Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking in another man's pants.

Let's talk about pants shall we. I mean, what's more scintillating? We all wear them - at least sometimes. But can I tell you a secret? I hate jeans. I don't own a single pair. Not one. Cords, of course. Khakis, most definitely. Yoga pants, mountains of them! Jeans? No thanks.

So when I hear about a style, that granted has been around for a while, The Boyfriend Jeans, I figured I better check it out and see if maybe I am too hard on jeans (I am not, I hate them. The End --- Epilogue, they look great on you though). So Boyfriend Jeans began when girls started to wear their boyfriends jeans because they are baggy and worn and comfy, am I right? I don't know, as I said, I hate jeans. So, I thought I'd give it a try, I mean I love wearing Inspector Climate's t-shirts to bed (shown below). It's too big for me, nice and soft, and smells like him.

So, I slipped on a pair of Inspector Climate's jeans...I am slightly horrified about posting this picture of myself, I feel like I have 12 chins and the epitome of not cute hair. But for investigation purposes I give you, The Boyfriend Jeans...

This might work better if your boyfriend isn't 6'3 and you aren't perfectly average height.

Methinks I should just stick with the Boyfriend T-shirts...


  1. You look like Du'Pac Betty in the first photo!

  2. haha your bf is 6'3"? no wonder those jeans don't fit! I definitely love jeans but it's so hard to find a cute, well-fitting pair when you are shaped like a 12 year old boy from the waist down.

    P.S. Love me some yoga pants. I wish I could wear them to work.

  3. I love jeans, they are my comfy pants and I have lots of different styles - skate jeans (pure comfort), skinny jeans, flares and bootlegs. I find it very hard to find a pair that fits though. I have big thighs and butt so most jeans are HUGE around the waist. And I'm an inbetween size (11 AUS/NZ) which means cheaper jeans don't fit. My mum arrived in France with a great pair of skinny jeans, they are now mine, hahha!

  4. You're right. That is not a good look for you.

  5. Comfortable jeans can be an oxymoron, but I have found a couple of styles I keep going back to. Maybe his jeans in another size? You could fit another whole you in the ones you have on!

  6. Ahaha! Amazing! I cannot believe that you don't like jean! Ah, the things I am learning about you this week =). I own like 25 pairs of jeans, granted, none of them fit me right now, but soon they will.

    PS. Love that IC is 6'3. Tall men rock my socks.

  7. haha! awesome. you remind me of all of us skateboarder kids in the 90's. i've never been into the boyfriend jeans look. it makes me look super ridiculously short, since i'm already a mere 5 feet tall. i'll just let the taller girls stick to this trend.

  8. damn, IC is 6'3"?!?!?!?!?! wowzers!
    as for the pants, the boyfriend jeans for girls are actually quite cute! i bought a pair in canada last summer, but forgot them there, so im hoping that they'll still be in style when i go home next summer (actually, i could care less if they are still in style- i look good in them)!

    you are slim so i think that skinny jeans would be a really good look on you! i don't wear jeans very often, but skinny jeans are definitely rocking.

  9. Haha I love your confidence in super long jeans :)
    I hate jeans too but unfortunately I have several pairs in my closet.

  10. Twisted Susan - I do enjoy boxers.

    The Zadge - HAH!

    Crystal - Yes, he's a giant! pants in general are a bit challenging for me. I wear yoga pants exclusively.

    Kiwi in France - Nice work to steal your mom's clothes :) Clothes shopping is a nightmare always.

    Tokenblogger - I know right.

    Meg - I was actually hoping with his jeans I'd be able to pull the waist up to make it like a strapless onsie. But unfortunately, the crotch got in the way.

    Teacher Girl - So many jeans!! Sometimes I wish I wore them, but that's only a fleeting wish.

    Kimbirdy - :) you're pint sized!

    Oneika - I bought my first pair of skinny cords a few months ago - and I am quite in love with them I have to say. I am sure boyfriend jeans will be staying in style for a while.

    Cole - interesting, and do you wear them often if you don't particularly like them?

  11. look adorable:) Kisses,sweetie

    Btw:I need to try cauliflower pancakes. Yum!

  12. You look like a minature person wearing jeans that big! I have tried on Seba's jeans as well (figured if he likes them so much maybe I would too). We are the same height, but they still looked ridiculous!

  13. I'm not a jeans fan either. I actually like jeggings. Hehehe. Oh what am I admitting to?

  14. Krysten - I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Diana - DEFINITELY try cauliflower pancakes - they are delicious!

    Kyle - Exactly! I put in good effort :)

    Sara - What ARE you admitting to! Jeggings. Oh, Sara!

  15. i loovveeeee jeans :D and sigh i could never find a good bf jeans :( and my man is too tall for me :(