Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's 3 AM, I must be lonely...or something.

Since Inspector Climate and I have begun searching for an apartment together, I have not been sleeping well when he isn't sleeping with me.  In fact, all last week, I woke up each morning from terrifying nightmares.  This week, I've been waking up hours before my alarm clock goes off.  So, I apologise in advance if this post is even more whacked out than usual and there are even more typos than the norm.

Inspector Climate and I are putting in an application for an apartment today.  It's gorgeous.  Huge kitchen, giant cupboards and wardrobes, a few blocks off from the perfect location (and a few dollars off the perfect price), and with a small balcony with just enough room for our potted lemon tree and a few other potted plants.  The fact that it's a few blocks away from our perfect location means that things like yoga, the supermarket, and our organic grocer are just a few minutes walk to far to be convenient.  But the kitchen in this apartment makes that seem like a fair trade off.

I hate the pressure that comes with making such an important decision.  I've lived in places before (Hi College), where I have been so incredibly unhappy that I like to take my time to think if this place that is going to be home is ticking all the boxes so we can keep on dancing.  There isn't time for that in this real estate market in Melbourne.  If we hesitate to apply, to take the apartment, or to sign the lease they'll just give it to the next person in line.  And I am not known for my hasty decisions see my dating history or fear of the job interviews.

I am not good at taking life by the balls (Sidenote, what is with this saying?  I mean seriously?  Why would you want to take anything by its balls?  And also, mark this down as one of the things you'd probably never hear me say in real life, because I am lady and I don't say words like balls (unless referring to basket or base or tennis - clearly). Bitches.).  Basically every decision I make is fraught with angst and stress and worry.  So much worry.  And, ya'll that's exhausting.  I am not promising to change (one shouldn't make promises at 4 am....they shall not be kept - that piece of advice is on the house) (one should also refrain from using parentheses) (one cannot help herself).  I can't even promise to try and change.  But maybe if I could take some time to acknowledge what this is - just a dash of anxiety about money, change, home, and finding a job that lasts for more than 2 months (just those things. NO BIG DEAL) - I'd sleep past 2:30 in the morning.

Of course, when I take a moment to think about it, I am pretty sure happiness would be included if Inspector Climate and I lived in a cardboard box.  As long as it came with a nice kitchen...and Inspector Climate.  And a puppy.


  1. I think Life actually has a va-jay-jay and not balls.

  2. I am known for taking life by the balls.
    Or the va-jay-jay if you are The Zadge. (I like that even more.)
    Sometimes, you just have to take risks.
    BTW, I never sleep well when I am without my Mr. A. He's my security blanket. Or my stuffed animal. Either/or.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Its things like this that help you jump in. I hope it works out.

    I have a friend from Germany..who's sister lives there, and I was shocked how much you have to do when you get a flat. You have to put in your own wardrobes and kitchen, as well.

    While another friend hated the place that would be so convenient. She's going for the more expensive one because of closet space and safety. Here, public transportation is bad. As in..we don't have it. Yet, go into the city, which we are close to..there are lots of buses. Right now the Missouri river is starting to flood. Lots of worries.

    Anyway, hope you get some rest soon. Its cute you can't sleep without him.

  4. I hated looking for apartments in Boston because it was the same way. Can't a girl get a few minutes to *reflect*? Fingers crossed that it all comes together smoothly.

  5. The apartment sounds lovely and I totally understand your anxiety. It is a big decision! But, like you said, you and IC would be happy anywhere together, so you cuddle with that man and don't stress so much! xoxo

  6. Ooh! OOH! (Mr Kotter! Mr KOTTAAAH!)

    Whereabouts in Melbourne, roughly?

    Ah, I'm sure it'll all work out...keep us posted!

    We're about 20ish minutes from the city (the Taylors Lakes-Sydenham-Caroline Springs area) which, although not ideal distance-wise, is good in terms of the fact that we've been renting a cosy (and spacious) three-bedroom townhouse for over two years and it hasn't cost us an arm and a leg.

    Prior to this, we rented an awesome apartment in Kew for almost two years, but the building got sold which is when we found the townhouse.

