Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh yes, of course, that thing that I am really passionate about.

Well, I know what you really want to see is pictures of my new digs. And I'll get to it, probably.

If you'll recall one of the main motivations for us taking this particular apartment was that it had an ideal outdoor area for our lemon tree and compost: two important components of how we're going to try and live more sustainable lives in a city.

Our lemon tree seems a bit traumatised by the move, but there are some signs of new growth soon.  I love having my tree near me, as opposed to the other side of the city living with Inspector Climate.  I say hello to it every day on my way to work.

But what I really want to talk about is something I've kind of written about before, but got a renewed sense of passion from my good friend Teacher Girl.  Last week, she blogged about a documentary she watched about the evils of plastic water bottles. And seriously, ya'll, they're not good. They're not good for you, they're not good for the environment, and they're not good for your pocket.

If we've learned anything from baseball it is this: three strikes and you're out! You hear me water bottles?

With looking for jobs sucking my soul out of me, and the stresses of knowing that know Inspector Climate depends on my income (or if my history is anything to go by, lack there of) too, I've forgotten why I got into this to begin with.  Sustainability is honestly what I get most excited about, sometimes so excited that I actually, on occassion, can feel my face begin to blush.

There are a lot of choices that we make every day. And there are choices that we can't control - Australia is finally passing a carbon tax, but what are American governments doing? If I could be a benevolent dictator, I would. Marriage for everyone!  No more factory farms!

But I am not.

But I can control what I buy.  I've made a promise to myself not to buy bottled (except of course if I'm in a country with seriously bad water, ie India) and to not use plastic bags.  They're little things, but they make a big difference.

So go forth, and stop buying bottles of water. Just stop. No Really.


  1. Nice post. Isn't it ridiculous how expensive water can be? And how horrible plastic containers are? You would think in these days when it's cool to be "green" people would wise up.

  2. awww look at that cute lemon tree! I agree that plastic water bottles are the devil. I invested in a Brita water filter a few years ago, so we've been bottle free since then (except for car trips etc).

    Can't wait to see new apt pics!

  3. I wish I was more green. Sometimes, I feel good about the things I do. We aren't allowed to use the cups for customers at work anymore so they suggested we put our drinks in Styrofoam containers. So I started bringing my reusable water bottle and my coffee mug to work because it just felt sick to use a throwaway cup EVERY DAY. Ugh. Dumb.

  4. Why buy bottled water when tap water in one's own faucet is PERFECTLY SAFE?! I don't understand that. I almost NEVER buy bottled water, but when I do (I'm strapped) and I reuse the bottle until Husby is grossed out and pretty much makes me get rid of it.

    And then I recycle. :)

  5. totally, plastic water bottles are pure evil! i don't get why so many people buy them when it's so easy to carry a refillable water bottle. i also wish you were a dictator so there could be marriage for everyone and wonderful animal/earth friendly practices required. at my last random part-time job i was shocked at the fact there was no recycling. we had tons of cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic trash. i asked everyone why we didn't recycle and ALL the employees wanted to, it's just that no one had taken the initiative to set a recycle bin out. seriously?!?! i get so angered at people's laziness and passiveness. i now work at a cafe that specializes in salads/wraps. we still don't recycle {how is this possible?!}, but everything we use to make the food and all the food containers are biodegradable. it's a good step i guess.

  6. Guilty as charged, but I promise to stop!

  7. Yay! So happy to see you posting on this topic. It is something I am so passionate about now. I would totally nominate you for benevolent dictator. People need a wake-up call!

  8. AMEN sista friend!
    I'm not going to go off on a rant, because nobody needs that. Why they STILL manufacture plastic bottles .. I have no idea. People like to learn the hard way.
    I carry my little metal bottle and tell everyone I can where to buy one. I've yet to convert my parents. They buy plastic and wash it in the dishwasher to reuse it.
    :::having fit:::
    My mom is visiting in Aug. and I've made it my life mission to get the woman educated, or at least a shiny new REUSABLE bottle.
    She'll probably use it to prop the window open.

    ... Ohhhh, oohhhh,ohhh,ohhh! Christmas! I just discovered what I'm getting everyone for Christmas!

  9. Jill - I know, I find it incredibly difficult to watch people buying water. ESPECIALLY Fiji water. do you know that ship that water FROM FIJI.

    Crystal - Nice! I think you can even get water bottles with filters on them so you could take them ON car trips.

    Krysten - That is dumb. Good for you for bringing your own stuff to work to use, that's great!

    jehlik501 - EXACTLY.

    Kimbirdy - I find it so disheartening to hear stuff like this - in California of all places - that there isn't any recycling. People generally won't be green unless you make it easy for them.

    Love and stuff - YAY! Think of how much money you'll save! :)

    Teacher Girl - They do indeed. I am so glad that you're so excited about it!

    le Chef - Christmas presents sounds like a great idea!

  10. It's really awesome to see that others are passionate about sustainability, too. I love this post and that you just say it how it is. My biggest plastic dilemma would have to be the plastic packaging for food. Sometimes there just isn't another option in the store and these companies really need to open their eyes and stop using so much plastic to cover their food. Gah.. plastic, why are you everywhere?!

  11. I have serious compost bin envy. My little bokashi bin would cower in the presence of your glorious composting setup.