Thursday, May 05, 2011

Holiday: South Australia – Adelaide - Day 1

While I was away, this post went up on Love Without Training Wheels. Check it out and tell Inspector Climate to write the damn post already :)

My parents flew in early on Wednesday morning, and I spent the next couple of days showing them around my ‘hood. The other times my parents have visited Melbourne, I was always pretending for them (and myself too) that I wasn’t getting too comfortable. You know, I didn’t have my own neighbourhood, a place that really felt like home, or a street that I knew like the back of my hand.

This time, I made sure to be able to show them where I walk everyday, where I shop, where I go to yoga, where the sweet homeless man on the corner is, you know the things that make my little street and my little routine, well, mine. We didn’t do any sight seeing in Melbourne this time – instead opting to play tennis at Melbourne Park (awesome), and to orchestrate a dinner where Inspector Climate’s parents met my parents (awesome and awkward) - seriously, I was more nervous about my parents meeting them then I was about meeting them.

On Saturday, we flew to South Australia where I set foot in my 6th Australian territory/state (Hello Life List, Check!). It was a short little flight in what, at the time, I thought was an extremely small plane – it sat about 20 people. Our flight arrived in the late afternoon, and we rushed to get settled into our hotel and find a place to eat before going to The Showdown.

The Showdown is the name for the football match that happens between The Adelaide Crows and The Port Adelaide Power (the only two South Australian teams in Aussie Rules Footy). Inspector Climate had purchased tickets for us to go to give my parents a real Australian experience. And boy, did we get one. We were sitting in the first row near the 50 meter line (circle? Arch? Mark? – footy is confusing, yo) and behind us were about 1,000 screaming Australians. In particular a group of about 7 girls who screamed so loudly I wasn’t sure I was ever going to hear again. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever attended a game of footy, but Australians do not hold back in the crowd. They are swearing, cheering, drinking, and let’s not forget to mention coaching the team and the coaching staff (because they obviously don’t understand their own jobs…and can hear each and every person screeching advice).

There is an electricity that can only be felt when you’re part of a crowd of tens of thousands and despite the fact that my parents don’t understand the game at all, and I have only a rudimentary understanding of it, it’s impossible to not get caught up in the excitement.

After the high of the footy, I couldn’t have imagined the low I was about to experience. Once back in our hotel, I was taking off my shoes – you know the shoes that I wear every day? The shoes that I have a permanent tan line on my feet from wearing…wait for it… EVERY DAY. The shoes that made me realise that walking and hiking and frolicking on foot were not something to avoided but fun! Yeah, those shoes, they broke. On the first day of our vacation, the shoes that light up my life ripped out my heart and walked all over it.

You think I am being dramatic don’t you? I literally cried. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to endure 13 days of holidays without these shoes.


  1. No! So sad for your shoes! ARe you sure that they can't be salvaged? It might be worth it to pay a shoemaker to work his magic. Also, glad you enjoyed your game, but where are the pics?!?!?!?! I told you, I'm nosy... :-)

  2. I know. it was tragic. They cannot be repaired. the pics are coming! I didn't take any of the game...I was too busy being a part of it all. But pictures in the next post. I promise!

  3. aww poor shoes! I have a pair like that and I honestly don't know what I'll do when they finally give in. I prefer not to think about it.

    Sounds like a lot of fun with your parents. Can't wait to hear more and see some pics!

  4. oh no! sorry about your shoes. so sad. but i love aussie rules footy! and i love how aussie's shorten everything and add a "y" at the end! :)

  5. Oh that sucks about your shoes!! Hopefully you can find some to love just as much :)
    I am so jealous that you live in Melbourne, I love it there! I'm Australian but I have never been to Sotuh Australia OR a footy game, so this was really interesting to read :)

  6. I meant South haha. Apparently I can't spell it either..

  7. Crystal - Eek! Now I am worried about your shoes!

    Krysten - It was rather heart breaking.

    Kimbirdy - seriously, Australians can't say anything in full - nicknames are a must!

    The Many Colours of Happiness - that's always the case when you live in a country you stop doing the cultural things! But you should go to a footy game! it's fun.

  8. I have to admit, I am one of those screaming Australians. Sometimes I scream things I don't even know what I'm saying. It's great :-)