Friday, July 08, 2011

The Mouse, the heart shaped Bucket, and the boy who talks in his sleep.

So, we’re basically all moved in. Sure, there are still a few piles of stuff on the floor, but that’s mostly because we have no furniture. Who would have thought that things like bed side tables, bookshelves, and a lamp would be useful items?  We don’t have internet yet, and as such I am posting from an internet café.  I miss you.

I thought I’d tell you about the first week of living with Inspector Climate, who despite being seemingly incapable of hanging wet things up on racks, is a pleasure to live with.

As we first started to move in all our boxes last Saturday, we kept all the doors open because our new apartment smelled a bit musty, occasionally verging on rank.  We traced the smell back to under the sink where we thought since maybe the pipes hadn’t been used in a while the odour was probably emanating from there.  Or we joked possible a dead animal. Ha ha.

Exhausted from a full day of packing and moving, Inspector Climate and I went to bed in desperate need of a good night sleep.  Sometime in the middle of the night, Inspector Climate started talking in his sleep.  I’ve gotten pretty good at saying what he wants to hear and making him go back to bed. But he was persistent this time. “D, there is a mouse ON the bed”

“No there isn’t, I promise” I said, as I rolled over to go back to sleep.

“D, seriously, I can’t believe you can’t see it, there is a MOUSE on the bed…can’t you see it. D, there is a mouse on the bed.”

So I sat up getting genuinely alarmed because, hello, I am half asleep too! “can you see it, it’s sitting right next to me!” he said.

“No, I can’t see it.”

Inspector Climate started getting a bit panicked, “It’s sitting right there! I can’t believe you can’t see it! It’s right there!” there was a small pause and then he started shaking his head, “You’re the mouse….You’re the mouse.”  He sank back on to the pillows and fell back to sleep. 

True story.

The next morning, the smell was still persisting, but we had lot of unpacking to do, an Ikea couch to build and stuff to sort. So much stuff. That night, when I came back from yoga, there was a long pole with a fork taped to the end of it and Inspector Climate waiting impatiently by the door.  He had found the source of the smell, and I am sure you can see where this was going.  Under our stove, Inspector Climate – the natural detective that he is – collected clues using a flashlight and his keen problem solving skills. There was a smell. There was mouse poop under the stove. There was a dead mouse. A dead mouse being eaten by maggots that Inspector climate dragged out by the tail (the mouse, the maggots got away!) with a fork.

Inspector Climate insists that his dream of mice on the bed was a premonition of what was to come.  And that’s pretty hard to argue with.

The next night, we decided to test out our new washing machine after it ran for what seemed an excruciatingly long time and then finished with a loud DING. I looked in, thought everything looked pretty wet still, but opened the door anyway only to have water slosh out flooding our kitchen (first of all, who puts the washing machine in the kitchen?).  This is when we found out our front loading washing machine, couldn’t drain.

So there we were, using Inspector Climate’s seriously impractical heart shaped bucket and two Tupperware containers to try and catch water as we quickly open and shut the washing machine door to get the water out.  Our clothes, sopping wet even after we tried to wring them a even the slightest bit dry, have been sitting on the drying rack getting moldy because Australia has yet to figure out how to insulate buildings so as to keep them moderately warm in winter and moderately cool in summer.

Welcome to your new home?


  1. Oh no, that sucks about the washing machine! And it's so weird that he dreamed about a mouse...I think you have a psychic on your hands :)

  2. OH MY that's adventures in apartment living.

    You certainly have a keeper there.

  3. sounds like a crazy move in!! But I would love to live in Australia. lucky you :)

    Notes She Wrote

  4. But you get to live with IC, right? ;)

    Sorry to hear about the apartment woes. And OMG is IC a psychic dream talker or what?

    I don't know if it's different where you grew up, but washing machines in the kitchen are pretty common over where I am at. More so in apts and condos. I do often wish mine were somewhere else though...

    Hope things get better!

  5. Haha oh the joys of living with someone and getting used to a new place!

    In France, it's very common to have the washing machine in the kitchen because the apartments are so small. My kitchen goes: fridge, washing machine, microwave stand, sink. It's a top loader though, so we've never had a flood and Max's dad installed it because surely either Max or I would have screwed that up.

