Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should I? I shouldn't. Should I? I shouldn't...wait...Should I? I really shouldn't. Or Should I?

That title pretty sums it up.

For the past 36 hours, I've been struggling to make a decision. See, I have a job interview tomorrow. A job interview that I don't particularly want to go to because the location isn't great and the job revolves around recycled water and poop (true story). For the record, neither of which light the creative fire within me.

So basically, I don't want to go and I am lazy. However, who am I to turn down a job interview? What if this is the only job I get offered? What if this is it?

I also don't want to go. I don't really know anything about the aforementioned poop and recycled water job. I have no qualifications that would make me knowledgeable about this subject, and frankly I think this is going to turn into another job where I end up embarrassed because surprise surprise I know nothing about what they are talking about.

It's a job interview. It must be embraced.

I don't want to.


I don't want to go.

Do you see how this is going? For 36 hours. I woke up thinking about it. I thought about it on the way to the train station. I thought about it while I brushed my teeth. I thought about while I bought orange juice for tonight's dinner (soy orange tofu, Moses it's good!). I cried on the phone last night while Inspector Climate and I went around and around on whether I should cancel the interview or not. And then again while we emailed each other back and forth this morning.

I am going to go. I have to go.

But that doesn't make it any easier to stomach that I am going to take 4 hours of my day to travel to this suburb, get asked a bunch of questions, I don't know the answer to, and finally leave feeling down on myself and, as if it's even possible, more frustrated with the job search than I am now.

But I am going.


No I am. Maybe.

I mean Poop and Recycled water. REALLY?


  1. If you know that the job interview will probably be a disaster and if you know this is a job that would make you unhappy even if you did get it, then I would say DON'T GO!

  2. You know what? If you don't want the job, don't go. Go with your instincts girlie. Good luck!!

  3. DON'T GO!!! And I don't think recycled water and poop should ever be together. Ever.

  4. whenever i think about applying for a job that sucks and i'm in the same "fuck this" boat, i just go for it and assume i won't get it anyway. i'm always right.

    two birds, one stone.

  5. I'm with Oneika on this one, DON'T GO. You know that you don't want to work there, and as you said, "recycled water and poop" REALLY?

    Go with your gut, never against it.

    The right job will come along soon.

  6. I've been to too many job interviews like that and I regretted it each time. As the others have said, go with your gut. There WILL be other job interviews and this one doesn't sound right for you.

  7. I know that angst. I felt it just moments ago hesitating to email someone for professional stuff. But I say, why not. It might be better than you think. Just be up front and say, I'm not an expert in this field, but I'd like to learn more about the position. Sometimes when you aren't really interested, you're much calmer because you're not invested. Chalk it up to experience and practice for THE interview that might be around the corner.

  8. I have a job interview tomorrow too, and it's not easy to get to... but it does pay better. I think you should go anyway - just becase you go doesn't mean you have to take it, and maybe it'll be great - and at the very least, it's interview experience, which is always good for the future :)

  9. That's a tough one, I've been there. The hardest thing is flogging yourself into some kind of enthusiasm that will come across as genuine in the interview. If you can do that, it's worth going. If not, just a waste of time. Good luck.

  10. I think if you dont want that job and you wouldnt be happy with it then dont go. Have a lovely day, sweetie

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  11. I think you should try to find a job that makes you happy--

    also find some diamonds lying around while you take a walk--


    seriously though, for me? Any job is better than no job....

    if you can be picky? don't take it.

    that is all

  12. oh this is such a painful merry-go-round for me too. i think the worst part is when you go to an interview for a job you really don't want and then they end up not wanting you. in a lot of ways i want to be the one to turn down a job that's not for me, not be rejected by something i didn't want in the first place. but other people i know went to interviews they didn't want, got the job, and ended up loving it. life is totally unpredictable i guess, so you might as well walk through all the doors that open for you. you can always turn right around and walk back out if it's not what you're wanting. good luck with the decision, and remember we all like you no matter what you end up doing! :)

  13. Only go if you think you would enjoy it. It is worth waiting a tiny bit longer to find something you truly love :)

  14. Why do they want you if you know nothing about poop and recycled water? I don't understand. You must be pretty good at selling yourself :)

    And I'd say go anyways. Just for practice at interviews. Since you already know you don't want the job then the pressure is off and you can just see how you perform. Think of it as a warm for the real thing -- the interview for The Dream Job that will eventually come your way.

  15. I think whatever your gut is telling you is right. If you wouldn't enjoy the job, then don't go!

  16. I have no advice but lots of sympathy and well wishes with whatever you choose.

    Good luck! Stopping by from SITS.

  17. Hey also thank you for the comment :) I agree with what you said about getting a real world in order to fund your dreams a little later. that's what I am doing now!
    Can't wait to hear if you went to the interview or not, and how it went if you did :) xoxo

  18. Thank you all for your lovely support. I really appreciated all those who were like "Don't Go" because frankly that is exactly what I wanted to hear and not what Inspector Climate was telling me.

    But thank you, too, for those who said why not go!

    I'll give an update in the next post.

  19. Ah, Job interviews. I think they all suck. But you will be fine. I mean, just GO and if you hate it, you don't have to take the job, but I think it is good to get out there and try, no matter what. Hey, I know, it is easier for me to say than do (and WAY easier for me to tell YOU to do rather than do myself) but I think that you should always take ALL options and then YOU get the choice to turn them down or not. Don't sell yourself short. A foot in the door is sometimes worth a lot!

  20. Hey Deidre-Here's the black bean burger recipe I use, but I sub out the pumpkin with black bean and don't use wheat germ. Each time I make it, it's a bit different, but I usually add bell pepper and occasionally other veg I have around chopped very tiny.

    An egg and/or bread crumbs stirred in after cooking the beans, onion, veggies and spices will really help GLUE it all together. I also find that using shredded cheese in the burger helps as well.

  21. Just look at is as practice!! And thanks so much for your nice comment!! (I also know nothing about poop and water, but I think you'll have to get the insider info for us)

  22. You regret the things you don't do. Just go and let the universe decide for you. Bloom where you are planted. Poop is good for blooms. :) Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day!!

  23. I would say go even though you might not like the job or take the job offer. there's a reason why you applied to the position and you can make a final decision after the interview.

    But it's up to you, I also agree with the other ladies... follow your gut :)


  24. I say go and have a little fun with it. It might turn out to be a better job than you think. And if it doesn't, just act like a crazy lady and completely blow the interview. That way you can honestly say you went, but didn't get the job!

  25. Oh dear ... I hope it went better than anticipated!

    Visiting from SITS :)

  26. Honestly, more than the job itself, the distance is reason enough to not go. I had a three hour a day commute in LA traffic. After several mini breakdowns on the side of the road I finally quit. Even as my last dime from being unemployed (and not getting unemployment insurance) were running out I turned around on the way to an interview because I had already been in my car an hour and wasn't there yet. I just couldn't fathom commuting like that again.


    And shit (so far) has worked out (in the oddest possible way) so that I have not starved.

    Fate will take care of you. If it seems so far off that it is causing you this much stress it is not the right job.

    Just my two cents from the very odd perspective that is mine. I take no responsibility for its implementation. BUT I believe every word.