Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Having a Buchan Good Time.

Over the weekend, Inspector Climate and I travelled east to the town of Buchan. The Buchan Caves have Stalactites and Stalagmites (calcium deposits that come from the water droplets) and are really quite spectacular. However, my photography skills were only slightly lacking.

Exhibit A.

A fantastic picture of some chicken wire fence. Fabulous!

I got a little bit better though.

Some phallic deposits. That's what she said?

That sea creature dude from the Pirates of the Caribbean was behind us! You can tell by the look of surprise in my eyes. Inspector Climate doesn't seem worried at all....

In other news, I got worse at tennis (trust me, I didn't think this was possible either) and I have totally forgotten how to drive on the left (driving a stick shift on the left side of the road is absolutely terrifying...I shift into the wrong gear constantly, which I can honestly say has only happened to me ONCE in the US).


  1. wow! i love that chicken wire fence photo... it's so... modern and abstract. like, what's it trying to say?... ;)

    seriously though, i love spelunking. i used to go back in college and we had so much fun getting nice and dirty underground (boy that sounded like we had secret raves didn't it?... actually rave in a cave? not too bad an idea...). sorry i used so many of these: ....

  2. Yeah I agree with Kimbirdy, I thought that the first picture was quite artistic :)

  3. Hot couple! By the way, I loooves the hair.

  4. .....yes did notice that surprised look first.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog!

  6. too funny! hey don't feel bad I couldn't drive a stick shift if i wanted too! and i really like your pics

  7. So cool! And I agree that you two look great in that last picture!

  8. Kimbirdy - Haha! It is very modernist and a bit self-reflexive...You know like feeling a cave! and look! there i go over using the ellipses!

    Kyle - I take that as a compliment! during the tour I was like "why aren't kyle and seba here to take GOOD photos!"

    Oneika - HAH! Thank you.

    Crazy Shenanigans - It was super cool! I felt a little like Golum which was awkward.

    Haddock - I do not like the flash! It's a miracle my eyes are opened at all!

    Unglamorous Mommy - Aw, well thanks for stopping by here!

    Squashys Girl - Seriously, shifting with your left hand is HARD.

    Cole - aw, Thank you!

  9. amazing photos! I'm already having a blast looking through your blog! thanks so much for finding me Deidre =)