Saturday, February 05, 2011

World Nutella Day...

So the other day, I was perusing some blogs when I found out about this:

World Nutella day is February 5th. For more information please check out any of these links: Ms Adventures in Italy, Bleeding Espresso, and World Nutella Day .

I love me some nutella, in fact, I love it so much I never let myself buy it because I just end up eating it with a spoon from the jar until I am rolling on the couch with the telltale signs Sugar High of chocolate in my hair. Not a good look. However, Inspector Climate likes to have some at his house for me because it prevents me from going over the edge into the abyss known as I-am-crying-because-I-am-so-flipping-hungry. Also not a good look.

So anyway, the second I found out about World Nutella Day I realised that I clearly HAD to participate. I emailed Inspector Climate and was like "WE NEED TO BE PREPARED." And then promptly forgot about it because well, that's what I do. Until, I was at the grocery store today and saw the wall of different sized jars of Nutella, reassured myself that it was February 5th (in Australia anyway), and hurriedly made Inspector Climate buy me some in the name of My Sweet Tooth, The Blogging Community, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

I took some experimental shots of enjoying a spoonful of Nutella like this one...

But soon realised that as adorable as my new apron was it really wasn't bringing the nutella love like I needed it to. I needed to show you, in pictorial form, what happens when the sugar high hits, their is chocolate all over my face, and I have just a hint of the crazy eye....

So, do yourself a favour today my friends bitches, go enjoy yourself some Nutella. You deserve it.


  1. Did you know this coincides nearly with another Nutella holiday in France? The Chandeleur is Feb. 2 and it's the day you're supposed to make crepes. And what goes better with those than...Nutella? I totally agree with you about not having a jar around though 'cause my husband and I (but mostly him) will eat it in record time.

  2. This gives me exactly the excuse I need to indulge my recent craving for Nutella. I actually looked longingly at a jar yesterday, and moved on down the aisle. Back to the market I go. It's kismet.

  3. I don't like Nutella, but I do like your polka dots.

  4. world nutella day?! awesome! good thing we have nutella in our cupboards already...

  5. Le sigh... I have never had Nutella because I am allergic to nuts. It's one of the few things I actually really wish I could eat. It looks delicious.
    You look adorable in your apron though!

  6. That apron is so cute!

    I'm not a fan of nutella but please eat gobs of it for me.

  7. I saw this on another blog, too. Imagine the odds! Hehehe. I love the stuff, which is why I'm happy they have it wherever I go!

  8. Oh gosh...the French LOVE Nutella. I'm partial to peanut butter though because at least you get some protein out of it. I think Nutella is diabetes in a jar.

    Cute apron!

  9. That is such a perfect post for me as I love love love nutella so very much! I could eat it each day every day:) hahah. Hugs and kisses, darling

  10. Mil - I had no idea that on Feb 2 you are supposed to make crepes! Nutella and crepes is delicious.

    Susan - Don't deprave yourself! :)

    Twisted Susan - We can still be friends. I know the polka dots are sweet aren't they?

    Kimbirdy - Totally!

    Teacher Girl - Eek! It's not just peanuts but all nuts? This is horrible. I am very sorry.

    Jummy - Well, I don't think I ate gobs. But I did eat some :) Your Welcome.

    Sara - It is nice to know that one can basically get Nutella anywhere isn't it?

    Crystal - I love when they try to pass it off as part of a nutritious breakfast! Puh-lease.

    Diana - It is super delicious, I know. I know.

    Tokenblogger - Eek! There is always next year! Mark your calendar now!

  11. Belated Happy World Nutella Day! I blogged about it too and made homemade Nutella Mounds bars. I love Nutella. ♥

  12. I've never had Nutella. Just looking at it, I don't think I'd like it.