Monday, May 09, 2011

Dear Non Descript People Of the Internet...

First of all, I am still without internet. It's killing me - and not so softly (sidenote: does anyone find this joke funny? I used it all through high school and it soon became part of the vernacular with my friends...). I am sitting in a coffee shop drinking a soy chai latte which while leaving me feeling incredibly metro and chic (despite the fact that I am wearing yoga pants a yellow shirt, an Argyle sweater, and a maroon scarf (matching is for the weak)) is super annoying because I am very busy.

I start work tomorrow - I am so excited to finally figure out if it's going to be a six month position or three months ... how much I'll get paid and all that so I can finally start budgeting my life again. Give me order and routine and I am a happy girl.

What makes me a NOT happy girl is that I continue to receive rejection letters and emails from jobs I've applied to.

Remember the Poop and Recycled Water job that I interviewed for a few months back? I was fairly certain I wasn't going to get that job due to, you know, the facts that I know nothing about poop or recycled water! Who woulda thunk it. So I waited and waited for the call before I went away on holidays and never heard. Last week, I finally received an email from that went like this

Dear Candidate,

Firstly, please accept our sincerest apologies in our delay in responding to you in relation to your application for the position. We received a large number of applications for this position and the overall standard was very high. However after careful consideration, we regret to advise you that your application has not been successful on this occasion.

Kisses HR Department

Ok, so they didn't say kisses. But essentially, for being one of the 6 people out interviewed out of 160 applicants all I got was a form letter signed by no one and addressed to candidates far and wide.

HR teams - don't do this. Just like interviewees dress appropriately and try to make a good impression...SO SHOULD YOU.


Until I am blessed by the internet gods again, I bid you adieu...


  1. Best of luck tomorrow. I hope you get what you are searching for in a job.

  2. I'm laughing because you are not even old enough to remember "Killing me Softly" by Roberta Flack!! Perhaps you are talking about the Fugees' version! Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Most of my interviews ended with a "we will let you know" and then I never hear from them again. Not even a lousy as in your case. So rude!!

    Anyways good luck with the new job :)

  4. Yes, I get the joke. Good luck at the new job. You're absolutely right that the HR folks need to get a little more personal.

  5. Good luck at your first day of work! Let us know how it goes!

    P.S. I totally want a soy chai latte now...mmmmm

  6. Forget about the poop people, they ain't sh*t! (hardy har har). Good luck tomorrow!

  7. I'm going to go with an old saying I've always believed in...matching is in the eye of the beholder.

  8. oh boy! well, at least they gave you closure? just trying to find the bright side. i mean, i often hear nothing at all from anyone ever. i hope your new temporary job is awesome, pays really well, and lasts as long as possible!

  9. Ooh good luck with the new job, that is so exciting! Haha I haven't heard that joke before, it did make me laugh! Mmm soy chai latte, you have given me a craving now!
    That is so rude, I have been receiving them too and it drives me crazy. I put so much effort into personalizing my cover letter, but they can't put a name in a rejection email?
    Good luck again! xoxo

  10. Good luck with your first day of work!!

  11. Love the joke, hate the form letter! What were they thinking? Can't wait until you can share all the work details. How exciting! Good luck with your first days =)

  12. I too have received a number of these form letters WEEKS after I have already been told I didn't get the job. It is frustrating and I have to hold off on hitting "reply" and sending them a stream of abuse.

    On a happier note - got a new job. As of Sunday, I am a Melbournian!

  13. S - Thank you!

    Zadge - Of course I am talking about Roberta Flack...Don't be silly.

    Love and Stuff - Ugh, I don't understand how they can do that? Most of the time I follow them up - but I was on holidays so I didn't bother.

    Mil - Totally, just a little more understanding that to the person interviewing it's a BIG DEAL.

    Crystal - They are delicious, if not over priced :).

    Oneika - HA! Thank you I definitely needed that.

    Kyle - Oh, I like it!

    Kimbirdy - Ugh, the being ignored is tough.

    Many Colours of Happiness - My favourite was when one person emailed me "Dear Mr/Ms Decoybetty" Like really you couldn't take the time to figure out which one I am?

    Crazy Shenanigans - Thank you!

    Teacher Girl - Thank you! So glad you appreciate my lame sense of humour?

    Ruby - CONGRATULATIONS, I am so happy for you! Yay for Melbourne.

  14. It's OK. I always say, "Rock like a hurricane." Because I am incredibly odd.
    I think the market is just hard now. I can't even get a job at McDonalds, or Starbucks. Like that requires effort.