Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shhh..I'd like to tell you a secret (or 10).

I have been inspired to do this meme by Tabitha over at Probably Tabitha.

Untitled from Deidre on Vimeo.

So, c'mon, share with me?


  1. Dude, OMG! Number 9, number niiiiiiine!

    You're a closeted(-no-more) NSYNC fan? I used to be OBSESSED with them from 13ish to 16 and knew every little thing about them.

    ('Cept that Lance is gay, that didn't ping my radar back then. Hee!)

    I once wrote a whole blog post about my NSYNCmania on my old blog...might have to direct you to it, heh heh.

    I promise it's funny.

    Great vid and you look lovely in it!

  2. Great, thanks. Now I'm going to think a snake is going to bite MY butt. ;)

  3. re: snake butt

    i always think there's a spider or mosquito that's going to climb/ fly up and bite me the second i sit down.

  4. Number 4 is amazing! Love this meme =)

  5. Haha, like everyone else you have just made me paranoid about snakes hahaha

  6. I sense a butt-theme to your secrets: recycled toilet paper, poops, things in the toilet!

  7. i have planned an imaginary trip to visit you too! i'm quite certain we would have so much fun together.

  8. Totally with you on the NSYNC thing!!!! Yahoo!

  9. This meme is awesome. Ha snake butt. Haha.

  10. I am going to have to try #2. But I do paint my toenails bright red just so I can see them peeking out when I walk. It cheers me up.

    The snake in the toilet; mine has always been a rat.
    Because when I first moved to Florida and Hurricane Andrew blew through the power went out and I had to go. It was dark. During hurricanes things try to come inside.
    Intruder #1 Cockroaches. Lots of cockroaches.
    Forget MF snakes on a plane. These were MF cockroaches coming out my MF TOILET!
    Intruders #2 and 3; an iguana and a very small fish.
    Strange things get into the sewer systems during a hurricane, and we lived in an old, run down area, so it was pretty nasty.
    Now I'm always worried a rat is going to swim up and bite my butt. I have no idea why a rat, but that's what I picture.

  11. Pretzel Thief - I am not a huge fan, I didn't buy the album, but I also never DELETED the album.

    Meredith Duck - Sorry. It has never happened to me before, if that's any consolation. However, I heard that this one time...

    You're lucky I don't have a gun - those things scare me less. Although the spider is pretty freaky.

    Teacher girl - I know, it's pretty good isn't it?

    Eleanor - You should do one too!

    Colours of happiness - I think it's pretty legitimate ;)

    The zadge - until you had pointed it out, I hadn't seen the links.

    Kimbirdy - YAY! SO MUCH FUN.

    Oneika - I am sensing a dance party?

    Le Chef - Eww! A rat. Thanks for that! Once in western Australia, there were dozens of frogs in the toilet.

  12. I'm really curious - which *N SYNC album?

    I may have to do this sometime =-)