Monday, July 18, 2011

mooove over, I need to get my paws on home.

A couple of weeks ago, I was messing around on twitter when I noticed that Ben and Jerry's Australia is on twitter as well. You can bet your bottom dollar, I was following them fast like lightening (and shockingly, they follow me too!).  Which, of course, is when I found out that they were hosting an ICE CREAM GIVEAWAY in Melbourne.  ooooh, yeah.

So on Thursday, I made Inspector Climate leave work a little early to come into the city to join me in the ICE CREAM GETTING.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed to find that to get a pint of ice cream you had to donate a dollar to OzHarvest - not because I have anything against a charity that brings food to hungry people, but because I felt I had been a bit mislead by the advertising.

I got there a little earlier than Inspector Climate, and I was nervous to see a HUGE line surrounding the Ben and Jerry's trucks at Southern Cross Station. 

As Inspector Climate and I waited in line, we talked about how strange it was that all these people, people who didn't know that Ben and Jerry's was a Vermont based company and that their pints of ice cream are shipped all the way from the US to Australia (they offset most of their emissions), were there.  They don't know that Ben and Jerry's uses Vermont diary - kind of like a co-op -  to make their ice cream.  And they certainly have never been to the factory. They don't really know that tie dye and VW vans are signature Ben and Jerry items.  And they have no idea of the plethora of ridiculous flavours with terrible punny names that are the shelves in the US.

So, why were they lining up in line that took about thirty minutes to get through for their ice cream?   The Ice Cream Give Away (for a dollar a pint - which is still majorly cheap since a pint is normally $13 in Australia) had been going on for over 5 hours by the time we got there, and they'd run out of most of their flavours. All that was left was Vanilla and Chunky Monkey (which the Ben and Jerry's staff kept calling "banana").
As a non-banana fan, I grabbed 4 pints of Vanilla and Inspector Climate grabbed one pint of Chunky Monkey.
So, now my freezer's chock-a-block with the tastes of home.  And I wonder how many expats, like me, left with a giant smile on their face as they cradled their creamy goodies?


  1. I love their Chocolate Fudge Brownie!! Sooooo good!

  2. a pint is normally 13$?? That's crazy! In France, it's about 6-7 euros (so about $9-10 USD). I totally splurge once in a while on Cookie Dough or the one with brownies in it...I love love love ice cream...totally worth the wait in line :)

  3. Not sure where in Melb you are - lots of places sell B&J's ... but one of the best places to score is the grocery section at Oasis Bakery on North Rd in Oakleigh / Murumbeena They ALSO carry canned black and pinto beans. And, weirdly, I found Toffuti Cuties (tofu ice cream sandwiches I used to buy in Seattle) in the freezer next to the B&J's :-)

  4. I had noooo idea that B&J was based in Vermont?! And that expensive in Australia?! Dang!

  5. Um yum! I agree with the chocolate fudge brownie comment!

  6. OMG Ben & Jerry's is the BEST.

  7. Wow, that line is nuts!! Glad you were able to walk away with a few pints of deliciousness :-)

  8. Yay for comforts of home! Now I really want some ice cream. You look super duper happy =).

  9. I love Ben & Jerry's! So worth it!

  10. I'm a cherry garcia fan. Wow..interesting to get ice cream..its winter there, isn't it? Its very hot and humid here. I did try Wendy's wild berry parfait today. It hit the spot.

    Cool..about your cousin and Liz Phair. She has to be one of favorite song writers.

    Enjoy that ice cream!

  11. Dude, which pint is $13? The Ben & Jerry's one?

    I'm a Connoisseur girl, myself. Their Honey Caramel Macadamia one is TO DIE FOR.

    Also, I've known about Ben & Jerry's for over a decade (by virtue of American shows and the like) but have never tried it.

    Pity I wasn't at Southern Cross when the giveaway happened...aaaaand how funny would it have been had we run into each other? Heh heh.

  12. Crazy Shenanigans - Yum! So good. That's one of the flavours that I haven't had since my gluten intolerance diagnosed.

    Crystal - I know, it's crazy! It was TOTALLY worth it.

    Lisa - Yes, tons of places around me sell it too.

    Oneika - YES! It's from my 'hood yo!

    Alex - RIGHT?!?

    Gloria - Me too! Inspector Climate kept saying "they're going to run out of ice cream before we get there!"

    Teacher Girl - Go get yourself some ice cream!

    Classy Career Girl - TOTALLY worth it.

    Ellie's Desk - I love cherry garcia! So yum. Yes, it's winter, that's never stopped me.

    Pretzel Thief - Yes Ben and Jerry's ice cream is generally $13 a pint in Australia - CRAZY. But cheaper than therapy. I can't eat connoisseur - it is usually glutenous!

  13. *Sigh* Did you know they don't sell Ben and Jerry's in SA (yet)... Here we have Magnums and Cornettos and Gino Ginelli and Haagen Dazs. When I lived in London though it was part of my staple diet :)

  14. i can't bring myself to pay that much for B&Js. When i lived in the UK, you could get 2 for £5 (about $8) when they were on special and that's the last time i had it.
    it is delicious but we're definitely missing out on a lot of flavours over here! i can see why you're bemused by all the attention :)

  15. Azra - No Ben and Jerry's in South Africa yet? That is sinful. Absolutely sinful. If I get a chance, I'll have a word with them. Although, i've never seen haagen daz in Australia...

    SJ - I don't buy it often only when I get REALLLY homesick and need a pick me up.

  16. I'm glad you got to have some delicious tastes of home :)

    Australia is seriously lacking in good snacks. Everything is too healthy! I want tons of fancy ice cream and sugary cereal.

  17. $13? Wow. And here I thought paying $5 for the local Viking Ice Cream was hefty. (But ohhh baby, you should try it!)

  18. Ice cream in a Melbourne winter ahhh! You must really love it.