    I hope you get internet back soon and post some pics for us!

  6. Oh my gosh. You have just moved in and already experienced a few crazy things.

    Hopefully things get better for you.

  7. Awwww! Domestic bliss!! :-)

  8. Oh my. It certainly sounds like an adventure.

  9. oh NO!! adventures in first apartments, that's what this is. something we all must go through when we're young and in love right? that all sucks. i'm sorry. you need to make a movie about all of this - a modern day "money pit." and i hope you bought a new fork!

  10. omg ewwww hahaha. Well, the joys of owning your own place!!

  11. I wish my domestic bliss was as blissful as yours!

    Also? How metaphorical is a heart shaped bucket? LOVE it.

  12. I seriously love the heart shaped bucket, however impractical it might be, and now totally want to buy one of my own!

  13. haha... what an amazing sleep/dream/thing. you're the mouse! :p

  14. MAGGOTS?!
    Aaaaggghhh! I stop at maggots.
    I could handle the talking in his sleep. My Gomez has started to snore, which I admit I'm not handling with much grace. But it beats his punching me full on in the face, which he did the first week we lived together.
    We had a smell in the apartment too, only we never figured it out, and I'm probably glad we didn't.
    Florida. On canal. Large iguanas. Tropical heat.

    I'm torn between laughing and pity, because I've been there. It does get better. I promise, but you'll want to move that washer. ;)

  15. Ewwwwww...dead rat being eaten by maggots, ZOMG!!

    At least it's been taken care of now by IC.

    And drat the washing machine, gah!

    Methinks these two unpleasant moving-in events mean you're probably in the clear going forward.

    ::thumbs up::

  16. many colours of happiness - Hah, perhaps! Normally he dreams about bugs in the bed, and there are never bugs - so he's definitely not a consistent psychic at any rate :)

    Ellie - I know right?!

    Notes she wrote - yes, I am very lucky that I get to live here.

    Teacher girl - Hah! Exactly. Growing up in the country washing machines don't generally go in the kitchen.

    Crystal - The internet is installed, and I promise pictures will be coming soon!

    Gracie - Thank you! I think things are on the up and up now.

    Oneika - HAH! indeed.

    Jehlik501 - Yes, an adventure indeed.

    Kim - Well, we threw out that fork. But have yet to buy a new one!

    Alex - Totally disgusting. Luckily we don't own it, so we didn't have to pay for the washing machine guy to come and fix the drainage issue.

    Ev Rev - Hah, I know right? The heart shaped bucket. it was definitely a bonding experience.

    Anne - it would be super cute to grow some flowers in it or something?

    Emma - I know right? he cracks me up.

    le Chef - that's what IC told me...Punched you in the face? OUCH.

    Pretzel Thief - I can only hope you're totally right :)

  17. Wow! I am seriously squicked out by the dead mouse!

  18. A lot of houses in England have the washer in the kitchen to and I never understand that!!! Glad things minus the mouse are going well.

  19. Wow. that is a story that you will never forget I'm sure. I was dying laughing while reading it! :)

  20. Kristina - I love Squicked out. Hilarious.

    Crazy Shenanigans - Most apartments I've seen in Australia have them in the bathroom, which is nice. the kitchen though just seems impractical.

    Susan - Yuck! Yes!

  21. What adventures you're already having in your new home!

    And the talking in the sleep!! I love how you can kind of talk him back into a quiet sleep. That is a talent! :)

  22. Oh my---what a crazy first night! Here's hoping the mice stay away & the washing machine calms down!

  23. Well congrats on a new place! And though I'm not entirely sure this was meant to be amusing, that mouse dream story was hysterical. I'm really sorry it seems like you're having issues with the place, I'm sure that's incredibly frustrating. I hope it gets better soon!

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  25. Jo - The hardest part is figuring out what he is actually upset about. Sometime nights I do better than others.

    Amy - AMEN. I really hope we don't have any more mice problems, although any sound and IC and I get all concerned that there is a mouse!

    Melissa - It certainly wasn't amusing while it was happening, but I definitely see the humour in it now!

    Martila - thanks.