Wednesday, June 08, 2011

So you sit. On the chair?

I have my very own personal office with a door, a giant desk, with a stack of business cards with someone else's name on them, a phone, a computer, a chair, a filing cabinet that I don't have a key to, and an empty bookcase.

Of course, to be fair, I don't actually have a key to my own office (yet, they assure me it will happen soon...but I am not holding my breath), so I have to go ask some guy to let me in every morning and to lock up after me when I leave.  This continually gets more and more awkward because he never remembers who I am, what office I am talking about, or what's wrong with the office's lock that would make it so I have to go bother him all the time to get in and out of it.

I never see anyone else, which suits me just fine. I work my 7.5 hour days and then leave.  

What I don't understand is how all you desk sitting people do it. How do you sit at a desk all day?  By the end my back is aching, my shoulders are slumped forward and I can't seem to make them roll back and down.  Don't even get me started on my legs. Oh my legs, they are screaming to be curled up in a ball.

I should've prefaced that by saying that when I am at home, I spend my time sitting cross legged in my bed, or leaning against the wall with my legs out in front of me. I never sit as Inspector Climate calls it "like a normal person."

This whole desk thing is mind boggling.  Like seriously.  How does one sit in a chair like "a normal person?" I mostly sit cross legged in the chair, or with my legs tucked underneath me, or curled up with my shins pressed against the desk.  How do you do it?


  1. I feel your pain! Make IC get to work and give you a massage! ;-)

    Do you have a water cooler? Need to go to the washroom? Factor in "slots" for these necessities so that you aren't slave to the chair. :-)

  2. Believe gotta get up. Although, I wouldn't say I've got a 100% desk job. I do move around a bit at work. Even while sitting I have to do a few stretches.

    I think of the time I read Practical Magic in one sitting (I could not put the book down), I was so sore from reading that much.

  3. As I type this I have one leg tucked underneath me (in a very un lady like way in my skirt I might add). I totally agree with you. Chairs are best suited for sleeping in. Although not desk chairs, These things should be burned. I would love to bring my exercise ball in but I think its too small, I wouldn't be able to reach the keyboard!

  4. Everyday at the same time I get a tight hamstring. Not from exercising, but from sitting in a bad desk chair.

    I get up a lot. Like, A LOT.

  5. It's pretty much torture :(

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  7. I used to work a desk job, and it was horrendously tedious. I had to walk around every 30 min or i would get restless. This increased my coffee intake times ten since everytime I took a walk I'd go to the kitchen and brew a pot....also increased the number on the scale at home but that's another story ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog ! xx

  8. i hated my desk job for this very reason {ok, there were more reasons, but this was a big one}. i would slowly move into more and more awkward positions as the hours ticked on until i would finally notice i my legs were somewhere behind me and my hands/keyboard were about a 2 feet to the left. i would then straighten up and begin the whole migration over again. some people really like to sit on those big balls because it hurts less and they get to move at their desk, but i've never tried it. i would say take a break every hour to stretch and wiggle all your muscles.

  9. Well, it sounds interesting so far! I have no idea how people sit in desks all day either. As a teacher, I am all over the place. When I had the Intern and sat at my desk most of the day I went crazy. I had to get up and walk around and I was sooo tired and grumpy. Desk sitting is no bueno.

  10. HA! I always have to be curled up somehow : ) I have no idea how I'm going to make the whole 90°-knee business happen once I'm in an office with other people...?

  11. I am the same, I come home in such pain!! But a masseuse recently told my friend that back pain actually comes from scrunching up the chest muscles, so I have been focusing on keeping my shoulders back and chest muscles loose, which has made a huge difference! Hope that helps :)

  12. I sit in my office all day long like this:
    I have layers of comfort begining with my chair. I add music, art on the walls, a mini fridge & coffee maker. Then I take breaks and go talk to all the people I like, which is pretty much everyone.

  13. I get up once an hour. I literally watch the clock and keep track. I work on the third floor, so I always run down to the basement and then double step it back up to the second floor (where I usually go to the bathroom). Then, I run back down to the basement and double step it back up to the third floor. Depending on how much time I have to spare, how busy I am, and how much I need to walk, I run the stairs three or four times (double stepping back up every time) before returning to my office.
    Or I die.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. I hate my desk job - I can't wait to leave. There's no truly "tolerable" way to describe it.

  15. Haha this is funny! First off, congrats on finally going to work. Second I think I'm boring because I sit, "like a normal person." Don't you worry about the bf project, if you want to next week just send me pics when you can!

  16. I totally feel your pain. I have such a hard time sitting in one position for a few hours so I usualy just get up every hour or so and walk around a bit. Kisses

  17. "This continually gets more and more awkward because he never remembers who I am, what office I am talking about, or what's wrong with the office's lock that would make it so I have to go bother him all the time to get in and out of it."

    Are you sure we aren't in the same country? ;)

  18. it's so hard to get comfortable!! i have to shift positions constantly just so one side of my butt doesn't get numb :-)

  19. Massages would be great. Don't work at an I split my work up so that I'm not sitting for long periods.

  20. Oneika - Those are good tips! I am not sure there is a water cooler!

    Ellie's Desk - It's not the sitting that gets me, it's the chair. Damn the chair!

    Meredith - Hah! Yes, that would be a problem. I might have to start just doing yoga in my office.

    Ev Rev - Ew! Ouch, I am paranoid of getting tight hammies, I just spent 5 months of going to yoga every day precisely to loosen those bad boys up!

    Alex - Amen sister.

    Anait - Eek! I don't drink coffee so I don't think this will be a problem, but I certainly understand the appeal of the smokers break now!

    Kim - Good tips! I find myself in the strangest positions. And then think, No wonder I am uncomfortable.

    Teacher Girl - It's really bad isn't it! Yes, teachers do get to move around a lot, that's a bonus.

    April - It's so hard, and I never accomplished it. being curled up is the only way.

    The Many Colours of Happiness - Another good tip.

    Susan - Yes, a good chair I am sure would do wonders. I've contemplated going around and sitting and stealing someone else's chair, but that just seems mean.

    Bonnie - I love it! I am more of a yoga girl than a stair climber, but maybe I'll do sun salutes.

    Kat - aw, I am so sorry! hating our job is so emotionally draining, I hope you can leave soon!

    Aqui - How do you do it! You're a mythical creature. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do the boyfriend project then either (IC's out of town), but as soon I get him near my closet, I'll make him pic, I promise.

    Diana - I feel so relieved that other people struggle with this too, I thought I was the only one!

    Titlelessblog - Haha! I know right.

    Gloria - Ah yes, the infamous butt death, a common problem.

    Alexa - Nice. Yes, when I am at home, I am totally fine sitting in different positions on my bed for hours at a time.

  21. Yeah, it's a bit sucky, I know. You eventually get used to it...kinda.

    I sit in my swivel chair "normally", but I sprawl my legs out before me and cross them at the ankles.

    Fascinating, no? Heh heh.