Thursday, March 17, 2011

There is some crazy shiznit going on in the world right now, so let's take a moment to be seriously silly.

You'll have noticed that over the past few months I have not mentioned the following: Floods in Queensland, earthquakes in New Zealand, nor the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. There are reasons for this, first and foremost, there are thousands of other bloggers who write far more eloquently about such disasters than I can and secondly, it's times like this when I need to take a break from the news and focus a little on the absurd. The silly. To take my mind off the tragedy and horrifying destruction I try my hardest to embrace a wee bit ludicrousness in life.

And, I need your help. Now I normally don't dabble in the likes of the "funny search terms" because my blog doesn't really get hits using profanity or *ahem* vulgar searches (Penis! - ok, well now it might. I couldn't HELP myself). And the searches it does get, while they can be silly, are usually just not that funny. I mean, I am not The Bloggess. However, since being unemployed, I've had a lot of time to do so some stats analysis (not so much analysis really - more like looking at pictures of puppies and Ted Mosby (and Ted Mosby's hair)) on search terms for this blog:

I get a lot of searches for Ted Mosby and his coif (that's Ted Mosby's). I mean A LOT. In fact, if you use google I'm third on the list. THIRD. On the one hand, very impressive. On the other hand, only third? Lame. I mean, that's just mediocre. Poor effort, Decoybetty. Poor effort. So, if you have a moment and feel like helping me reach google stardom in the lamest possible way - do some googling. I mean no pressure or anything.

Also, I realised on a previous post that I used "inlargen" as a word - which is just embarrassing because enlarge is an ACTUAL word. And I am pretty sure I meant embiggen. I wish I could blame this head cold, but I am afraid I cannot.

(I apologise for the ridiculous use of parenthesis in this post. But if I am going to go down as the lamest Ted Mosby Hair authority on google...I got to put in some know?)


  1. Is it bad that I had to google "Ted Mosby" to find out who he is? *embarrassed*.

    And don't worry, many people have found my blog using the search term "nude protest in Mexico" because of this here post...

  2. Hahaha! That's awesome ..I love Ted Mosby!!!! and his hair! that's hillarious that your blog is the third thing that pops up. I've never done this type of analysis. I'll go google both our blogs! :o)

  3. Hmmmm...I do like Ted Mosby's hair quite a bit. It's thick, ya know? :)

  4. dont worry Oneika, I didn't know who Ted Mosby is either :(

    How do you find out these search terms? I'm curious to see how people have found my blog too now! What do I do?

  5. ok nevermind I figured it out! But it seems that the only search terms listed are variations of my blog's name...I must have my settings such that my blog cannot be found that easily on search engines...

  6. Thank you for your kind words, they really helped to brighten the day today! And this post made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that too! :)

  7. You are FABULOUS! I'm am LMBO over here! It's your blog... use whatever words you want :)

  8. A spot of silly humour is always appreciated. Ted Mosby.. it took me a minute to realize where I'd heard the name before. Too funny.

  9. Yeah...I'm one of those who don't know who Ted Mosby is...and by the way how did you find all those search terms. Mine are always the same thing, so I must doing something wrong right?

  10. haha! i'm dying laughing over here. you are so hilarious and awesome. i just googled for you. :)

  11. Oneika - ok seriously, start watching How I Met Your Mother...

    Sonja - He does have very awesome hair :)

    Jo - thick and untamed.

    Crystal - Oh Crystal, watch How I Met Your Mother! I promise you'll enjoy it.

    Jessica - Your welcome! THanks for stopping by.

    Sort Southern Single Mama - Hah! Thank you.

    Hilary - The things people google never cease to amaze me.

    Day 2 Day Living - I use statcounter, which is a free analytics program. It has a fairly comprehensive key search term.

    Krysten - I know right...

    Kimbirdy - I am so glad the humour is appreciated :)

  12. I cannot believe that you come up when people google Ted Mosby hair! And why are people even googling that?! Lol, the world is strange.

  13. I love the "I can feel the future" one.

  14. well you'll be surprised to know one of my top search terms is linda mcmahon from the elections a few years ago... that i just thought got a little cartoonish with all the female republican candidates.

    and the other fun fact is that if you search "being courted", my blog is actually the top result. i was pretty astounded actually.

    but yeah, it's interesting what the top search terms are... normally i don't even look at it because i am so erratic about using my blog.

  15. This post was hilarious. At least you've got the bronze for any search term!

  16. Lol...I call my husband Ted Mosby (and not just because of the hair...although that is a big part of it). Now whenever he messes something up, we both say that he "mosby'ed" it-- "Wow, I really mosby'ed dinner when I forgot to pick up the wine."

  17. Teacher Girl - I have no idea why people are googling that and with such persistence too.

    Emma - Hah! Me too!

    Rhea - hah! I love it.

    Eric - Bronze is ok...but we can do better!

    Anna - I love it! That's awesome.

  18. My most recent funny search term was "farmer fucking in a small town."

    Because I DO use curse words and talk about penises.