Monday, March 07, 2011

It's time to get stuff off your chest

I've had this idea tumbling around in my head for months now. This is idea of an anonymous blog swap. I needed a place to vent about the horrors of my job and I just couldn't quite figure out a way to write about it on my blog without getting in trouble. Of course, by the time that I had gotten around to inviting people to join me in this endeavour, I'd stopped working there and my heart had healed from the panic attacks and my lungs could breathe easy without all the anxiety I was carrying around. Don't you fret none, I still have a lot to get off my chest.

So without further ado, these are the lovely blogs that are hosting Anonymous Blog Posts this week (the posts should be up on line today! That's Monday! I think, the time change is hard yo!):

Teacher Girl Blogs
The Cooking Campaign
One Kind of Me
Snide Commentary

Please go visit these blogs and support these brave writers who are just writing about what they feel. I'd like to remind you that in this case, support is asked of you and not advice.

If you're interested in writing an anonymous blog post - please send it (it being a post, questions, or anything else you desire to tell me) through to me at the email address located on the side bar to your right.

And if this whole anonymous blog swap thing isn't your cup of decaffeinated tea than I give you...a slightly scandalous photo of my leg where Inspector Climate fell asleep on my lap and drooled a heart shape on my pants. Now that's love, bitches.


  1. Ha ha, well at least he had the decency to drool in a heart shape :)

  2. Anonymous? My life is an open blog. Luckily my work is usually too boring to blog about so I don't have to worry about getting axed.

  3. K, the location of the drool is far more scandalous than my job. DANG! I could use some scandal.

  4. So happy to be participating! =)

  5. Thanks for the links to the other blogs, will go and read those now! :)

  6. my husband and my cat drool on me... gah-ross!

    great idea with the blog swapping for venting! seriously fabulous idea!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Tokenblogger - it probably would seem more scandalous if you could've seen how I was posed on the bed trying to take that picture with the laptop webcam.

    Love and stuff - Ha! Exactly.

    DiaryofWhy - You are very open and honest on your blog and I totally admire that!

    le chef - I was sitting crosslegged...

    Teacher Girl - Me tooo!! I am so thrilled your participating. Yay!

    lorraine - Yay! Your welcome.

    Krysten - It's been super rewarding!

    Jennifer - I used to have a kitty that used to drool when she cuddled. And occasionally shake her head vigorously and shower us with her spittle.