Friday, September 23, 2011

7 things and spreading the bloggy love

Hello my pretties. Happy Weekend or Friday I guess, depending on where you are located.

Angela over at Grahangela gave me the '7 things' award, type thing - Thank you!

You know how these things work right? I tell you 7 things about me. I spread some bloggy love.  And then we all bust a move to 'Everybody wants the same thing' by the scissor sisters.

7. The Scissor Sisters got me through college.  True story.

6. I'm trying two new kinds of cheese (maybe, I am unsure of the rules of this 1000 cheese project) today.  A Jensen's Red that is locally made in Gippsland.  It is some variation on Brie I think. I don't know I found it hard to concentrate because the guy selling the cheese was super chatty and he made me blush by assuming I was buying fancy cheese to woo my boyfriend who was apparently coming over tonight for some cheesy love. Or something.

The other is a very aged cheddar with black wax on it. Aptly named "Black wax cheddar"...Would it taste different if it was red wax? So many questions.
5. I'm actually having a cheese lunch with my friend Jess.  We'll watch a terrible movie and stuff ourselves with cheese (not shown is the soon to be baked camembert ... sorry, I had to wipe up my drool).
4. A few of you asked what my new job was, which I can't really disclose but I am writing some copy for an environmental not-for-profit and helping them with some social media stuff. It's only a two day a week temporary (until November) position. But it came at a GREAT time because my other job is ending. 

3. I just found out that Kyle Hepp and Seba are coming to Australia next year.  If they can book a wedding. So if you know anyone who is having a wedding in Australia and needs a photographer duo that is totally kick ass. Send them to their website. Do it so your hypothetical friend can have super awesome wedding/boudoir/engagement/family photos of themselves, or because Kyle and I really want to meet each other and dance awkwardly in public while our Significant Others laugh at us.   Look, I don't care what the motive is...just do it.

2.  I like to pretend that Inspector Climate and I were so in sync with our future selves that we planned our "getting married" honeymoon way before we knew we were getting married.   We leave for our trip to Vanuatu a mere 2 weeks after getting married!  We're very intuitive.

1. The other night at about 3 AM Inspector Climate mumbled "happy birthday" and then said loudly "WHAT DID YOU SAY" and when I said "nothing, you said happy birhday." He angrily replied "Nevermind, go back to sleep."  Seriously, the boy is feisty in his sleep.

And here are some blogs you should probably check out:

Now let's dance...?


  1. I'm uber jealous of your cheese..... Once I'm done dieting I'll have to get in on this 1000 cheese thing.

  2. Seriously craving cheese now. Nevermind it's 11 pm I am ready for some cheese and wine :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Congrats on the award.. I love cheese, but I am on some kind of diet so I can eat only some diet cheeses.. if that even exists :D

  4. The cheese looks good! I love your day of a movie with a nice cheese lunch, sounds fun.

  5. love cheese! Off the check out your links ;)

  6. Cheese is the best food in the world. Hands down.
    And your honeymoon destination sounds amazing!

  7. Bahahah!!! I absolutely love sleep-talking conversations ;) Vanuatu looks absolutely gorgeous. Oh my god... I just added that to my "must travel there" list!

  8. I love cheese! I hope you enjoyed your cheese lunch! =)

    And thanks for the blog comment earlier!

  9. I love cheese, and can only imagine how much I would love those.

    That's hilarious he got all grumpy sleep talking!!

    Thanks for swinging over to my blog. :)

    Have a great weekend.
    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  10. These facts are so great! I love it. :) I'm a huge cheese fan. And that story about your man sleep-talking is HILARIOUS!

    ~ Angela

  11. eep I love cheese! that sounds like an AMAZING project... :)


  12. You and Kyle are both full of awesome and I hope it works for you to meet!

  13. lol, make me crave cheese at 6am why don't you!! Hope you had a lovely birthday my dear :)) the countdown continues!!! excitement!!!! hugs!!!
    have a swell weekend

  14. Thanks for the pimping!!!

    I think I would die of happiness if we could awkwardly dance together.

