! My nails rip off on their own--I don't have to help them!

    I like pink shoes!