Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, while I am waiting I might as well blog...right?

This morning as I was doing my morning rounds in the blogosphere I came across this meme from Lil Mrs Housewife, and I thought well, Moses knows I've got some time on my hands.

For some reason I've always been fairly self conscious about my hand writing. Like when I wrote Inspector Climate his first card, I felt like he would be able to read deep into my personality by my inability to write in a straight line and my weird q's and z's (how often do q and z come up anyway?). But I also LOVE hand written notes and letters. I am a fantastic pen pal - I think there is something so much more personal and real about a piece of paper that has travelled across land with strange little scribblings on it. Maybe I am just crazy. It wouldn't be the first time someone has called me that.

So, although I've told you intimate secrets about my life this some how seems much more revealing. My Handwriting. Be nice to it - it's had self confidence issues since I switched schools in 5th grade and they were appalled that I didn't know cursive.

Also, funny thing about how I write q's. I write them like that because of a physics teacher I had in college who used to always write her q's (and ampersands for that matter) like I do now. And when I was copying off the board, I wrote them like she did because I thought that's how one was supposed to write them in the physics world (Ahhh, naive little first year that I was). Now, it's just how I write.

Please click to inlargen (technical term).
And now I tag you! Yes you. Only if you want to participate of course.


  1. I *love* that your favorite music is also mine and I am (I think) like 20 years older than you. (But using the word "like" there just shaved about 10 years off my age!)

  2. As someone who reads handwriting all day long I can tell you that your handwriting is not bad at all! I think it's pretty cute actually! =)

  3. Those last three songs, golden. You're an old soul with a young heart.

  4. Awww! I'm so glad you considered yourself tagged! :D

    Awesome job by the way!

    I love your music collection...quite different...but totally awesome!

  5. Nice penmanship!! Mine is not so nice. But I use the excuse that I'm left-handed.... ;-)

    Also, what?! Deirdre is not your name? Really? Dang I didn't realize that lol!

  6. cute writing! Nothing to be ashamed of :)

    In france, a lot of people have the same hand writing because they are really forced to copy the letters exactly like the teacher in school. I correct a lot of student tests and it always creeps me out how similar their cursive is!

  7. Handwriting is a funny thing. I wish mine was somewhere as neat as yours - I'm so used to writing fast during my lectures that I even miss letters out (my excuse is that people often look over my shoulder to copy my notes and I've developed it as a way of confusing them...)

    I've never seen a "q" wuite like yours, but it looks great - I may adopt using it for the day!

  8. Nice "q" indeed. I liked writing the 7 with a line through it because it's European and look where I live now (France)? You do certainly like a lot of the "classic" musicians. Looks like you're rather optimisitc with those big wide letters, but I'm no expert.

  9. I've always been self conscious about my hand writing too. It's not very pretty and girly the way I feel like it "should" be.

  10. Your handwriting is not too shabby. You should see mine when I'm taking orders at work!!

  11. I love Say Anything! And much of your music is my favorite too!

  12. I would love to have your handwriting. I have the WORST handwritting!

  13. Oh, as a teacher, I'm super anal about my handwriting... I figure if I'm going to insist my students be neat, then so should I be!

  14. I think your q's have character! And your z's, too. Plus, you have excellent taste in music.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. I like your handwriting, i think it's similar to mine, even though my handwriting changes depending on my mood.

    Nice blog :)

  16. Geez. I'm with the Zadge - you love our kinda music! You secretly have and old soul. A cool one, too!

  17. As a lefty, I am always self-conscious about my handwriting. Believe me when I tell you that you have no reason to be self-conscious! Your handwriting is adorable and I would easily and quickly trade places!!!

  18. The Zadge - I've always known we were soul grooving sisters :)

    Teacher Girl - Aw, thank you!

    linlah - They're soo good, aren't they?

    Mrs. Montemayor - It is quite a good meme isn't it?

    Oneika - I'm sure it's fab. I have that litle tidbit re: my name on my side bar, but lots of people seem to miss it :)

    Crystal - I've found that about Germans as well!

    Jason - how'd your day of "special" q's go?

    Mil - I like writing sevens like that too!

    Kyle - totally know that feeling...I've always wanted rounder letters.

    Krysten - I don't think anyone has particularly neat handwriting when taking orders! :)

    cole - Say Anything is just amazing

    Crazzy Shenanigans - I am sure it's not *that* bad. ;)

    Sorta Southern Single Mama - that makes total sense.

    Ms Wasteland - why thank you!

    Ana - Thanks! My handwriting changes depending what part of the page I'm on.

    Meg - I did a lot of grooving in the car with my mom to motown when I was a child. :)

    Sara - I am sure I'd say the same thing about your writing!

  19. I like your handwriting a lot. Its really cute! Enjoy your weekend, sweetie

  20. i think your hand writing is just fine, girl! it's quite cute that you've got those quirky q's - it's like a signature without a name. :)

    thanks for visiting on my SITS day!


  21. the handwriting is cute!

  22. As usual I'm the last here.
    Everyone in my second grade class has identical handwriting. I think the teacher was a witch. However, I have since gotten worse, so your weird q's and z's look pretty good compared to my chicken scratch!