Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On being Jane and Mr. Bingley.

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Yesterday, as I was trying to distract myself from the pain that is my eyes (it's back, bitches, it's back) and not focus on the job applications I have due because they're for jobs I am not sure I want. I do what I always do...Watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother (Ted Mosby hair) and read blogs. Not at the same time. Usually.

One of the blogs I read Hooking Up Smart is talking about "shit testing" which frankly, I didn't even know what that means. And after reading her post, I was pretty sure that I don't do that with Inspector Climate. Susan commented back that she wasn't surprised, and she compared our relationship to that of Jane and Mr. Bingley (and if you don't know who they are, perhaps you should stop reading this come back! It's ok, I am sure we can still be friends. Maybe).

Jane and Mr. Bingley. Boring. They're the most boring couple ever, or are they? It started me thinking on what I thought my Relationship would look like before I was in said relationship. And basically it involved a lot of cooking dinner together, camping together, sitting and reading our respective books together. Of course I was hoping that the nameless He would inspire and challenge me - but never in the fiery argumentative fashion (do people want that kind of relationship?). But that sweet, simple, and, to some probably, boring relationship is exactly what I've got.

I tell him I love him at every possible moment because I simply can't not tell him. There are no arguments or ridiculous bickering because we've both already decided to make the other person happy. We're not compromising ourselves, but allowed to be the best possible versions of each other.

The truth is the dream all along has been to have a 'boring' relationship where the important part is just being together. Sure there are some things that my 'dream' included that my real relationship doesn't encompass. I always thought my guy would wear lots of plaid...Inspector Climate refuses to even consider wearing plaid - and yes, this is a sore spot.

In all seriousness, Inspector Climate pushes me in the most subtle way possible that still makes me feel safe and secure even when trying new things that scare the bejesus out of me. And if the simplicity and ease of our relationship makes us Jane and Mr. Bingley...Well, I'll take that over Mr. Darcy any day.


  1. That was a compliment! Seriously, "boring" as you describe it is light years ahead of any kind of relationship based on drama. I'll take my boring marriage happily over those that are extremely eventful, unpredictable or even exciting. We too spend a lot of time reading side by side, cooking together, taking long walks. We generally prefer the simple pleasures.

    I won't deny Mr. Darcy's appeal, especially in the form of a young Colin Firth, but for sheer amiability and lack of artifice, you can't been Jane and Bingley.

  2. I don't think that is "boring" at all. It is important that couples challenge each other, do activities together, respect each other. BTW - I love that you reference Ted Mosby! Awesome!

    p.s. Thanks for the comment love on my blog!

  3. Can I get an amen?! Preach, sista!

    Seriously, relationship drama is soooo 1990's/Melrose Place. I've been through my fair share of drama and can safely say that I'm glad that it's behind me. My relationship with Liebling is pretty "boring"- our teeny tiny skirmishes barely qualify as disagreements and are generally resolved within half an hour.

    Old habits die hard though... I was so used to dysfunctional relationships where my passion was often tied up in pain and ferocious arguments that I almost thought that I didn't feel as deeply for Liebling because I felt like I didn't "care enough" to fight with him. Does that make sense? I don't know how to explain it.

    Anyhoo, I've rhapsodized enough, but kudos to you on being in love and drama free! It's such a great feeling. Now only if your eye would get the memo and stop decreasing your quality of life!!

    p.s. I had to google those of whom you speak... *hangs head in shame*

  4. I've recently come to the conclusion that the "boring" relationship is what I've been looking for all these years, too. Viva la boring! :)

  5. Yeah for the Pride and Prejudice references. I agree that comfortable companionship is necessary to a relationship. You've got to be able to spend time with each other just being quiet, too. It can't always be about wooing and drama. Sounds like you've found your soulmate.

  6. When hubs and I first started dating I didn't know any other way to be in a relationship but to have drama. It was what I knew from past relationships.

    I tell you what... boring is SO much better! I'd be boring any day.

  7. I think comfortable is a good thing! Love the Pride & Prejudice references!

  8. Susan - I did take it as a compliment! I promise. It just took me a while to get there :)

    Caryn - Look, I reference Ted Mosby hair whenever possible.

    Oneika - Oh Oneika! Pride and Prejudice...REALLY?

    Diary of Why - RIGHT? Boring is good.

    Mil - I certainly think so.

    Krysten - I've never had a drama filled relationship...I am sticking with boring!

    Crazy Shenanigans - TOTALLY a good thing.

  9. Hi, I just found your blog through Oneika's blog list and I laughed because my blog post today (Acts of faith blog) was about utilizing the wisdom of Jane Austen in relationships. If you think the Bingley's are boring then I'd take them over the Wickham's any day. Austen did not hold back about how messed up that marriage was from the get-go and of course their shotgun wedding was a sign of trouble for numerous reasons anyway. Good post.

  10. This might have been the sweetest thing I have read lately. I am so glad that you have found a man that completes you!

  11. Grrr, I don't know why that posted as anonymous.

    This might have been the sweetest thing I have read lately. I am so glad that you have found a man that completes you!

  12. I guess my relationship must also seem pretty boring to other people. Walking Knox, watching Spartacus together and telling lame jokes that is us. No drama, no glamorous parties no doing crazy things, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

  13. Ah I like to think I am on my way to a nice boring relationship. Also Jane and Bingley are the happiest people in the whole book.