Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Holiday: Queensland - Noosa and Lady Elliot

So after a delightful time frolicking with cute and cuddily wild animals in Kangaroo Island, we hopped on a plane and flew to Queensland. Our itinerary was packed. First stop Noosa. I don't have many pictures of Noosa because my mom and I spent the majority of our time walking on the beach and going swimming in the amazingly warm water (26 degrees C...AMAZING).

This is what Inspector Climate and I look like at the beach - please don't laugh at how white I am:

These are my beach essentials: Beatles Beach towel that is approximately 20 years old, sun hat, floppy light weight bag, shoes I stole from my mother (and are 2 sizes too big):
Some of the big tourist attractions in Australia are The Big Thing. The Big Banana. The Big Pineapple. And while Inspector Climate and I were in Canberra last year, we discovered that near Noosa there is a giant Bunderberg Ginger Beer bottle built out of the small ginger beer bottles. I cannot tell you how excited I was about going to visit this Big Thing. So we stopped at an info centre to ask directions and imagine my alarm when the lady told me that they had TAKEN IT DOWN. The Big Ginger Beer is no longer. Saying it was a Big Disappointment is a total understatement.

After spending two full days in Noosa, we drove north to Maryborough to go horseback riding. For those keeping count this was Inspector Climate's third horse back ride EVER. And here he is riding Tiny. As you'll notice no one is riding very close to him and Tiny's ears are pinned back and her neck is up. Tiny was a little bit of a bitch. She liked to kick and bite other horses on the ride. I am not sure why our tour guide thought it was a particularly good idea to put a total beginner on this horse. But Inspector Climate did a very good job at curbing her nasty behaviour, and the rest of us stayed far, far away.

This is Matilda. She was a sweet heart and I enjoyed every second of riding her.

At the beginning of the ride, one of the tour guides offered to take my camera and take a few photos as we rode along. What I didn't expect was to find nearly 80 shots of us riding along in the bush on my camera when I got it back. The man was thorough. Very thorough.

Next we drove up to Hervey (pronounced Harvey) Bay where we were going to fly out to Lady Elliot Island early the next morning. Lady Elliot is at the southern most tip of the Great Barrier reef. It has one resort on it. To get to it you fly in on teeny tiny planes. The plane that took us there sat 13 people (if one of those people sat in the cockpit with the pilot...my dad did and that's how he snapped this shot):

My mom and I walked around the circumference of the island and it took us all of about 40 minutes. The place is tiny. It's spectacular for snorkelling and diving though. We spent 2 nights and three days there. It was utterly fabulous. The first day, I felt really sick because I'd accidentally ingested more gluten (boo) and so I couldn't go snorkelling. But the next day, I finally overcame my fear of the snorkel (seriously, humans aren't meant to breath under water...I am just saying), so take that life list! I really don't have the words to express how wonderful it was. I saw SEA TURTLES and brightly coloured fish, and gorgeous corals. It was utterly fantastic. But try as I might, I could not find Nemo. It was a disappointment.

On our flight back from Lady Elliot our plane was even smaller. It sat 8 people and it alarmed me slightly because all the windows were leaking water. The experience was absolutely magnificent and I totally recommend going there (even though the food kind of sucked. We called ahead of time to tell them that we were gluten free vegetarians and they seriously had nothing for us to eat. I hate that).


  1. Hi to you Decoybetty,
    Thankyou so much for your encouraging and heartening comment on my blog. Of course I really appreciate hearing things like that, and I'm also extremely grateful for you sharing your own dream. It's a lovely plan, and I would like to add that I enjoyed reading your post, too. (I relate to a few of the things mentioned - horseriding, Noosa etc.) ANyway, I just wanted to say thanks. Take care, The Book Florist.

  2. Wwoow! Never seen sand so white!!
    And I LOVE your hat! You are so pretty and stylish on the beach!

    Also re: your fair skin, I think that it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and so refreshing to not see someone who isn't orange or overtan. I have a friend who also has beautiful pale skin and she always looks so fresh and lovely!

  3. seriously, i would do anything to be on a warm beach right now!

  4. Wow...that beach looks amazing..I so wish I could be there right now. Have a fantastic Tuesday, my dear

  5. Lady Elliot Island looks unreal!! How gorgeous.

  6. Oh my gosh! How amazing! Going to that island seems totally cool... but expensive! Maybe that'll go on my bucket list.

  7. Hi Deidre!
    Thank you for ocmmenting on my blog, I always like knowing if other people share something with me.
    I enjoyed reading your Life Listlessy Page, especially the places you want to visit (looots of places, can I come with you?). and the interesting facts about you on the sidebar made me smile.
    Thank you, have a great day (ooh I want to visit Australia sooo badly).

