Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspector Climate's first blog post.

A couple of weeks ago over at Love Without Training Wheels, I wrote a post lamenting the fact that some times when I'm upset talking to Inspector Climate makes things a little bit worse. I mean, he tries to SOLVE all my problems and all I want to do is talk about them.

So, I asked him to write his point of view from when we have these communication melt downs, and HE DID. Go check out Inspector Climate's very first blog post over here.

In other news, I am so sorry about the Blogger meltdown - ack what a disaster. I also apologies because several of your lovely comments on my last post got mysteriously deleted. Where you at comments?

Because of that, I'll answer the one and only Zadge's question on here - she asked in the comments why I don't drink and if it is gluten related. The answer to that is two fold. One, I don't particularly like the taste of wine or liquor. So drinking it to just enjoy the flavour hasn't been something I've wanted to cultivate. And the idea of getting tipsy and/or drunk doesn't appeal to me at all. Secondly, I do like the taste of beer (strangely enough) and yet I am severely allergic to it. And there goes my drinking.

Before I move on in my Holiday recap - I'd also like to tell you about the time in Kangaroo Island where Inspector Climate was the most adorable he's ever been in his sleep. I've written before about how he always thinks there are bugs in the bed - he gets up, he rips off all the blankets and he checks for bugs and then he usually wakes up realises that he's been a goofball and goes back to bed.

In Kangaroo Island, he woke me up by saying in a very calm and serious tone "Uh Oh." What's wrong I asked? No answer. He climbed out of bed turned on the light pulled the covers off the bed, untucked the sheet, and started searching for bugs in the creases of the blankets. Then he looked at me and said totally disappointed and a little downtrodden "I really thought there were bugs in the bed this time." And then climbed back into bed and fell asleep. When I asked him the next morning about it, he didn't remember it at all.

Uh oh.


  1. Me and Joel have the EXACT same problem! I don't want solutions, I just want a supportive ear! I loved your guy's post, it was really eye-opening.

  2. OMG. I used to do the the exact thing, only I dreamt there was spiders in the bed, not bugs. I always thought it was funny (peculiar, not haha) that every time I yelled, "Get out bed! There's a spider in the bed!" my bf would get up and start looking. I guess when you're suddenly woken from slumber by a yelling woman, you don't have your wits about you enough to say, "You're dreaming. Turn the light off and get back into bed."

    Apparently solving problems is just what men do. It's their way of helping. Looking forward to reading Inspector Climate's post.

  3. Aw, a milestone for the Inspector. He lost his virginity on the blogosphere!
    And he sounds like a total sweetie!

  4. He was disappointed that there were NOT bugs in the bed? I'd say that's the opposite of disappointment.

    Seba's fingers twitch like he's taking pictures in his sleep sometimes and he wakes up sweating because he thinks he's at a wedding with no camera.

  5. My hubs and I are the same way - most of the time when I'm upset I just need to talk to him about it and he wants to try to solve the problem which only makes me more mad!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog Deidre! (Love your name btw)

    My husband is the same way. Always a solver! I guess that makes him feel more helpful instead of being my human tissue when I cry about something. Gotta love em!

  7. That is really funny about the bedbugs!

  8. So stinking funny about the bed bugs : ) I think that would make me grumpy to be woken up like that in the middle of the night.

  9. That is too funny about your drinking- or lack thereof. I love wine, but I don't really like being drunk all that much. Only once in a blue moon.

    I wonder why IC dreams about the bugs? Either way it is funny that he didn't remember anything. I talk in my sleep all the time apparently and never have any recollection.

  10. hahahaa..I loved that last reminds me of a story my Mom told me. She did that exact thing..but just told my dad..something is in the bed..naturally he said..well..I am..anyway, she turned on the lights jerked back the covers..and there was a stinging scorpion.

    Thanks so much for the note.

  11. Haha! I can totally relate to that. I use to do crazy stuff in my sleep like that all the time.

  12. Many Colours of Happiness - Hah I know right. Nothing needs to be solved, just ranted about. Jeesh

    Frisky Librarian - he dreams about spiders too. I used to help him look, but i've since become desensitised.

    The Zadge - I know right. No longer a blogging virgin. although now he swears he'll never do write a post again. pshaw!

    Kyle - I think mostly disappointed that he was fooled again! OK - Seba is hilarious.

    Krysten - I know right? sometimes solutions are scarier than the problem.

    Joanna - Thank you! I chose it myself :)

    Alexa - He is very funny in his sleep.

    Life with Kaishon - It does make me a little grumpy and sometimes it takes me a long time to fall back asleep!

    Teacher Girl - Do you say anything good?

    Ellie's Desk - Eek! Ok, well that is quite terrifying. See at this point I wouldn't believe him if there WAS something in the bed.

    Crazy Shenanigans - really? Like what?

  13. I have been trying to get my bf to write a post about his take on his life as a foreigner. He says he would love to, but it is taking an awfully long time. I am going to tell him about your bfs great post, in hopes of inspiring him! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw. It is great reading other expat blogs!