Wednesday, May 25, 2011

With news like this, there is only thing to do...Let's dance!

Inspector Climate and I have been talking about moving in together, seriously,  for the past, oh I don't know let's say, 2 months.  In fact, we he created a spreadsheet that even weighed our financial benefits if we rented or bought a house together.  True story.  We're getting serious up in here, ya'll.

On Sunday, after completing the spreadsheet, putting in all the numbers we actively started looking for apartments to rent.  And I could not be more excited. In fact, there is a whole dance that goes along with this announcement that is not dissimilar to the FREEDOM! dance, except that is danced to the tune of me saying over and over again "We're moving in, we're moving in." Catchy!

So, here I am scouring the web for apartments that we can afford, will have a place for our lemon tree and compost, and be in the vicinity that we want to live in.  We've already checked out a couple of apartments and all I can say is this: Real estate agents are not helpful and nice to people who are renting. 

Yesterday, the guy could not give me directions to the place we were inspecting.  Today, the receptionist gave me the wrong key to the building so I went all the way to it and then had to go all the  back to the office without actually having seen the place.  And the worst part is, they don't even seem that apologetic about it. 

This is when I feel like my American-ness comes through most.  These people are supposed to be providing a, um, where is it?

But of course, that is only a small blemish on the fact that soon, I'll be able to live with Inspector Climate.  We'll be able to eat dinner together every night.  Wake up with each other in the morning.  Inspector Climate will be able to enjoy having a clean apartment and I'll be able to enjoy not having neighbour's screaming at each other at all hours (fingers crossed!).

We're moving in, we're moving in, we're moving in, we're moving in!


  1. Congrats to you and your climate-controlled cutie!

  2. haha, the spread sheet! My boy created a financial list of why we should move in together so he wouldn't have to get mushy! too cute! Congrats girl!

  3. It's a catchy number - no wonder you can't stop singing it. Congratulations to the two of you, it's all very exciting! I feel slightly (but only slightly) envious that you have it all ahead of you!!

  4. That's great!...finally you'll got see him in love.

  5. Ooooh, excitement! Congrats.

    Property managers' primary duty seems to be to the owner, not tentants, especially in a tight rental market where they don't need to be nice or helpful because people are desperate for a place to call home. They seem to be even worse in affluent suburbs too.

  6. Congrats! I'm so excited for you! This is a great life change, and I can't wait for the day when I sing your catchy tune too :)

  7. Horray! Don't let those people get you down, this is a very exciting time. When the hubs and I were hunting for our first place 7 years ago (wow!)it was wonderful. And I'll always cherish that little apartment we found on the Detroit River. Make sure you find the perfect place for the two of you!

  8. Ah how exciting! That is great news for you two! :)

  9. That is SO exciting! Don't let a few lame people get you down!

  10. That's so exciting!! Congratulations :)

  11. That is such a fantastic news!! Congrats, darling..I am so happy for you:) yay! Happy Wed!

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!

  12. awww what an exciting time for you guys :-) no more schlepping all your belongings between two houses - yes!

  13. How fun! Hope you find some place soon!

  14. haha, aw! that's awesome and i'm happy for both of you. good luck in the search! i know i definitely get um, well, confrontational, when landlords/rental agencies treat me like i'm not worth their time because i'm a Renter. please!

  15. Good luck and congrats on your move! I'm moving too so I can relate :)

    xo Mary Jo

  16. Congratulations!!!! :) How exciting! :D

    <3 Belly B

  17. Oh, what an adventure! A co-worker is looking for a place and she's been telling me how these people are that run these places. She says she hates it when they make her out to be crazy, when in fact it was their directions and paperwork they wanted.

    Good luck!

  18. YAY!! At first i was unsure about living together. It was a huge scandal in my small little hometown. BUT I am so glad I did. It has been great fun and I love getting the max amount of time with the person I love!

    PS. Good luck apartment hunting :)

  19. Congrats! that's major!

  20. haha- when the boyfriend and I decided to move in together, we listened to the song "shack up" on repeat for about 3 hours and jumped on the bed. This reminds me of that. Best of luck finding a place!

  21. Congratulations, kitten. My special fella and I lived in sin, too. xo

  22. Eating dinner together and waking up together. Love it. Miss it. Enjoy!

  23. Diary of Why - Thank you! It is very exciting.

    The Zadge - Thanks!

    Aqui - the spreadsheet doesn't lie.

    Selina - Aw, thanks Selina.

    Oneika - Thank you! Squee!

    Hotel Guide - It will be blissful! And much less commuting involved.

    Frisky Librarian - Seriously what is with that? It's just rude. I say, Rude!

    Amanda - Aw, hopefully it will be soon?

    MeredithDuck - We're looking hard! Aw, yay for the first apartment!

    Alexa - Thanks! It is.

    Krysten - They're just SOOO unhelpful.

    Emily Jane - Thank you!

    Diana - Yay for yoga pants!

    Gloria - Exactly, no more worrying if I forgot my glasses somwhere or my contact case.

    Tammy - me too!

    Kimbirdy - Exactly! I don't mean to be rude, but seriously. Also - they do absolutely NO research on the places at all

    twenty four - yes, it is! Sometimes it doesn't seem that big, but other does.

    Mary Jo - Yay for moving! Good luck with real estate agents!

    Belly - Thank you!

    Ellie - Exactly!!! They take no responsibility for the fact that they have no idea what they're talking about.

    Love and Stuff - Ahh, not so much a scandal here. But I am glad you braved it anyway.

    Boobies - Thanks!

    Meri - HAHA, that's awesome.

    Chris - I think it's so important! yay for sin, er, I mean :)

    Brooke - I am so looking forward to it.

  24. Woohoo! Spreadsheets are serious business man. Seba's and my marriage was not official until we started a budgeting spreadsheet!

    So happy for you guys, living together in sin is my favorite :)

  25. Congratulations, lady! I know that I breathed a sigh of relief when we moved in together because I was SO glad to be done with planning which nights we would be where, what we would be doing and all of that.

    It was just too much.

  26. That is so so so exciting!!!! Congrats!!! Hahaha yeah Australians aren't big on the whole 'service' thing :p

  27. Also I'm Australian, so I can say that! (for any Australians that just got offended...)

  28. Kyle - spreadsheets are VERY serious. Definitely no laughing matter.

    Kat - Seriously, logistically living apart is just too complex sometimes!

    Many Colours of Happiness - I know right! Tipping has it's good parts (ok, mostly only the good service part).

  29. Ahhhhhhh, sooo exciting!!! :)
    I know you two will find a great place and you'll be the cutest couple with your lemon tree ever.

  30. Teacher Girl - yes, finding a place that can house our lemon tree has proven a bit daunting!

    Crazy Shenanigans - Thank you! I am so excited.

  31. Wheeee ~~~Exciting news.
    Congrats lady !

  32. how exciting! I loved moving in with the hubster (then he was my fiance... the fianster??)

    It's awesome. It's like best-friend sleepovers every. single. night.

    Bliss : )