Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holiday: Queensland - Fraser Island and saying goodbye

We spent our last day in Hervey Bay on a tour of Fraser Island. For me, this was particularly odd because on my second day in Australia EVER I took a tour of Fraser Island 5 years ago (gulp!). It was so strange to see how much had changed, how much I'd change, and I couldn't help but get a little retrospective.

Our first stop was at Eli Creek. The island sits on top of a huge reservoir of fresh water that leaks back out to the ocean through hundreds of creeks. Unfortunately, this was the only day that we had in Queensland that was grey and rainy which didn't entice me to spend too much time frolicking in the water.

Here we are with the back drop of the ocean near the rainbow sand:

Some rainbow sand - the aborigines used the sand to make dyes.

A shipwreck from the 1930s.

On our walk in the rain forest we came upon these trees. The tree on the outside will eventually strangle the one on the inside.

Inspector Climate couldn't help himself. (However, this is NOT a metaphor for our relationship).

The next day, we drove from Hervey Bay down to Brisbane with a stop at the Big Pineapple. In the car, we spent a good hour discussing all the pineapple recipes that could possibly be waiting for us when we got there: pineapple ice cream! Pineapple slushies! Pineapple upside down cake! Grilled pineapple! Pineapple Pizza. I am not going to lie to ya'll. We were hungry. When we finally pulled up to the Big Pineapple parking lot, we were alarmed to find it quite empty - but Look, I am never going to complain about experiencing a tourist destination without any of the other tourists. It soon became quite clear though that the Big Pineapple is shut down for business. There is no more train ride explaining how pineapples grow. No more menu filled with (what I can only imagine) was a delightful selection of gluten free vegetarian pineapple delicacies (a girl can dream, ok?). We were DISTRAUGHT.

There were tears.

The poor Big Pineapple. Another Big Disappointment.

And so, we continued our drive down to Brisbane. Where we watched a little bit of the Royal Wedding. Enjoyed some Max Brenner Hot Chocolates and I tried to mentally prepare for the goodbye the next morning.

For some reason, when Inspector Climate and I travel together airlines seem to think we do not want to sit together. So on our flight from Brisbane back to Melbourne, we were once again, NOT sitting together. When my parents checked into their international flight, we checked in (albeit 4 hour early) in hopes that we could sit together. Inspector Climate left me with our bags while he went up to switch our seats. He knows I love the window seat so he picked a window and middle seat for us. My mom came walking towards me shaking her head...

"We didn't get seats together?" I said, already kind of upset about it.

"That boy loves you" she replied.


"He loves you. He got you a window seat. And those long legs of his will be crammed into middle...if that's not true love..." she continued, still shaking her head.


  1. That tree strangling info is pretty crazy! Sheesh. Love the photos!

  2. The window seat..always a true sign...Love the pics. Wow, interesting trees. Very cool pics. Thanks for the encouragement too.

  3. dannon was sad about the big pineapple. and at this very moment he is showing me his photos of all the other "big" things in australia. giant lobster, giant loch eel, giant sheep, etc. that's nice dear... i can't wait to visit!

  4. Are you short? Or is Inspector Climate tall? Maybe a combo of both? You look tiny in all these pictures.

    Also, big pineapple disappointment. I definitely would've cried so I can relate!

  5. Wow.. you guys sure had the greatest time there.

    and thanks for visiting. :)

  6. Aw, so sweet of Inspector Climate...also sweet is your mum's remark!

    My boy is very tall, too. I'm fairly tall myself but he's VEEEERY tall (c. 190cm) and we always try to get him (and me, by default) in the emergency row seats. Once we got upgraded (without even ASKING, squee!) to business class on the Dubai-Melbourne return leg of our Europe oh man! It was all kinds of awesome! :D

    Love that strangling tree, even though it's...kinda creepy and eerie. But mostly it's cool! Heh heh.

  7. what a huge pineapple! really cool photos!

  8. Diary of Why - I know right.

    Kirby - It is kind of alarming isn't it?

    Ellie's Desk - Hah. Definitely a sign.

    Kimbirdy - Yes. The Big Things. It was heartbreaking. I can't wait for you to visit.

    Kyle - I am perfectly average height thank you very much! (I'm 5'5 IC is 6'3).

    Tiq - We definitely made the most of our trip to queensland!

    Pretzel Thief - IC is 193 I think (I don't really understand cm). That's nice to get upgraded!

    Jazzy E - I know right! I definitely lucked out.

    Aqui - It is enormous. It's looking kind of ragged though, it needs some repairs.

    Krysten - Ha! yes. It is one big pineapple.

  9. That one pic of you and IC "hugging" each other is so funny! The scale is weird or something. I stared at it for like 5 mins, lol.

    So sad abou the big pineapple ;(

    He does love you! Middle seat= true love!

  10. That is so cute! What a sweetie :) And I love the photos!

  11. Oh god, the seating thing is SO true. Definite sign of love :)

  12. Ahhh, that makes so much more sense. I never thought you looked short in pics, but I hadn't seen a lot of photos of Inspector Climate. So I guess I should rephrase and just say I never knew how tall he was!

  13. Love the picture of you and Inspector Climate! That makes me smile :)Have a great weekend!

  14. I had to have a bit of a poke around your blog. I find Australia so fascinating. I am a fervent McLeod's Daughter's fan and I would so love to visit there one day. Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day.

  15. Teacher Girl - Oh, is that the one where I am standing on a post?

    Many Colours of Happiness - Thank you, he is a sweetie.

    Kat - Hah! I didn't realise that this particular sign was so well known.

    Kyle - hah, he is quite tall. :)

    Megan - it was amazing.

    Amanda - Yay! so happy to make you smile.

    Adrian - thanks for stopping by, and please poke around as much as you like! Hope you enjoyed your sits day!

  16. hi deirdre!
    beautiful pictures and post.
    thanks for commenting on my blog, come and visit again soon :)
    lots of love

  17. oh and pineapple is amazing... and so cute about you and your guy.. the ending! love is wonderful :)

  18. Awww! Yall are so adorable! Sorry about the pineapple place. But wait a minute! I didn't realize you were so TALL, girl! I had pegged you for a petite lady... I'm only 5'3" so you're taller than me!! How come you never get seated together? Were you flying Jetstar? Had the same issue flying them to Singapore the other day... Liebling was NOT impressed.

  19. What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing all of these details and your photos- I want to go there now!

  20. Eleanor - Thanks! I did get to visit some lovely places!

    Oneika - I am fairly average, but i am very skinny.

    Meri - Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Love these pictures! Looks like a fun trip!! I just found you through SITS! :D

  22. Nice pictures, Specially when you strangle !!
    And The poor BIG Pineapple, Another sad story...

  23. looks like you guys had the best time every and that huge pineapple is so cool! Have a fantastic Tuesday, kisses

  24. Sad story about the Big pineapple, If i could find cheap flights to Queensland i will definitely visit the Fraser Island and the Big "sad" Pineapple