Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been waiting for so long...Doesn't seem like anything will come along.

I am a bit all over the place today, and for that I apologise in advance.

Do you know this song:

Inspector Climate's sister got a kitten (squee) who is very vocal.  That kitty meows like I've never seen.  And I've taken to singing/suggesting to him that perhaps he's just been lonely for too long?  He doesn't appreciate it and neither Sister Climate or the Inspector know what I am referencing. So it's basically just a little inside joke between me, myself, and I.  Does this happen to you?

Anyway, for the past week and a half I've been altering the lyrics slightly to fit in with what I am experiencing which is waiting.  Oh the waiting.  Waiting for so long. Remember when nearly a month ago I announced with some excitement that I GOT A JOB. And we danced, and ate gluten free baked goods, and drank tea and celebrated with a good ole boogie? 

Yeah, well see, I still haven't started yet.  Every week, for the past three weeks I contact them to see if my paperwork has gone through, and if I'll be able to start work in a few days.   And I keep getting emails back saying that no, in fact, they haven't finished the paperwork because they haven't processed it yet or they can't find the right person to sign it.  And so, I've been waiting. 

I've applied for a few jobs, knowing that when I do start this job (someday) I'll only be working there for a few months. And my mood swings have hit an all time record of swingage.  For serious.  I almost slapped a real estate agent.  And I am not a hitter, I believe in biting nonviolence.

And so, when I got an email yesterday saying that my paperwork has been processed and as soon as they find an office space (HONESTLY?) for me, I can start work!  I knew I had some things to be grateful for.

As the weekend begins, I'll be counting my blessings:

I get to move in with Inspector Climate ya'll! Boo ya.
Soon I'll be going to work 4 times a week!
I, knock on wood, have missed out on the cold that has plagued the Inspector Climate all week!
My mom sent me a package which included a new pair of CHACOS, new cords, and kelp supplements (she seriously can't help herself - she sends me this stuff all the time - and I am grateful for that too!).

What's making your weekend so glorious, bitches?


  1. Don't forget the zinc to ward off colds.

    Here, you have to wait for "clearance"..that doesn't sound right..but they do this ID check on you. Most of the time, these people are on vacation who do these checks.

    The kitten does sound lonely. She needs another cat..hehehee...thats why I'm not too keen on my brother taking our maine coon.

  2. poor kitty..I think she needs a friend.

    Yay for kinda almost starting your new job! I'm sure it'll be well worth all this waiting around, even if it's just for a few months.

    And congrats on moving in with the bf. It's a big step in the right direction!

  3. I am all over the silly song referencing. It's hard to do with a husband who doesn't always share the same culture though. I know you are frustrated about this job thing, and I don't blame you. It will all work out eventually, but that eventually is so hard to calculate. I'm grateful to spend time with my little girl, and grateful that I can drink coffee to wake me up on these sleepy days!

  4. I just love the crackle at the beginning and end of the record. The stuff in the middle's pretty neat too.

    Why are some people/organisations so useless/thoughtless/lazy.

    Get in there gal and shake 'em up. (Although it might be prudent to get your feet well and truly under the table first).

  5. Ah...hope things get moving soon with the job! Am looking forward to spending the weekend with family and drinking wine, eating homemade pasta and talking all about Italy (my cousin is going for her honeymoon).
    Happy friday

  6. yey- keep smiling and have a fab weekend! congratulations on the new job!! xxx
    i am grateful this weekend for my family and friends..have a wonderful one.

  7. Oh congrats on a great end to the week! I too just got a job after searching for what seemed like forever. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. What's a chaco?

    Sorry about the job frustration - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed things even themselves out really soon <3

  9. Ah, very excited about the cohabitation! One thing that is very frustrating is that whenever there's job search stuff going on, your sense of urgency is always much greater than their sense of urgency. That is very hard. I hope you get to start very soon!

  10. Sounds like you are having a good week girlie! Oh, except for the kitty and that meowing. Maybe she wants cuddle time? I know some cats are just needy. I've actually heard it's better to get two kittens together. Anyway, congrats on finally starting the job soon!

  11. Finally, a kitty.
    Glad to hear the job thing is inching along - finally.
    Myself? I walked off the job only to come back because the boss' "relative" died suddenly. So much for rebellion. I think I might start biting too.

  12. That's crazy that it took them that long to get your paperwork done! yay for getting to finally start though!

  13. Ellie's Desk - Of course zinc! Noted.

    Crystal - to be fair, he gets a LOT of attention there are only a few days a week when someone isn't here for 4-6 hours during the day!

    Mil - I love the smell of coffee!

    Marginalia - Hah! Well, I am not sure i'll be able to change the system! I am just excited to start.

    Alexa - um! Homemade pasta sounds delish.

    Eleanor - I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

    Aqui - Congratulations on the job, that's awesome! I hope it's everything you want it to be!

    Emily Jane - Hah! They're a type of sandals that I wear CONSTANTLY.

    Susan Walsh - Yes, the urgency thing has been driving me bonkers. I am so excited and they're all busy doing their jobs.

    Teacher Girl - I think he's just loud, frankly. He gets lots of cuddle time (today he slept in my lap for about 3 hours).

    Le Chef - I know, if only it were MY kitty! alas.

    Crazy Shenanigans - I know, so slow! I am trying to not be impatient, but SERIOUSLY.

  14. I had to wait a long time too before I could actually start working after I had been offered a job. Mostly because they couldn't decided if i could pee in a cup in WA or if I had to fly back to WI for it. Us import people have to be patient.

    My weekend is going to be glorious because I do not have to work and I get to spend it with family.

    Thanks for your visit to the Northwoods on my SITS Day. Hanneke

  15. Congrats on finally being able to start the job! I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been that they weren't processing your paperwork fast enough. And I think the kitten needs a little friend too. The first cat I had was so much happier once he had a playmate and brother.

    Hope you're having a great weekend with all you're doing!

  16. Tagging bitches makes my weekend so glorious....

  17. I would love for you to participate in the bf project! Yes, ask your guy!!

  18. Aww poor kitty!! I'm so glad that after a lot of frustrating events that things are falling into place for you :)

  19. Yay for all the abundant blessing!!

    And that’s so sweet of your mom. :)

    Make me miss my mama already !

  20. Such a great song! I love it and I bet that kitty will one day recognize how great it is too! Hope your job starts soon, I know it's so frustrating having to wait on a job!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. The Dutch Girl - exactly, migrants can't be trusted!

    Brandi - it has been a frustrating few months! Hm, well, i am sure my sister in law wouldn't hesitate to get another one!!

    The Tame Lion - Oh...

    Aqui - I'll give it a go but it might have to wait until we're living together, otherwise he doesn't have access to my closet!

    Many Colours of happiness - i wouldn't feel too terribly for the kitty, he gets LOTS of love and attention.

    Tiq - I know! She's a sweetheart to send me packages.

    Mary Jo - I know, I love that song! :)