Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...I'm yours. And I am sorry.

How'd you spend your weekend?

Me? I filled out six application forms for apartments and then went to six housing inspections where we turned in 5 of those applications. Two of the apartments we loved and the other ones we were sure we could make them work, but they weren't amazing.

First thing on Monday morning, I received an offer from one of the non-amazing apartments.  And Inspector Climate and I spent the rest of the day explaining to our two top choices that we had gotten another offer but we'd prefer their place to the offer we received.  And then we got offered all five apartments we applied for.

After searching for weeks and getting rejected from apartments we adored, we found it hard to believe that now we suddenly were in the position to say no. A lot. 

It meant we would have to make a decision though between our two top choices.  Now when Inspector Climate and I have to make big decisions our conversations sound a lot like President Merkin Muffley speaking to the Russian head of state with numerous I'm sorry's and no, I am just as sorry as you are's.  (gold star for anyone who gets the reference!).  We become bumbling idiots trying to make a good decision.  Weighing the pros and cons of a nicer inside to an apartment with an amazing outdoor area.  Weighing gas against electric stoves (I am on team gas - I never though I'd say those words).  The fears of carpeting (if there is something I shouldn't spill something on, I will spill. It's what I do).

And yet, somehow, through all the apologising and hemming and hawing (oh the hawing), on Tuesday, we signed a lease.

And on Saturday, we'll move in to our apartment.  In this case, the lovely outdoor area where we will grow our vegetables won out over the hardwood floors and gas stove.  We found a beautiful home for our lemon tree, but had to put aside the idea of adopting a kitty for at least the next 12 months.  Compromises were made, and decisions rendered.  And in the midst of making that decision, I am not going to lie to you, I could barely feign excitement for the fact that soon I won't have to commute to see my guy. I won't have to plan the logistical nightmare that is how much food do I buy this week so I don't waste it but have enough to eat when I am not at his house. Or carrying my yoga mat around the city because I won't have time to get it from my apartment.

And then we signed the lease - and now it's like I can breathe again.  I am so excited that I can barely contain it. I want to tell strangers on the street.  And ask them for high fives.

WE'RE MOVING IN, bitches.

P.S. Ya'll are hurting my feelings a little with this whole giveaway thing.  Comment. Win handmade gloves. Don't make me apologise, because I will.


  1. YAY! Congratulations! And, I mean, if no one else wants to enter the giveaway that is perfectly fine with me. :)

  2. WOO HOO!!!

    That is SSOOO awesome!! Getting a place together is SUPER amazing. Husby and I had an interesting sitch before we got married too (I lived with his grandpa... yeah). Made for an interesting few months, but fortunately, short engagement meant only a few months of living with gpa. It was nice to FINALLY move into OUR apartment though!

    Enjoy it thoroughly!!

  3. congratulations!! how very very exciting :)

  4. Wooh! Congrats! It sounds lovely.

    Also, this: "I am on team gas - I never though I'd say those words" - hahahahaha. I hear ya!

  5. THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I'm so glad you chose the one with the lovely outdoor area, think of the things you can grow!

  6. YAY!! i'm so happy for you. it's funny how things come in waves like this right? all rejections until now with all acceptances? crazy. congratulations! and now i'm off to google president merkin muffley.... OH! that guy. :)

  7. CONGGGGGRATTTTTTTTS!!!! Pics of the new place, please! So jealous you'll get to live with your man! I still have to wait until October...

  8. Woot! I am so excited for you two! You must post pictures once you move in and are all settled =)

  9. Congrats, D! Sounds wonderful, and I'm so glad you went for growing space outdoors!

  10. HOORAY! In a month you will have no idea how you ever spent so much time commuting between apartment, or worse, discussing who would commute where and when. Always going home to the same place is SO GREAT. Especially when there is a garden at that place! Awesome!

  11. Good luck on the move. Great you have room for veggies and the lemon tree. Its raspberry and blackberry picking time here.

  12. Wow... Congratulations. No more hemming and hawing, just packing and moving. Can't wait to see photos. There will be photos, right?


  13. A new home is so exciting isn't it? An empty room is like a new notebook, where are you gonna put all your stuff?! I love that bit! I'm hoping to move in a few weeks and I just can't wait.

  14. Diary of Why - Thank you! I am very excited.

    Jehlik501 - I am very pleased I don't have to move in with IC's grandparents.

    Alex - It is very very exciting. Thank you!

    Frisky Librarian - Gas is just soooo much better. Electric stoves never produce food that is as yummy as it should be.

    many colours of happiness - I know, it is really great! In a few months, i'll be able to grow tomatoes!

    Kimbirdy - thank you! Yes THAT guy :)

    Oneika - Definitely pics of the new place. I am jealous of all the travelling you're going to get to do! But October isn't soooo far away!

    Teacher Girl - There will be pictures.

    Susan - Thank you!

    Emily - I know, it's going to be such a relief. and a timesaver!

    Ellie - Yum! Yes, my mom has a huge raspberry patch at our house. I miss raspberries!

    Keri - Yes, yes photos. I hear you readers! :)

    Anna - Exactly. It's also like a clean slate to wipe away any bad habits and start new habits.

  15. Wheeeee! Freakin' awesome news, dude! It's all worked out.

    ::pumps fist::

    I must say, though, I don't think I would've been able to turn down hardwood floors, heh heh.

    And I, too, am Team Gas. Bwah!

  16. Congratulations on finding a place! It sounds really nice~

    Yes, as you've discovered, the rental market in Australia is kinda... interesting. We lost out on a place to another lady who, at the inspection, offered to pay more rent. What a shifty jerk! We ended up getting a much cheaper and nicer house anyway. Our trick was bringing all the forms/copies of ID/etc to the inspection and handing it in so they would have it right on top of the pile :)

  17. Congratulations on the big move! This is such an important step, and you guys sound more than ready for it! Can't wait to see pics of the new place :)

    Good luck with the move!!

  18. Pretzel Thief - it was a really hard decision. But in the end being closer to a train station and a better outdoor area won out.

    Lyndall - That was our final technique. I guess I had no idea how competitive it was to get a place.

    Crystal - THANK YOU. i promise to take pics. but I doubt they'll be mind blowing :)

  19. Sounds fabulous. I know you'll love the garden space. Sorry kitty will have to wait though.

  20. I would have gone for the gas and no carpet, because, well, chef thing, and teenagers + carpet thing. But I'm so HAPPY for you! It's a big step and a long time coming. Savor it.
    What's this fingerless glove thing? Apparently I'm missing something.

  21. Mil - Yes, I am so excited to be able to plant things! What a novelty in a city apartment.

    Le Chef - Well, if it was just me moving into the apartment, I probably would have made that choice too! But this one is better for IC and I as a unit. And that's important. I was hosting a giveaway all last week, you did miss it! sad.

  22. I hate apartment applications! I'm glad you're done filling them out! :)