Friday, July 01, 2011

I'll be quick.

Hello my pretties,

I just have a few house keeping things:

My giveaway for some sweet fingerless gloves ends on July 1.  That means you still have some time to enter. Go ahead, I know you want to;

I am moving in with Inspector Climate tomorrow which means that until we get our internet set up, we'll be without. So don't be alarmed if I don't post the winner of the giveaway right away, don't fret none!

How are you spending your weekend?  Do you have any great tips for moving into a new place?


  1. Ugh moving. Haha...good luck! It's actually more fun to unpack than pack I think! Enjoy your new place!

  2. I'm house hunting right now. I have a list of TO DO around the old place before we move to the new one so that I don't haul anything over that I don't really want. Tip: Mark boxes with the name of the room it is going in and what is inside it and have them delivered to that room so you don't have to go hunting all over for a particular box.

  3. this weekend i will be watching the wimbledon tennis finals, seeing friends and hopefully doing something nice for my birthday! have a great weekend and good luck with the move xx

  4. Congratulations again and have an amazing weekend!!! I don't really have any tips, we were hopeless house-movers!!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    Moving to a new place...that's always so tiring. I guess just try to be as organised as possible. It's always hard to stay organised. Plus its a good time to cull.

  6. i agree, mark the boxes!

    otherwise, some family this weekend, but not because it's the 4th. what kind of lame american am I anyway? I hardly EVER do anything for the 4th. Maybe I just have lame friends or something, I don't know.

    I'm VERY excited to see if I was special enough to win the gloves, but I GUESS I can be patient. :P

  7. Moving tip: Set up and make the bed first thing, so that when you are le tired from alllll the unpacking, you can crash with no stress. Also, paint the new place if you're allowed to. Color makes a new home immediately extra homey.

    Good luck! And yaaaayyy again!

  8. New reader, so I'm not sure who the Inspector is. Rest assured I'm on the job though. Hope you have people to do the heavy lifting. (I find faking a kidney stone works wonders when trying to scam your way out of work.)

  9. I suck at moving because I can't seem to pack in a logical order and that makes unpacking an adventure.

    Good luck!!

  10. i moved last w/e so i know how that goes, good luck!

  11. Oh moving can be so tough!! I hope it is all pain free. I think it helps tp not get to overwhelmed. This weekend has been spent with my family which has been so lovely.

  12. Moving in with a guy advice;
    #1. The toilet paper goes OVER the roll and hangs off the top.
    #2. We don't drink right from the milk carton.
    #3. Some nights it's ok to just sleep ....

    Advice for you;
    Yes, you were sane when you made this decision.
    Don't be angry at them for what they were never taught to do, like clean a toilet, wash out whiskers from the sink, and PUT THE SEAT DOWN.

  13. Caren 0 - Good tips! Good luck. The to-do lists are long aren't they?

    Eleanor - WIMBLEDON. So jealous, love wimbledon. Happy Birthday!

    Many colours of happiness - thank you!
    Pretzel Thief - Thank you!

    Gracie - Definitely a good time to cull, I've been culling while packing and UNpacking.

    jehlik501 - Not even watch the fireworks?

    Emily - We totally made the bed first. it was probably the best decision we made that day.

    boobies - yes, IC's dad came down to help us move and he moved all the heavy stuff for me.

    Titleless blog - I hear ya sister. I start out logical and towards the end i am throwing things willy nilly.

    Krysten - Aw, thank you!

    Krystal - good for you!

    Megan - That does sound lovely!

    teacher Girl - thank you!

    Le Chef - IC is actually pretty well trained :) except for the wet towel on the bed syndrome. Seriously, who does that?

  14. Good luck with the move! Hope everything gets moved smoothly!

  15. HI REMEMBER ME??? I was sitting down to write a book about all my old boyfriends and dramas, so naturally went through my old blog posts and saw many-a-comment from you, and came back to your blog with my tail between my legs... oh my goodness! So happy for you that you're moving in with El Climator!

    Hope all is well with you, lovely. xx