Sunday, August 21, 2011

There has been too much 'living the content' for my liking.

Bitches, it's been quite the week.   It started off with an email from my lawyer to discuss the hell that is visas and immigration and ended with a job offer on a Saturday which only confused me more because seriously, what day of the week is it anyway? 

On Friday (a week ago), I received a call from a job being all "can you come in on Wednesday for an interview" which OF COURSE I can.  As I got on the train home from work, my stomach started to feel not so nice. Well, not so much my stomach but there was a stabbing pain in my side right next to my hip bone.  In fact it hurt so much, that it took me twenty three minutes to walk the 6 minutes home from the train station which included 4 stops to sit down on the side of the street.  I slumped against a wall holding my lower abdomen and grimacing, a young man carrying golf clubs stopped to ask if I was ok.  With tears streaming down my face, I forced a smile and nodded that I was fine and he kept walking.  I was touched that he'd even bother to ask but what could I tell him?

I curled up in bed, unable to stand up straight, and waited for Inspector Climate to come home.  We ate some food, and when 9 pm rolled around and the stabbing pain continued and the moaning was reaching an obscene level, Inspector Climate asked me to look on line to check my symptoms which I declared with a stead fast "no, google will say I have cancer of the abs and that death is imminent!" But Inspector Climate didn't heed my warnings and we googled.  It was then that we got a little bit terrified that I was suffering from a hernia and so, I crossed something off my list of things that I never wanted to do in a foreign country which was take a trip to the emergency room.

By 12, I'd seen the doctor and many a man who had been apart of some kind of drunken early Friday night brawl and had left the ER with a $140 bill and the diagnosis of cysts in my ovaries.  Fantastic. While I have to go get an ultra sound a various other tests before anything is known for sure, I've been putting it off because in a week I have to get another medical for my visa (including yet another chest x-ray to make sure I don't have TB).

As it's my first trip to the ER ever, I don't have much to compare it to.  But I did find it a little strange that I had to discuss my symptoms in detail in basically the waiting room. "oh yes, my last menstrual cycle was two weeks ago...does that guy who just got hit by a car need to know that too?" I also found it strange that there was no paperwork for me to fill out - and that I had to stand for like 15 minutes to talk through my issues when I was in quite a bit of pain, "no I'm not doubled over in pain, I am just inspecting the cleanliness of the floor..."

Anyway, I feel better now, thank you for your concerned tweets, tune in next time to hear my visa woes.

(Sneak preview: I might be donning a white dress sooner than expected).


  1. gosh, that sounds terrible! hope it all goes away!

    congrats about the job though :)

  2. wow! so much going on in this post! Job offer? ER trip? White dress?? Hey, if anyone knows all about getting hitched for a Visa, it's me ;)

    Glad they figured out what's wrong but hope it's nothing too serious. I have been to the ER in France before and they parked me in the waiting room on a stretcher as I was still reeling from shock so that everyone could sit and stare at me as I bawled my eyes out. Awesomeness.

  3. Ya, when you tell them that your pain is over a number 5 grimacing face on the chart, they admit you almost immediately. That is why it's called an EMERGENCY room. :P

    As for the white dress - Crystal and I can tell you all about it! My advice? Elope. If you can have an elvis there, it's even better.

  4. I can never understand a doctor that looks at you like you're crazy when you're half-dying of pain. Anyways, I have cysts too... apparently. Every now and then I have the same/or similar pain and I pop a pill and it goes away. Thing is, I've been for a Laparoscopy before and every single doctor I see just wants to suck the money out of me sending me for the same old tests over and over again. And I once read that if you eat right and exercise regularly, the body corrects itself. Well time will tell :P

  5. I'm so sorry about your visit to the ER! Congrats, though, on the job offer and I'm on the edge of my seat re the white dress!

  6. I am so sorry that you had to go through so much pain! The whole thing sounds horrible =(
    Did you ever go to that job interview? And the white dress??! Details woman!

