Saturday, April 02, 2011

I don't understand job...

It's Melbourne International Comedy Festival this month. And on Thursday night, Jess and I went to see Headliners solely so we could see Garfunkel and Oates...(this is not safe for work)

Oh, how I relate.

I am like a little kid, I stayed up to 12:40 because the show didn't get over until 11:15 and then it took a while for me to get home (about 5 hours past my bed time) and by Friday evening I was battling a sore throat and a stuffy nose. My immune system cannot handle staying up late.

Have a lovely weekend, my bitches.

(enchilasagne recipe to be posted some time this weekend, stay tuned!)


  1. AH-hahaha! that was awesome. funny, because it's true. :) love those girls.

  2. I have an "I don't understand job", but it involves more yeast and sourdough ....

    If you ever find out - let me know. ;)

  3. Kimbirdy - They are so funny!

    Krysten - So glad you enjoyed it!

    le Chef - not going to lie the first time I saw this video, I was hoping to get some insight in how to get out of unemployment.

  4. I went to see them last year they are amazing. They were talking about this song at their show as well as Running with Chicken which is amazing.