Monday, June 06, 2011

I am going to work today!

All last week I worked from home in my flannel floral jim jams.  Sitting on my bed and working on my computer. But today, oh today, I get to go to work! Sit in my own office (I hope - human resources seems a bit disorganised, I am not convinced this will happen!) and work at computer there. I am quite looking forward to it.

In other news, our application for the amazing apartment that kept me awake at all hours of the night was rejected.   So I guess I don't have to worry about THAT any more.  Which is actually kind of a relief.

Yesterday, Inspector Climate and I went to a rally to SAY YES to a price on carbon in Australia.  We clapped and cheered and then went to the Victoria Market to buy some organic veggies for the week.   I used to think that the Victoria market was the bees knees.  But, having the chance to experience other markets, I am just not that impressed with the quality of their produce, the prices of their organic peanut butter, or their selection of organic dry goods. 

As inspector Climate was filling a bag full of red lentils, I was wandering around trying to see what kind of lettuce they had on hand when I bumped into someone and she grabbed my arm in an attempt to steady herself. 

"I am so sorry!"  I said, as I looked up and noticed her friend was trying to take her picture in front of a pile of organic veggies. I ducked out the way to try and get out of the frame and the woman grabbed my arm again.

"Do you mind if we get our pictures taken together"

"Uh....I guess not," as I smiled for the photo awkwardly. As I realised, I hadn't bumped into her at all, she was trying to take a picture with me without me noticing it.

So that was my weekend, getting accosted by strangers to have my photo taken.  I'd like to say this a weird thing, but in all actuality, this is a pretty average occurrence for, I attract the strange.

As we left the shop, and I told Inspector Climate this story, I asked him if I looked particularly odd.  And then we both decided that these women had clearly never seen hair like mine before.


  1. Ooh, can't wait to hear how your first day went! And that is so strange about the lady who wanted her photo with you... wow haha

  2. I bet they thought you were a famous movie star!!!

  3. Grab twice, photograph once that's what I say.

  4. good luck on the first day! Let us know how it goes :)

    My friends and I were accosted by middle aged Chinese business men on the tourist boat in Paris a few weeks ago. The only thing they could say was "beautiful girls!" as they each posed with us one by one. It was very odd, yet quite funny!

  5. That is really strange about the photo. I went to a farmer's market too. Wow, huge turnips.

    Yeah, I don't get out much. Well, hope all goes well with finding the new place. I suppose you don't have to worry about heat and humidity at the moment.

    Very interesting market story!

  6. I understand what it is like to work in your jammies for long stretches. Getting out into the world would be a nice break.

  7. haha, that is hilarious about the woman grabbing you for her photo. was she a tourist? maybe she thought she was capturing a photo with the local natives? weird... and funny. congrats on getting to work!! i really hope some better things come along for you in the way of jobs and apartments. i'm rooting for you!

  8. #1) Congrats on the job!

    #2) Oh that must be asian tourist! *I'm asian so this is not a racist statement* Haha

  9. Eleanor - Thank you! you too!

    The Many Colours of Happiness - First day, not super exciting! :)

    The Zadge - I don't really look like anyone famous though. Don't you think?

    Twisted Susan - Haha, is that an old family saying?

    Crystal - Thanks! Well, you ARE beautiful girls :)

    Ellie's Desk - yum! Were the radishes still a bit sweet? No, we're more worried about "cold"...and lack of insulation.

    Florida girl - It is a nice break, but then I remember how much I like my jammies.

    Kimbirdy - I have no idea if she was a tourist or not. Thanks Kim! You've been one of my biggest cheer leaders.

    Tiq - Thank you! it wasn't an asian tourist, muslim? maybe? if that's not racist/religionist...

  10. So she just...ASKED and gave no explanation as to why she wanted to take a photo? Hmmmmm...

    You're far nicer than I not to have nonchalantly posed that question, heh heh. ;-)

  11. I know what you mean by relief...
    And I hope you have a great first day

  12. I love your life.

    I wish random strangers would want their pictures taken with me. I'm famous, you know ...
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Clearly it's the hair! Love your story! And good luck with work!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Good luck at work! And that random woman wanting a picture with you is so odd. You should have asked her what she was doing.

  15. Pretzel Thief - Well, I guess I figured asking was nicer than just trying to take it without me knowing?

    Indie.Tea - Thanks!

    Bonnie - I am sure they do, they're just too shy to ask :)

    Mary Jo - haha, it must be! It's quite the crowd pleaser.

    Teacher Girl - Thank you! it all just happened so fast!

  16. Yay for you!!! Funny about the woman asking to take your pic! It must have been because of your hair. People ask to take pics of me because of my hair all the time, first when it was an afro and now even more that I have dreadlocks. Curly girls unite! :-)

  17. Hopefully you will find something better than the apartment you thought was perfect! :)

    Love the picture story...are you famous and aren't telling us?

  18. Yay! Have a great time at your new job!