  7. Whew, I thought you were suffering from appendicitis! AND DID YOU TAKE THE JOB OFFER?

  8. hope you're feeling better. One of my friends had the same experience recently (ovarian cysts) and it sounds beyond painful.

    and good luck with all the visa business. i know australia doesn't make it easy!

  9. Oh no about the cysts!!!!
    Oh YES about the job and potential wedding!!!

  10. This is absolutely terrifying! I'm so sorry you had to go through that... I really really hope you can get it all taken care of ASAP.

    And totally on the edge of my seat!

  11. Awww, you had to share the ER with someone who had been hit by a car? I feel such a kinship!

    I'm glad you're ok, lucky that it's only ovarian cysts, though I'm sure that's no consolation when you're sobbing on the street because you're in too much pain to walk.

    Also, what's this about a white dress? Don't tease us! And did you get the job? This was quite the exciting post :)

  12. Yikes! I hope you're feeling better today! And whether an ER in your native country or a foreign one I'm sure it ain't no cake walk! Keep us all posted!

  13. I thought for sure you had a kidney stone. I've actually had both, even had one of the cysts rupture once - that ended in surgery. All are horrific. You described the trying to walk in that kind of pain really well. I'm well versed in Emergency rooms and I gotta say, as far as foreign country's go, Amsterdam had the best I've seen so far :)
    Congratulations on the job offer!

  14. OMG! poor thing.
    I am glad you went into the emergency room. Gotta love that Mr. Climate. I'm sorry you're stuck with a huge bill. But things could have gone the other direction. Don't wait too long to have your cysts checked. They can dissolve and disappear but they can also grow larger and even rupture, doing even more damage.
    On a much brighter side, congratulations on the new job. Hopefully it will come with, great hours, awesome pay and health care.
    I know....but they say to remain positive and only think positive thoughts, picturing yourself in a life you heck, let's go all out and concentrate deeply on winning a multi-million lottery.
    :-) is nice to know that some stranger went out of their way to check on you and ask if you were alright. Most would just walk on by....I'm glad he came along. I bet he would have helped you if you asked for it.
    And (that white dress).....are we talking wedding bells?

    Wishing you a most beautiful day.....and a happy ever after.

  15. FYI:

  16. Lozzz123 - Thank you! I am excited about the job. I'll keep you guys updated when I book my doctor's appointments.

    Crystal - It's been a big week+ :) that sounds like a completely HORRIBLE experience.

    Ev Rev - I didn't quite understand the procedure of what was happening in the emergency room - it seemed more like "the more you bother me the quicker I'll admit you into the hospital room"

    Azra - Interesting. I'll keep you informed once I finally get myself to the doctor.

    Susan - It was pretty scary actually I kept saying to IC "I want my mommy!"

    Teachergirl - Yes, I got the job! :) Yay! I start in two weeks.

    The Zadge - Of course I took the job :) They questioned me a lot about appendicitis but because I wasn't sick they ruled it out.

    SJ - Thank you! They are really painful, And it is such a different kind of pain than normal cramps.

    Andela - thanks...?

    Oneika - Hah! Yes, yay for jobs!

    Emily Jane - me too! It totally freaked me out.

    Kyle - He wasn't nearly as badly injured as you were, he was walking around.

    Jennifer - Yes! ERs aren't the most fun place to visit no matter what.

    Jeanette - I'll keep that in mind about amsterdam :)

    Robin - Thank you for that link, that was actually very helpful (and a little scary).

  17. Glad you're still alive. I hate the ER with a real passion because it's usually filled up with people who have colds and other non-serious things.

    Anyway. Like I said, I'm glad you're not dead. :)

  18. Oh my gosh! That sounds awful. My good friend has had those before and it was bad for her too.

  19. Augh I feel your pain! I had an ovarian cyst once, too. Thanks to Google, I was convinced that my appendix had burst and infection was coursing through my body. It wasn't, and but it SUCKED.

    Hope you are feeling better.