  8. Yaaaay for holidays! Rapt you had such a fabulous time!

    I haven't been to Noosa (or the Sunshine Coast for that matter) since 1997 (ugh, I KNOW!!) but it's gorgeous. I prefer it to the Gold Coast, on which I lived for about 6 months 11 years ago.

    Love how beautiful Lady Elliot Island looks...my husband and I were on Hayman Island for about 4 days in late February. It was a (beyond generous) wedding gift from husband's sister and her husband...I'm still figuring out how we'll top THAT, heheheh.

    But yes, Hayman was all kinds of awesome...the island, the Coral Sea, the food, everything. I wanna go back, dammit! Oh, and we also went snorkelling and MAAAAN! I hear you on the inability to describe those fluorescent, ethereal colours...

    Also, as we were about to finish up the snorkelling a FREAKIN' STINGRAY just nonchalantly decided to float past and I...kiiiiiinda freaked a little. But freaked without making any sudden movements, natch. I know they're harmless unless provoked, but imagine I hadn't seen it and had slapped against it with my fin or something! Thankfully that didn't happen, tee hee...

    We also didn't find Nemo. Drat!

  9. The Inspector is cute. And so is your bathing suit.

  10. Ahh...love the horseback riding photos! Would love to do that today...if it only wasn't so rainy where we are! Boo.

  11. wow that place looks gorgeous! I would love to visit! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog :)

  12. all of that looked and sounded amazing! I would LOVE to visit such a tiny little island. And we all know how much I love horses :)

  13. wasn't the big bunderberg a national treasure?! sad sad day... and i'm sorry you didn't have food for you to eat at the resort {also sad!}. other than that, your vacationing adventures look/sound like so much fun! i would love to escape to a tiny island like that, lounging on the beach and snorkling with the pretty fishies.

  14. The Book Florist - Thanks for stopping by!

    Oneika - The sand is super white. And thank you! I bought the hat while I was there to try and protect my delicate skin :)

    Krystal - It was realllly nice. Not going to lie to you.

    Diana - Thank you! It was really quite special.

    Alex - It was a bit unreal. I would never had imagine spending time in such a special little place.

    Crazy Shenanigans - It was expensive, but OH so worth it - Totally put it on the list.

    Detailsjuliette - Come visit Australia! And for coming by for a visit to my blog.

    Pretzel Thief - Hayman Island looks gorgeous too! Aw, I would have loved to see a sting ray! IC saw one when he was scuba diving I think.

    Krysten - I know right, It was a little sad to leave (although the weather got yucky on our last day).

    The Zadge - I'll tell him you said so. I certainly agree. And thank you! it's Seafoly.

    Alexa - I am always a little reluctant to go on horseback rides, but it is SO much fun.

    Aqui - Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by here.

    Crystal - It was spectacular! Definitely a must see someday :)

    Kimbirdy - Well, it certainly should have been. It was absolutely devastating. I am still not over the loss of the Giant Bunderberg.

  15. The Australians love their "Big" things names huh? Amazing pics! That one from the plane is so cool and you two on the beach? Adorable. So fun to see your vacay pics. Oh and so jealous that you rode a horse! =)

  16. So super jealous.....what a fantastic trip!

  17. How gorgeous! I have never seen sand SO white! :) I am very jealous ha ha :) thank you for stopping by my blog

    Love, Vanilla


  18. Looks like you had a great time! How cool to explore such a tiny place. You're also reminding me to post my Hong Kong recaps!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. Teacher Girl - Australians LOVE their big things :) More to come, we had one more stop on our trip.

    Polkadotpeticoat - It was absolutely amazing.

    Vanilla - The sand was gorgeous. there are lots of beaches like that in Australia near the great barrier reef because the sand is ground down between two moving tectonic plates (I think - that's what silica is right?).

    Chic n Cheap - yay for more holiday recaps! :)

  20. What gorgeous photos and an amazing time!

  21. That looks and sounds truly awesome. I wish I'd had the time to get up to Queensland when I went to OZ in March. But it wasn't in the cards. Next time I'll go for more than 3 days! I spent more time on the airplane than I did in Sydney!

  22. I lOVE horse back riding! I cna't wait to go again, post pregnancy of course :)

  23. I love that Australia loves BIG things. I got excited about The Big Banana and mostly planned my two weeks in Australia around the fact that I had to see it. Luckily, I also got to see a Big Avocado (somewhere near-ish Mt. Warning - still don't know why I was there) and a Giant Prawn (on top of a restaurant that I think was closed, but that doesn't matter.)

    I would have KILLED to see the Giant Bunderberg Bottle. I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to get to the Bunderberg factory while I was there. (It was too far north/I didn't know that I NEEDED to go there until I met Bunderberg Ginger Beer. This didn't happen until I was already there, obvsly.)

    In any case, this comment is everywhere. Since I'm not in Australia, I guess I get to live vicariously through your blog until I get back, right?

  24. That place look amazing! I love the white sandy beaches! I hope to go snorkeling some day.