Monday, August 15, 2011

I cook other things besides lemon desserts - No, really, it's true!

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Last weekend, after slaving over some Whole Lemon Muffins, I made some lentil burgers for dinner.  Having been a vegetarian for more than half my life, burgers make me really skeptical. I HATE when they try to make veggie burgers taste like meat - I don't eat meat, why would I want some artificial substitute.  Ew.  Anyway, the point is these lentil burgers from Four Leaf Clover, seemed like the perfect veggie-tastic lentil mix.

You'll need:

1 cup red lentils
4 Carrots
3 Celery Ribs
2 small onions or one jumbo onion
salt and pepper
1/2 teaspoon of cayenne
1 teaspoon of chopped herb (I used Coriander because it is what I had - and I used more than a teaspoon).
1 cup bread crumbs (I used gluten free corn crumb)
olive oil.

Boil some water and dump your lentils in, cook for 10-13ish minutes or until lentils are soft. Preheat the oven to 180 C.

Meanwhile, in food processor chop onion, carrot, celery together:

Dump into bowl and add the bread crumbs, salt and pepper, and spices.  Once lentils are cooked, drain them and add them to the bowl.  Mix together.  Form into small patties and place on a baking tray.  Take a truly terrible, slightly blurry, low light photo of said burgers.  Now the recipe calls for lightly brushing the burgers with some olive oil on both sides. I only brushed the top of the burgers and they totally stuck on the bottom (lessen learned, brush the bottom too).  However, the tops never really got super crispy or lightly browned like I expected them too which was kind of disappointing. So I might have to experiment a little on how to get them crisp and brown better. Also I think chopping some garlic with the rest of the veggies might be yummy as well.

These are absolutely delicious with ketchup!

We made a full recipe and got 15 burgers or so. And they were super yummy for lunches.  Do you have any ideas on how to make them crisp and brown better? They were starting to burn on the edges because I'd left them in for so long, but still no browning on top! Grr!

This makes recipe 11 for my life list!


  1. I'm on a crazy all produce diet right now. So I could almost, but not quit be allowed to eat that recipe. Damn bread crumbs!

  2. They might brown in a Teflon pan afterwards with a bit of PAM oil in it. Hard to say. I've done something similar with black beans.

  3. Thank you for posting this recipe! I am always looking for a new veggie patty instead of the old Boca soggy fallback. Ugh.

    I will definitely be trying these soon, maybe on the grill.

  4. I'm a recovering vegetarian (19 years as a veggie) but I still can't eat beef burgers, so this looks great!!

  5. YUM. sounds like an awesome dinner option.

  6. But your lemon things always look so darn good. Although these do as well! ;)

  7. That sounds yummy! At first I thought I was reading the ingredients to the lemon muffins and though "this should be interesting" ;)

  8. I've never really cooked anything like this before but they sound super yummy!

  9. I really want to try making homemade burgers!

  10. Those sound perfect and yummie and (insert word of choice here). Thank you for sharing :)

  11. Wow - had a look over at your life list! It's very extensive and impressive :)

    Also I'm not a vegetarian but I do like vego food so may have to consider trying that recipe!

  12. loooks so delish! hmmm cravings..


  13. Oh wow! This sounds amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  14. Hey !
    Baking is so much fun right ?
    That recipe is so great, I needed something to replace regular burgers :)

  15. You are a lifesaver. I'm trying a new gluten-/dairy-free (and veggie!) diet and I can totally make these :) I think I'll try tomorrow since I already have most of the ingredients (would just need gluten-free crumbs). You are the best!

    Also, I wonder if you were to pan fry or toast them in the oven for a bit, if they'd get a bit more crispy??

  16. That looks delicious! I've only ever had a veggie burger once... and it wasn't really good. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to have to try this soon :)

  17. Hmmm interesting. Sounds like something I could be persuaded to try.

  18. Mamacita Chilena - An all produce diet sounds pretty yummy to me.

    Ellie - I might have to try it without the silpat next time.

    Jill - Definitely give it a go and let me know how it works :)

    Zadge - They were really quite delicious.

    Kimia Kline - It was super yummy and fairly cheap too!

    Alexa - Well, I finally ran out of lemons! eeP!

    Nikki - hah! Yes, that would've been weird :)

    Teacher Girl - They were and super cheap to make too!

    Emily Jane - These were great - super easy.

    Karen - They are super yummy! Your welcome.

    Lozzz123 - Aw, thank you!

    natalie - So yum!

    Oneika - Exactly!

    Sonja - So yummy, please let me know if you give them a try.

    Kimberly - I love baking it is my zen.

    Charlotte - I think using the grill in the oven would work and no silpat, they might fall apart trying to flip them in a pan.

    Azra - They are definitely a lot of bad ones out there!

    Krysten - I'd really recommend them, super easy and yummy.

  19. yum!!

    oh, and i love intro page. australia eh? sounds fantastic!

  20. We made something like these, but we used Swiss Chard and that was DELICIOUS! We did not bake them, however, we fried them in some oil and that does a REALLY good job of crisping up both sides because essentially, you're frying them like you would do a burger.

    The recipe if you are interested:

  21. These look so great! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  22. These look INCREDIBLE! I am always looking for a good burger replacement... Can't wait to try these.