Monday, February 14, 2011

Just another day with some boy with a flower in his teeth...

Inspector Climate and I have spent a lot of time talking about what we are going to do for Valentine's Day. I hate even writing about it because I think it's silly - the day is silly I mean. Originally he was going to cook me dinner and give me a massage (did I mention his career as a climatologist is his second, his first was as a physio...mmmm back rubs). Which I think is perfect, however, he felt like he wasn't doing enough for me (no matter how many times I told him that he shows me he appreciates and loves me every last Sunday when I ate some wheat by accident and had to spend most of the day lying on the couch in tremendous pain, or on Wednesday when I got a rejection phone call from a job I was over qualified for and he sat and listened to me cry for over an hour OVER THE PHONE, or this past weekend when I've been having serious eye pain all weekend and he's made me warm compresses and rubbed my back while I've moaned about THE PAIN the PAIN).

So this brings us to yesterday, when I was sitting on his couch because my eyes were swollen and painful and ye gods, have I mentioned the pain?! The pain. And by sitting on his couch, I mean I was sleeping, wrapped up in Inspector Climate's discarded sweatshirt. I heard him come in, but ya'll it hurt to open my eyes and I was in my half awake stage, which Inspector Climate usually respects and leaves me be until I fully establish myself in a state of awakedness (technical term). But yesterday, he came in and said "DEEEEE"

I struggled to open my eyes and there he was standing with a rose between his teeth.

"You missed my grand entrance! You were asleep and I was carrying you a rose! In. My. Teeth"

"Awww! Thank you" I said, taking it from his teeth and burying my nose in the rose.

"God, I feel better about Valentine's Day now"

"Um, dude, you know that it's not supposed to be about you...right?"


  1. yeah, we're not big on valentine's day either!

    here from SITS! coming by to say hi!

  2. IC and you are too cute! What a romantic =)

  3. See, I know it's all commercialised and that you don't need a special day to show someone how you feel, but I love this Day of Luuurve!!
    By the way, when did you have your blog makeover....I've clearly been away too long !!

  4. aww what a cute gesture! Sounds like you got yourself a good man there :) Sorry to hear about the less than good stuff...I hope your eyes feel better soon :(

    Joyeux Saint Valentin from France!

  5. Awwwwwness! How romantic! I LOVE love.. sigh! *melts into a puddle of sentimentality*

  6. how cute :) have a great Valentine's day

  7. Ahh how adorable! What a lovely story.

    Hope your eye is ok.

  8. aw, he sounds so sweet! i hope your pain goes away soon!!

  9. That's so cute! You're lucky to have a guy that takes such good care of you!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Alely - Thanks for stopping by!

    Teacher Girl - he is SUCH a romantic.

    Selina - Only a couple of weeks ago - being unemployed I have a lot of time on my hands.

    Crystal - My eyes feel a little bit better, thanks for asking. And I did bag myself a good 'un.

    Oneika - haha, Well, I hope that the warm and fuzzies stayed with you all of yesterday!

    Lily - Thank you!

    Lenni - Aw, thanks. me too! eye pain is bad.

    Kimbirdy - He's definitely top of the line :) and you too!

    Cole - yes very lucky! And so are you!

  11. We're not huge on Valentine's Day but it was nice to go to dinner with my hubby.

  12. Aww that is so lovely:) Wish you a great Tuesday, sweetie

  13. Hahaha this is so cute! Martin made me dinner and bought me a pot plant for our courtyard (much more practical than flowers - I was impressed). I didn't do anything, but I did miss Glee to eat dinner with him, which as I told him, is a pretty big deal. It must be love.

  14. I just realised my post sounds so mean towards love. I love love! I just don't get excited for V Day that much. Martin does though, which is weird. Way too weird. He could buy me flowers any other day of the year and I'd be thrilled, go figure. Haha.