Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Don't mind me...I'm just waiting.

Two weeks ago I applied for a job that I thought was it. It was The Job. I was qualified for it. I was excited about it. I could answer all the questions on the application form. Which let me tell you right now I am hardly ALL those things for any one job. Sure if I am super excited about it, I am probably unqualified for it. Or if I am qualified for it, it's not a job I really want (I am looking at you admin role where it was "desirable if sustainability is an interest").

I asked everyone I knew to visualise me working at this place. To visualise me getting a job and walking into the office building. Even though I didn't know where the office building was and half the people I asked didn't even know what the company did. I didn't care. Visualise I said.

So when a few days later I got an email saying that unfortunately they didn't even want to see me for an interview, I was shattered. The highs and lows of unemployment are the hardest part, and yet in some ways the only way. Sure, it'd be nice if I could maintain that level of pure anticipation the this is the job! The one I am going to get. The one that is going to be IT. This is the one! I know it feeling. I write my best cover letters when I am under that anticipation glow. I write my worst ones after getting rejected, again, and trying to climb myself back into a frame of mind where I can even begin looking for "the one."

Over the past two weeks, I've been applying for lots of jobs and trying to remember to not get too excited to just hang out in the middle - in the nice safe, level-headed frame of mind. I've applied to jobs days and weeks in advance. And now I just have to wait. Wait until the closing date arrives and wait to see if I'll get a call asking me to don my green polka dotted collared shirt tucked neatly into my black pencil skirt for an interview.

Until then I look at the same 6 job sites hoping to find a new job description or one that I missed. I read your blogs. I play the comment game where I click on one of your commenters and comment on their blog and then click on one of their commenters and comment on that blog...I watch How I Met Your Mother until I've memorised all the lines and, I am slightly embarrassed to admit it, the commentary as well. I go to yoga. I cook, I watch Ellen, I leave my phone on my bed as often as possible hoping that if I am not near it, it will ring. I wait.


  1. Your interview outfit sounds darling!

  2. Unfortunately it's all a waiting game. I'm sorry that it was been tough on you to be turned down from this job =(. Try to look on the bright side, which to me is that you're getting an early glimpse of retirement! But remember, it's just a taste, because soon enough you'll be behind a desk somewhere (assuming that's where you want to be).

    But honestly, it does sound like you're taking advantage of the time you have right now. I hope you've at least taken a moment to embrace the beauty that is your lack of obligation right now. You can pursue any dream you choose. And if you haven't already, do it.

    At least while you're waiting.

  3. I'm so sorry honey. I can imagine how difficult this whole process must be. Know that you are amazing and qualified and that you WILL find a job one day. Until then, enjoy the time you have. One day you will wish you had it. *hugs*

  4. Haha. Yep, Vlogs are slightly scary:-) Job-hunting is too! Eeek! I've been looking too, ( I nanny in the meantime). I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! xoxo

  5. Oh goodness, lady, I am really crossing my fingers for you! Job hunting is hard, and frustrating, and boring, and exhausting all at the same time. Know that your efforts are not in vain! You will soon find something right up your alley. And in the meantime, keep writing great blog posts and commenting on others' blogs. :-)

    I also agree that the interview outfit sounds fab! Can we get a sneak peek?!

  6. Sending lots of good luck! I hope you get the job!

  7. i *almost* know the feeling. i've been with a company for the last two years that could really close at any second. i've seen the staff go from a hustle-bustle office, to the few measly members that have managed to avoid the cut all working from home. i get diarrhea at the thought that i might be next.

    to avoid being jobless, i've been applying to open positions left and right over the past year. not so much as ONE interview has taken place.

    this economy is fucking suicidal.

  8. Thanks soo much for stopping by my blog - Orange is also a fab colour, I'm really into the citrus palette. See you around and have a lovely day!!

    A xx

  9. I a pic of you in your outfit!

    Job hunting sucks, especially when it's to secure a Visa and stuff like pressure right??

    Keep your head up and stay positive. Good things come to those who wait.

    P.S. I'm going to email you soon to chat about reiki!

  10. I know the feeling. Also had the, I'm a shoe in experience just to never hear from them again.

    Good luck job hunting, hope you get good news soon.

  11. waiting sucks.

    Especially when everything is essentially out of your hands.

    I feel for you sweetie. Really.

  12. It's definitely the hardest part. It's hard to sell yourself, too. I don't know if I believe in destiny, but sometimes when you don't get a job, we could think it wasn't the ONE. That maybe you not getting that one is keeping you open for a better one down the road. Maybe just put that outfit on and march into some places and give them your resume anyway! Your personality might sell them.

