Thursday, May 12, 2011

A life update and South Australia: Kangaroo Island - Very Remarkable

So, I haven't started work per se, more started the paper work so that I can start work and man has even that been an ordeal. Hopefully, all the red tape will be cleared and I'll be starting next week (you know for reals). I had another 10 minute chat with my boss about what I'll be doing and it turns out it will probably only be for 2 months. And trust me, I won't be complaining about THAT.

Of course, there is something to complain about and it is this: with only two months of certain work, I have to start looking for jobs, again, immediately. And so today, with internet back in my apartment (praise Moses, Amen) I get the pleasure of reconnecting with all of you! Howdy! And reconnecting with my favourite job sites (we meet again, nemesis).

But let's not dwell on the suffering that is key selection criteria, no. Let us reminisce about travels had...and thus I bring you to Kangaroo Island which is off of South Australia and in my opinion totally misnamed. The Island is home to two different types of seals: the fur seal and the sea lion. And thus from here on in (until I forget) I shall call in the Seal Island or the Island Formally Known as Kangaroo.

Let's proceed!

Our first night in the Island Formally Known as Kangaroo was the first night of Passover. This was the first Passover I've spent with my parents in a LONG time and I was so excited to share with Inspector Climate our family traditions. Let me preface this with saying that we are extremely unorthodox in our Seder. We cut out pages and pages of the ceremony. This year we couldn't find Manichewitz in South Australia and so I just picked a bottle of SA Merlot for my parents and Bunderberg Ginger Beer for Inspector Climate and I (the nondrinkers). Below is a our spread. You'll notice our strange "lamb shank" which is here a rusted wrench, at home traditionally we use a wooden dowel.

The next day was a full one. Full of cute animals that is. First we drove totally across the island to the national park to see the fur seals and admirals arch:

If you look closer in the above photo of the arch you can see the little black seals! So cute.

And if you can't see them:

Next we went to check out the Remarkable Rocks. You can imagine all the fun we poked at the Remarkable Rocks name. Were they going to be Stunning Stones? Puny Pebbles? Boisterous Boulders? But in the end, when we finally walked down to the oceans edge and saw these rocks balancing on a cliff all we could say was "well, these are quite remarkable."

Inspector Climate can not turn down a silly picture of himself. He is magnetically drawn for being a goofball with PROPS.

Afterwards, we went to koala and kangaroo rehabilitation-y type place where we saw these guys

AND got to PAT A JOEY.

Now, normally, I don't condone humans messing around with wild animals. But this joey and lost it's momma and was being hand fed and raised by humans and then was going to be released into the wild...and how could I say no? TO PATTING A JOEY. So soft.

Next we went to the Sea Lions. Here you walk down a board walk with your park ranger tour guide and onto the beach which is littered with sea lions. We got to walk within about 10 feet of them just chillaxing in their natural environment.

That night to top off the day of cute animal viewing we went and saw some penguins. But it was dark and photos weren't really an option so I give you my favourite sign: The Penguin Crossing

Sure, we did other stuff. The next day, I tasted a different type of cheese (sheep's feta) and ate some Organic Liquarian Honey. We went on a horseback ride (Inspector Climate's second ever...he rode Cruiser the slowest horse on the planet) and I ate gluten by accident and felt sick. But who cares because have you seen those animals? Holy Cuteness.


  1. Looks like a great trip. What's better than furry seals and joeys?

  2. Looks awesome! I want to visit. P.S. Am curious if the no-drinking is a result of the gluten-intolerance.....

  3. Lovely photos, I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your boy and parents. It would be so interesting for IC to experience passover, I'm fascinated myself! Good luck with the job hunt... that'll be me in a few months.

  4. wow

    a great time it sounds like!

    that is all

  5. Amazing to pat a joey! I love your Passover picture and the comments. Feel for you about the only two-month gig. At least it's something and you may get some leads while working there...

  6. aw, so cute!! i can't wait to visit australia {the mister's motherland}. and hooray for getting to spend a holiday with your family. that's always special, even if you have to improvise. also, bunderberg ginger beer is the only kind dannon drinks. it's so good! good luck with the job search {again}. sigh...

  7. Someday .. sigh. Like when my hubby gets a job, or I get one that doesn't require selling my soul.
    Looks like a fun time :)

    Well, off to another cheese class for me! The things I do for fun.

  8. Those little seals and sea lions are so adorable! I saw the sea lions when I went to San Francisco a couple of years ago and fell in love.

  9. Looks like an absolutely AMAZING and gorgeous time! I have a serious case of wanderlust right now.

  10. I am totally jealous of your animal interactions!