    Ultimately, when we decide to buy, we're thinking an apartment in the city...while we're still young and don't care so much about the noise, heh heh.

    Or on the outskirts of the inner-city suburbs!

  7. ...also, I now have Matchbox 20 in my head!

    (I used to looooove their Yourself or Someone Like You CD during my teens. I still kinda...don't mind it. Hee!)

  8. Just saw your comment, heh heh. (I'm at work and desperately trying to appear busy on a very quiet day.)

    I don't have my email on the blog...can't find yours, either!

    Here it is: (I'll create a blog-specific one to retain anonymity, heh heh)

    Btw, my name is pronounced "Nev-ehh-naaah"...!

  9. Hah, you made me laugh out loud with your parentheses comments. It's hard to find the perfect place when you've got to make decisions quickly (real estate pressure). So accept that this place might not be perfect. There will be an adjustment period at any place.

  10. Maybe instead of walking, you could bike!

  11. Good luck with your new apartment - it sounds amazing! Also, you make me feel better about staying up till 4am sometimes, ha! Oh.. you said living in college was awful.. I'm hopefully going to college soon - any words of advice?!

    I replied to your comment if you'd like to check it out!:

  12. hahaha. and a puppy. too funny.

  13. yup, that balls saying is totally weird. i don't think that would ever be appropriate, although, you probably would get your way a lot if that was your tactic for arguing...

    anyway, big decisions without the time to research, write pros/cons lists, and lots of thought is really hard for dannon. i on the other hand, tend to jump head first into big decisions without thinking about it. sure i got burned a couple times, but for the most part everything has worked out well. i've learned that no matter what decision you make there are going to be good things and bad things about it. and if things are absolutely completely Horrible, well, nothing has to be permanent. i hope you get your apartment and i hope the good things far outweigh the bad.

  14. The Zadge - very true...But also something I am not that keen to grab.

    Krysten - I certainly think so!

    Bonnie - Very true!

    Ellie's Desk - Normally here, you have to bring your own washing machine and fridge.

    Skye - Exactly, I am not talking abut weeks here, I am just talking about a few hours! even moments!

    Teacher girl - it is really nice..

    Pretzel Thief - i still kind of adore matchbox 20.

    Mil - Yay!There will definitely be an adjustment period that's for sure!

    Blonde Duck - That would be nice! But the area isn't conducive to biking (well for me) there is a ton of traffic.

    Eva - My words of advice are if you don't like the school you chose transfer immediately.

    Alexa - :)

    Kimbirdy - hahaha! So true. I guess it was mostly our financial situation that worried me, but I am feeling better about it now!

  15. I think it's normal to have worries and second guess at times like these. But the apartment really does sound just lovely!! And like you said, as long as you're together then you'll be happy anywhere :)

  16. wishing you luck with finding your apartment.. and definitely get apuppy. they are gorgeous.
    keep smiling xx

  17. This is major decision, I know.. Don't worry too much, things will work out for the best. You know better :) XOXO

  18. I hate looking for apartments! It's always so hard to get everything you exactly want! Good luck!

  19. The apartment sounds great and it will be perfect when you are in there with IC so try and get some sleep.....although I totally understand what you are saying - I can't sleep without Ewan, even though I'm sure his snoring breaks legal sound limits !!

  20. Inspector Climate is the funniest blog name for an S.O. I have found to date. lol. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    When I was househunting, it started off really exciting and then I realised that people thought they could put any crap on the market and demand money for it. It got depressing real quick. Good luck!

  21. I can't sleep without my husband, I totally understand you on that one!

    It's so hard to find the perfect place to live. But like you, I could probably be happy anywhere as long as I had my husband (and kids) with me.

  22. Think about what would happen if you took a man by his balls. He would do whatever you told him to in order to make you let go. That's my understanding of taking life by its metaphorical balls.

    I *totally* say balls in real life. But then, I say pretty much whatever I want.

  23. I have always found the prospect of looking for a new apartment to be one of the more daunting tasks in life. I wish you both the best in landing this one--it sounds perfect!

    (PS: Also hate the balls expression).

  24. Don't croos off the puppy and I'm with the Zadge because you can't really grab that and twist it.