  13. Ugh, I hate this waiting game. Just keep telling yourself that you are amazing and you're going to find a wonderful job soon, I just know it!

  14. You know, I bet that soon you will find a great job that you will love:) Im going to keep my fingers crossed:) Kisses, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  15. Your interview outfit is much nicer than mine!

  16. I play that phone away from me game too, the farther away it is the more calls I get.

  17. I really hope you get the job! I've been looking for work on and off too and it's hard because I'd like to have a job I would actually enjoy doing.

    Good luck to you!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by for my SITS day!

  18. I have my fingers crossed for you too. I currently have a job but it is contract employment and my cobra benefits run out soon, so I need a new job.

    After work every night I go online and apply for jobs.

    It is exhausting waiting isn't it?

    that is all

  19. They obviously didn't know how what a great fit you would have been! Good luck for on job hunt! I have my fingers crossed.

  20. The Zadge - It is quite cute.

    Eric - Yes there is a lot of waiting involved. And I am taking as much advantage as I can.

    Teacher Girl - Thank you!

    Everyone Calls Me Bon Bon - Good luck on your search! and Vlogs are terrifying. you're very brave.

    Oneika - Hah next time I have to iron it I'll make sure to take a picture :)

    Maricris Zen Mama - Thank you!

    You're lucky I don't have a gun - That must be so scary! Well, good for you for hanging on to your position!

    Anya Adores - They are just such happy colours.

    Crystal - Next time I have to wear it I promise. And yes, the added pressure of Visa and Money certainly don't help! YAY I look forward to your email!

    Love and Stuff - Well, to be fair I didn't think I was a shoe in. But I did feel very confident in being at least INTERVIEWED.

    Kelley - Yes, having some control over the situation would be FAB.

    MIL - Yes, I am really horrible at selling myself.

    Krysten - Aw thanks!

    Diana - Thank you!

    Tokenblogger - It took me a long time find a shirt I liked.

    linlah - Exactly! Unfortunately, that tactic hasn't been working lately.

    Zeemaid - your welcome! Glad you had a fabulous day.

    PBJdreamer - the whole thing is exhausting. It's like CONSTANTLY being on a first date.

    Mama Wonton - Hah, yes maybe they just didn't know quite what they were missing.

  21. oh sister, i hear you!! i have been doing the same job search dance. you go so long without even getting a word back that you can't help but put all your eggs in one basket when you finally do get a lone interview. "i got one! i finally got one! it's meant to be!!" but then, no. it seems there's always someone more qualified or more desirable for a position than me. the hard part is when i can't even get a bottom-paying coffee shop job where all the employees are teenagers. really?! i would work circles around those kids! alas... we can't be unemployed forever right? it's just a matter of time... right?... right...

  22. I am TERRIBLE when it comes to ironing: i.e. I NEVER do it. I purchased an iron in Hong Kong nearly two years ago and have only used it once... I'm one of those "wash and wear, slightly creased" girls... :-)

  23. Oh, best of luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope that the job you do get will be the perfect fit for you :-)

  24. Kimbirdy - The waiting is so hard. We'll get jobs! We must! We will! I demand it be so!

    Oneika - I am normally a wash and wear girl myself, but I feel IF i get an interview I should try to look presentable.

    Kate - Aw, thank you!

  25. The waiting game totally sucks, but just have faith that whatever is meant to be WILL be, and sometimes all you can do is be patient, and make the most of the here and now until it takes shape. Sending lots of luck and good vibes your way!

  26. oh honey, i completely understand. i applied to this job that i *really* wanted to get and found out i didn't get an interview either. it's the worst feeling ever (er, so i think).

    anyway, the point of this comment is that even though it sucks and it can be really frustrating, i know that it's all going to work out in the end. it always does somehow, it's just the rough bits in the middle that you have to get through. chin up dear, you are totally qualified and brilliant and wonderful. don't let the job hunt make you think otherwise.

  27. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Though I got lucky I can remember distinctly the rejection I felt after a job interview that went SO WELL I thought I would be starting Monday but they didn't want me. Your heart can't help but get hopeful. But chin up darling! You are going to find something. It will be just when you've given up hope mostly likely!

    (And there is always your IC plan B!)

  28. Emily Jane - Thanks for the good vibes :)

    Rhea - Good luck on your job search.

    Ev Rev - I am so happy you've found something! That's awesome. And also, yay for the boy coming soon!

  29. Been there. Many, many, times. I've also worked many horrible jobs that leave me wondering if I'm EVER going to find the right job for me.
    I don't know that I'm working the right job right now. In fact, I would like to just NOT work for a while and not have to think about having to work.
    I could totally work the unemployed job .. if only it payed better.