    And I think Seba and IC might just die of embarrassment at the fact that there'd be two of dancing at once :)

    Can't wait!!!!

  15. Omigosh! I wanna be at your cheese party with lots of Lactaid pills because I am lactose intolerant but love cheese so much! Irony.

    IC is so funny in his sleep! I love hearing about his mumblings ;)

  16. Ahh, Vanuatu...! You'll have an amazing time, no doubt.

    And yes, cheese kicketh ass. Majorly.

  17. haha! Love this! I hope it works out and you and Kyle get to meet and do an awkward dance video! Oooor, if you could somehow make it to Chile next week we three could do one together?

  18. what a cool premise for a blogging event! I love it. I'm a huge fan of cheese myself! I like the idea of the black waxed cheddar but I'm with ya, does it matter if the wax is black? Maybe its something to do with light?

  19. Cheeses ARE the best!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  20. Cheese is always good, and my ass can testify to that LOL. BTW, how does the Black Cheddar compare with normal mature cheddar?

  21. um, I freakin love cheese. cheese and wine? omg that will be the very end of me :)

  22. You just made me want cheese. I haven't wanted cheese in months. I don't know if I should thank you for this :p

  23. Bahahaha!! Sleep conversations are the best! And the cheese thing? Upset I havent heard about this project yet - I am definitely a cheese lover

  24. I'm always down for dancing :)

    Who doesn't have cheese questions?

  25. Missa Lee - Cheese is delicious - it's definitely a sometimes food :)

    Leeann - There is nothing wrong with craving cheese, no matter the time of day :)

    Selina - SO DELICIOUS. with a bit of rosemary and red wine and garlic.

    Marina - diet cheese? That is just not right.

    Carol - Absolutely lovely, I highly recommend it.

    Theolivetree - Yes! give those ladies some love.

    Vanessa - Oh, so much drool.

    Alex - Yes, I am so excited for Vanuatu! And cheese! Maybe together!

    Angela - IC is so funny in his sleep - well, funny and rude.

    Seth +Carlie - It was fantastic thank you!

    Emily - He always is copping major attitude in his sleep.

    Angela - it sounds like we need some kind of online cheese party, stat.

    Chelsea - it is! It is a bit expensive though.

    Heather - Me tooooo! Thanks for supporting the Kyle and D dance together campaign.

    Siddy - It is never a bad time for cheese.

    Kyle - Haha, YES! IC doesn't seem to embarrass easily, so there is THAT bonus. And I promise when you visit there will not be any cheese in the vicinity.

    Teacher girl - Eep! I am not sure how I'd feel feeding cheese to someone who can't stomach it! But it is so yum!

    Pretzel Thief - I hope so!

    Oneika - Haha I wish I could so so much! I am not sure the internet is ready for that much awkward :)

    Aqui - These are the questions ... I have no idea. I should've asked the cheese guy. But eh.

    Jasna - So totally yum!

    Azra - It was very aged and very crumbly and sharp. It was really yummy.

    Raven - I know, it's almost sinful to think about isn't it?

    titleless blogs - Whoops! Sorry. Embrace cheese.

    An Imperfect Momma - well, it's a personal project and I took a bit of hiatus because I was spending too much money on cheese!

  26. Ashley - YES! The more dancing the better :) and You're so right. So many cheese questions.

  27. Hilarious post! And I love that you love cheese too...brie is my favoooorite, yummm! :)

    I've never heard of this 1000 cheese project but I think I should probably stay away for safety!

  28. I'm all about the cheese. Seriously I can't get enough and my thighs hate me for it!. I'm actually about to make myself a grilled cheese for breakfast (it's not just for lunch ya know)

  29. That would be so awesome if they were in Australia.

  30. IC sounds strangely like my own man-doodle.
    .. I have no idea what a man-doodle is, but rest assured it must be a future "cool" phrase.
    Or I'm just the biggest nerd on Earth.

    The hubs is also feisty in his sleep. The first week we were married he punched me in the head .. at night, while he was asleep.
    Yes. I smacked back, and we had a discussion.
    Point being, I hear you.

    And cheese; aaahhh cheese! It's going to be the death of me.