Friday, February 04, 2011

It's been a while, but the time has come. Let's talk hair.

First some boring business stuff:

I'm still taking sign ups for the anonymous blog swap! Sign up here.

Also, Decoybetty has a new look, please come on over and check it out. My gift to myself once I get a job (positive reinforcement) is to hire one of my favourite designers to do a header for me (if she'll do it of course)...and maybe a button! But until then, I'll just keep it simple.

Ok, now let's get down to business. The business of my hair. I got a hair cut! Check it.

And as you can probably tell from the photo, it's a bit wild and crazy. I'd like to say that I can blame the majority of that wild and crazy on the humidity. But I think the humidity only plays a minor role. [note, it appears that in the next couple of sentences, I had a lot of pent up RANTING to do...I apologise. I also like people with straight hair. AND I like my own hair... I might go as far as to say it's my favourite feature...]

Can you take a good long look at the head of hair that is in the picture above. I think there are a few things that we can say generally about that hair.
1. There is a lot of it.
2. It is curly
3. There seems to be SOME amount of frizz
4. There is a bit of volume...

Can we agree on these 4 truths?

Now let's say that I am talking to someone with straight is often that a straight haired person will complain of the following things:
1. Frizz
2. Volume
3. I don't want to hear it.

In fact, I might laugh in said straight haired person's face. And I think that is my right.

In summation, if you have straight hair that looks like a less glossy version of this (thanks google) don't talk to me about frizz and I'll let you boing my curls (that's what she said).


  1. I have naturally straight hair that will frizz if someone looks at it. I'm constantly using the flat iron to keep it frizz free and glossy, but it's a lost battle in humid weather. Ponytails are my friend.

    You look cute with short curly hair though!

  2. Isn't it always the way? Those with naturally curly hair want it straighter? Actually mine is half-curly and I wish it were curlier. If it makes you feel any better, my husband thinks it's an abomination for people to straighten their hair. He cringes when an ad for a straightener comes on.

  3. Ha, my hair is so straight and fine I've always had to wear this:

    It's a grass is always greener thing. As for it being your best feature that's a tough one. My vote might have to go to those enorrrrrrmous eyes.

  4. I hate when straight-haired people talk about their hair being soooooo frizzy and moan about it being an afro in my presence... I'm an African-American female- they really have NO idea what frizz is about! LOL

    Love your haircut!

  5. I have to say that I adore your curly hair and the new cut looks fantastic!!! Happy Friday, my dear

  6. I really like your cut! I'm envious of those with straight glossy, can-do-anything-they-want-with-it hair. I'd love curly thin hair.

    Mine is curly (not as curly as yours), thick and there is loads of it. When I wake up in the morning, it's just a big mess, if I let it dry naturally it turns into a big curly, thick mess. If I tie it up it goes straight but still wavy and thick. I've taken to straightening it or tying it up. Hairdressers in France always go on about how much hair I have, especially when getting highlights and they spend an hour trying to put the foils in. I hate going to the hairdresser!

  7. my hair is naturally curly and frizzy, kinda like yours just really long. It takes me an hour and 45 minutes to straighten and I have to get it done professionally. There's no way I can do it myself.

  8. Your hair is adorable! Mine is mostly straight with a bit of kink when it's wet...boring!!


  9. No frizz here. I have painfully straight hair and my problem seems to be more of the "I look like I just put my hands to one of those science museum electrostatic balls and now my hair is weightless and trying to fly away to a less straight haired head" girls. I think your curls look great. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for my SITS day. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love that you dress to match your blog.

  11. Um, girl. Me and you are the same. I want to smack my straight-haired friends that complain about frizz and hair management. Go you for being bold and keeping it short and funky. I wanna cut mine, but I am a fraidy-cat. Lol.

  12. Can't comment much on the hair situation; mine is about two inches long.

    But hahah..
    "don't talk to me about frizz and I'll let you boing my curls (that's what she said)."

  13. OMG. I love it when you blog about your hair. We CAN agree on your four truths. We also need to add a fifth truth... Your hair is AWESOME.

    I like the simple digs. Orange is very cool. I'm trying to redesign/redecorate my place, too. I've played with Word Press and Square Space. I need help!

  14. Crystal - I might need photo proof of said frizz

    Mil - I think it'd be nice to have straight hair SOMETIMES, but mostly I am perfectly happy with my curls.

    Susan - there are some days I'd LOVE to be able to pull off the straight bob! Aw, thank you.

    Oneika - This is all I am saying! They really don't get it.

    Diana - Thanks!

    Kiwi in France - Eeek, I hear you. I've finally learned to let it just do it's thing, if I have expectations my hair does not work for me. If I let it do what it wants, I end up loving it!

    Lily - I used to have really long hair too (not quite as long as yours!), but I realised I never wore it down because there was just too much of it!

    lenore - I am sure it's lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

    Julie - No problem! Ah, yes static. eek!

    The Zadge - I am very keen on matching.

    Teacher Girl - Seriously, they don't know what frizz is if it slapped them in face! Do it! hair grows back! :)

    Eric - I've written a post about men's hair...We can discuss it at length any time you want :)

    Chris - I know redesigning is so hard! I just don't anything about it and I'd really like someone to just fix it all and make it prettty! And thank you!

  15. Oh how I love your hair, though I can understand how much frizz annoys you. I hope you find that magic product that gives you the perfect curls your hair is made for.

    I think I'm qualified to complain about my hair because I'm Nigerian and my hair is always a frizzy mass! :)

  16. Love your curly hair and great cut! As someone with kinky curly hair, I can definitely identify. I'm here via SITS! : )

  17. I would kill for your hair. I used to have a less tighter curly version of your hair. Then when I was around 20 my hair weirdly stopped by curly. I mean, now it's wavy, but it used to be curly curly.