Monday, March 28, 2011

As it turns out, I knew more about Poop and Recycled Water than previously thought...

Last week my post at Love Without Training Wheels went up, here. Just in case you missed it.

Ok, so I'll admit when I wrote this post I already knew I was going to the interview. I had cried, I had thrown tantrums, and let's not forget the large amounts of whining. And even after all that wasted emotion I knew that I'd feel guilty for not going.

And so, I put on my interview outfit (as seen here), and started my long trek to the outer suburbs of Melbourne. I stopped for chocolate at the train station knowing that no matter how this interview went I was going to need a pick me up afterwards. But promptly ate half the chocolate bar before even getting on the train (points for saving half?).

And then I got to the interview and was ushered into a meeting room. 160 people applied for the job and I was one of the 6 that they decided to interview. Which of course immediately made me want to ask "why?" The woman interviewing me explained right away that she understood that I didn't have a lot/any experience in Poop and Recycled Water and then the questions started coming. About my work experience, my education, how I prefer to work, if I excel in team or independent environments...fairly standard stuff. Until the questions on Poop and Recycled Water started coming up. I had to admit that I didn't know the answers to many of them, and this didn't seem to alarm them!

Did I bomb the interview? No. I didn't ace it either. And if they were to offer it to me I'd have to consider long and hard before I'd say yes.

As for if going were the right decision...I always knew I'd end up going. In this job market where the opportunities aren't coming hard and fast, I have to exploit the ones I get - even if they are Poop and Recycled Water orientated. And even if I don't want the job in the end.


  1. I'm actually really glad you went, it never hurts to try something new. Even if it does involve poop and recycled water!
    But getting an interview ahead of all the other applicants is great. And it sounds like you did really well in the interview too :) xoxo

  2. I'm a little alarmed that they weren't allarmed but I might be an alarmist.

  3. I'm glad you went! I would have encouraged you to go; if you got the interview, they saw potential. And ultimately, a shitty job (pun intended) is better than no job at all.

  4. Well, at least you went on the interview. Every interview you go on helps you to hone your skills. And just think, you were picked out of all those people! That is something to be proud of! =)

  5. I think anyone who uses a plunger has plenty of experience with poop and recycled water!

  6. It might be more interesting than you think. Hey, they've got to do something with poop. Biosldudge is a hot topic. Be open. I'm proud of you for going! Know you're not the only one who gets pre-interview jitters!

  7. i've been in that situation before (interviewing for a job i really didn't want). but you know what? i accepted and it turns out that i kind of like it! it definitely isn't my dream job, but the people are nice and the work keeps me busy (so the time flies by). plus, i was trained onsite by a very friendly and helpful coworker.

    on the other hand, if this place is in a very inconvenient location and your stomach is in knots over it, i'd say to pass. the worst thing is to be sick over something like this!

    good luck!

  8. I can understand the job interview frustrations! At this point, I pretty much think you have to just apply for everything (quantity and not necessarily quality) just to try and score interviews to begin with. Good luck!

  9. I'm graduating soon and really trying to grab whatever job I can because anything is better than what I'm doing now. (The work is fine; pay/benefits are crap) And, in any event, it does give you interview experience which is never a bad thing. :) Oh, and being selected out of 160 people? Awesome!

  10. Congrats on getting the interview! That in itself is quite an accomplishment these days.
    Came over from SITS.

  11. #1 I like your interview outfit.
    #2 The fact that the words 'Poop and Recycled Water' continued to pop up in this post made me laugh.

    Good luck!

  12. it's funny how you start the job search with all your dream jobs, then move to the second tier of "this could be good," then "well, i wouldn't TOTALLY hate it," and finally, "i can survive anything for a year." i'm down to my worst case scenario jobs and i feel like if i can't land one of those, it's going to be "i'm dead inside anyway, so why shouldn't i be a stripper?" then just a short hop, skip & jump to living in a cardboard box by the river.

    i guess this is all just to say that i totally hear you on the whole "i better accept a job offer, even if i don't want to work there. ...even if it involves poop and recycled water." these days you do what you gotta do, and hope that someday soon you can upgrade to something better. i mean, it would be an office job right? you wouldn't actually be handling poop and recycled water? so see? it could be worse. :)

  13. Either way, at least you got more experience in interviewing! Good luck!

  14. I really like your Interview outfit! You looked too nice to work with poop.

  15. The Many Colours of Happiness - I'm glad I went too. I was so surprised when they told me how many people applied!

    Linlah - I was as well. That's normally not the response I get when I say "I don't know anything about that" in an interview.

    Eric - I have to disagree about bad jobs being better than no job. I had a bad job for 8 months and it was way worse than being unemployed now.

    Teacher Girl - Thank you!

    Laughing Mom - hah! i should have used that as my answer.

    Mil - this wasn't preinterview jitters so much as incredible distaste for having to explain to people that I have never worked or studied in the field that they are asking me questions about.

    Jillian - Luckily I don't have to make a decision about taking the job yet. I haven't been offered the position :)

    Sara - I know right! le sigh.

    Stephany - good luck in your job search!

    Debbie - Thank you! I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

    unladylikebehaviour - Thank you! I am glad you like the outfit, it makes me feel more confident knowing people like it.

    Kimbirdy - I am still hoping for The One! And I am hoping for you too!

    Crazy Shenanigans - exactly! A definite benefit!

    IfIhadahammer - Hhahah! Thank you, that may be the best compliment I've ever received.

  16. Good for you for saving half. I couldn't have done it!

    And I hope it turns out just the way you want it to. Pretty impressive being 6 of more than a hundred!

  17. So I'm going to go ahead and say...congrats? I think. Because you didn't bomb it and you did go. Those two things in and of themselves seem like a victory to me :)

  18. If you were among 6 selected from 160, then I expect you'll have a good shot at getting the job you DO want. It all depends on how long you can wait... Good luck!

  19. Carina - it took a lot of self control!

    Kyle - Hah. Thank you. I was pretty proud of myself that I forced myself to go.

    Katie - I wish this was true! I am holding out hope that it is!

  20. Well... Everything is a learning experience, right? :-)

  21. That adorable outfit got you in, girl.
    Go green!

  22. O.M.G.
    Life is short. If it doesn't light your fire, skip it.
    Trust me on this.
    I worked cleaning dog kennels once - because I like animals and all .. and I needed a job.
    It lasted 3 months, felt like 3 years, gave me walking pneumonia, a bad attitude, and a nasty mark on my resume.

    ANYTHING involving poop is a bad idea. I know. I tried it. Run.